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WestJet flight unexpectedly grounded in Greenland

A group of travellers aboard a WestJet flight destined for Canada were temporarily stranded in Greenland Tuesday after the plane was unexpectedly grounded. WestJet Flight 4 was headed to Toronto from London but was diverted when air traffic control and pilots deemed the plane was unsafe to fly about five hours into the flight, Winnipegger Zach Stein said. (www.cbc.ca) More...

Airbus offers a peek at its flying taxi

Airbus is developing an aircraft that can take off and land vertically. The vision is for Uber-like taxis that beat the traffic by flying over it. (money.cnn.com) More...

Terrified British Airways passengers told 'don't rock plane'

This video shows the terrifying moment a packed British Airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow after its landing gear failed to work. The Boeing 747's landing gear on both wings failed and passengers were warned "not to rock the plane" when getting off as it could have overturned. The 293 passengers on board were asked to leave the holiday jet destined for Chicago "very slowly" in case it toppled over on the runway following the mid-air emergency.… (www.msn.com) More...

Alaska Airlines Removes Passenger After He Catcalls Flight Attendant

Women do not enjoy being catcalled, whether they’re walking down the street or flying 36,000 feet in the air. And thanks to a swift move by Alaska Airlines, one flight attendant did not have to endure being harassed in her workplace. In a Facebook post that’s been shared more than 3,000 times, plane passenger Amber Nelson wrote that a man sitting behind her catcalled a flight attendant while she was demonstrating how to use a life vest in case of an emergency. (www.huffingtonpost.com) More...

IATA predicts India to be third largest market by 2026

At present, India is the ninth largest aviation market in the world. (www.aviationgazette.com) More...

New Orleans Gets British Airways 787 Service

Starting March 2017 British Airways starts 4 times a week dreamliner service. (www.usatoday.com) More...

Researcher suggests another brief but fiery cause for MH370's disappearance

We know MH370 was suddenly taken off course. This theory doesn't involve rogue pilots, but bad luck and several design flaws (blogs.crikey.com.au) More...

American Airlines jet flying from Shanghai makes unexpected landing in remote Alaskan town

An American Airlines jet carrying more than 100 people made an emergency landing in the Southwest Alaska community of Cold Bay Wednesday morning, with locals on standby to assist the new arrivals. (www.adn.com) More...


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