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Korean Air evacuates plane at Japan's Haneda airport after engine smoke

Korean Air Lines evacuated 319 passengers and crew from an aircraft preparing to take off from Japan's Haneda Airport in Tokyo after smoke came from its left engine. The incident prompted authorities to temporarily close down Japan's busiest aviation hub. Images broadcast by NHK showed the Boeing 777 on a runway being sprayed with foam by fire trucks, with four of its emergency slides deployed. The aircraft, which was due to fly to Seoul in South Korea, is powered by two Pratt & Whitney… (www.reuters.com) More...

Icon A5 production slowdown amid customer backlash

The California-based start-up ceremonially delivered the first aircraft as a charitable donation to the Young Eagles, a youth aviation organisation, in July 2015. But ambitious plans to aggressively ramp up deliveries to 175 aircraft in 2016 have been thwarted by quality control issues by suppliers and at the final assembly stage, Icon says in a statement released on 24 May. (www.flightglobal.com) More...

TSA'S Summer Meltdown, and The Solution That Nobody Will Talk About

Now in Ask the Pilot: TSA's Summer Meltdown. Security lines are longer than ever, and the obvious fix is one that nobody will talk about. TSA doesn't need more screeners, it needs FEWER... (www.askthepilot.com) More...

World's Second Airworthy B-29!

May 20th, 2016, Wichita, KS, Today the FAA handed over the airworthiness certificate to "DOC". Doc is a B-29 that rolled of the assembly line in Wichita, Ks in March of 1945. After years serving in Non-Combat roles, Doc was sentence to China Lake for target practice. Rescued in 1998, Doc was transported back to Wichita for restoration. As of today, May 20th, 2016; Doc was finally presented with a new Airworthiness Certificate. From first start to first taxi, and soon to be first… (twitter.com) More...

Air France shirt-ripper trial postponed

Members of a union spearheading protests in France rallied at a courthouse on Friday in support of five people who risk prison over an incident in which Air France executives had their shirts ripped to shreds by employees furious over planned job cuts. The rally was timed to coincide with hearings -- ultimately put off until September -- in a trial where the five stand accused of aggravated violence, an offence that carries a sentence of up to three years in jail. (uk.reuters.com) More...

Pictures & Video: Korean B777 at Tokyo on May 27th 2016, rejected takeoff due to engine fire

A Korean Air Boeing 777-300, registration HL7534 performing flight KE-2708 from Tokyo Haneda (Japan) to Seoul Gimpo (South Korea) with 302 passengers and 17 crew, was accelerating for takeoff from Haneda's runway 34R when unusual vibrations were felt throughout the aircraft and smoke was seen from the left hand engine (PW4098). The crew rejected takeoff at low speed and stopped the aircraft about 1300 meters/4200 feet down the runway. Large flames were seen from the left hand engine, the… (avherald.com) More...

The 11 Worst Soviet Aircraft

The Soviet Union lasted a mere sixty-nine years (the Spitfire has been flying longer), but in that time produced some of the largest, fastest, toughest and most agile aircraft. Even now, 25 years after its collapse, almost all Russian and Ukrainian aircraft have their roots in the communist super state. Favoring clever robust design over high technology and refinement, the Soviet approach enabled the mass production of cheap machines. Many of these were outstanding, but some – for reasons of… (hushkit.net) More...


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