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2 Air Transat pilots charged with being impaired

Plane's cabin crew raised the alarm ahead of Monday flight. (www.cbc.ca) More...

Airbus uses drones to speed up aircraft inspections

Aircraft inspections are one of the best things operators can do to ensure safety in flight, but ironically, the chore can be a little unsafe for inspectors themselves. To properly review an aircraft's condition, workers often need to utilize cranes and lifts to closely examine an plane's structure and components. It's mildly risky, slow and laborious process -- but soon, it may not be. Airbus has started testing drone inspections that may speed up the process by over an hour. (www.engadget.com) More...

Solar Impulse 2 is on its last leg of the around the world flight

After 14 hours of flight time Solar Impulse 2 is almost at the 30% mark of its last leg from Cairo to Abu Dhabi of the around the world tour. (www.solarimpulse.com) More...

JAL B763 at Singapore on Jul 12th 2015, rejected takeoff from taxiway

A JAL Japan Airlines Boeing 767-300, registration JA606J performing flight JL-38 from Singapore (Singapore) to Tokyo Haneda (Japan) with 198 passengers and 10 crew, had taxied from the gate to depart runway 20C via taxiway WA (parallel to runway 20R), NC2 (North Cross 2) and was turning onto taxiway EP parallel to runway 20L at about 02:25L (18:25Z Jul 11th) when the crew received takeoff clearance for runway 20C. Tower controller noticed the aircraft was accelerating for takeoff on taxiway EP… (avherald.com) More...

Police investigate a bomb scare on QFA737 at Queenstown airport

Police are still trying to find the passenger who left a note about a bomb on a plane in Queenstown. The airport was evacuated, although flights still took off after 3pm, when emergency services were alerted to the note. It was discovered by a cleaner after passengers had left the plane. The note contained information about a bomb, but a police search found there was no evidence of an explosive on board or in the terminal. (www.stuff.co.nz) More...


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