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This Hurricane(YO-A) as well as an Avenger, Spitfire, Stinson 108 and and Auster were destroyed in a hangar fire at Hamilton in 1993, the Lancaster was barely pulled out in time (supposedly fuel was boiling in the tanks)

Written on 12/28/2015 by sam kuminecz

technically these photos are legit...wheels up sent an email and authorized this user to upload photos so people can see the plane while tracking it...
It's BS but it's the owners call...

Written on 12/15/2015 by sam kuminecz


Written on 07/05/2015 by Guido Warnecke

icao code for a blimp is SHIP

Written on 10/17/2017 by sam kuminecz

Photo has not uploaded in full quality. Admin, please delete. Thank you!

Written on 06/26/2015 by Guido Warnecke

Thanks Dwight

Written on 11/06/2015 by sam kuminecz

Thanks Anton

Written on 08/26/2017 by sam kuminecz

Xavier. That's untrue, no country has any law against photography except maybe North Korea. If it's illegal in France how come
There are countless photos from Paris, nice, etc etc

Written on 07/25/2016 by sam kuminecz

Yes it was this years event.

Written on 08/25/2017 by sam kuminecz

Nice F-2A!

Written on 07/28/2015 by sam kuminecz

its starting to get cold here at KBUF, but im still out here
spent all day sat spotting (9am-5pm).
got some good shots by the thruway using 5...ill upload them in next few days
have a happy new year Gary

Written on 12/28/2015 by sam kuminecz

great shot gary
love the contrast of colors

Written on 12/28/2015 by sam kuminecz

Champaign Air Museum has a B-17 under restoration to fly as well. hope to see it on the circuit soon

Written on 08/15/2017 by sam kuminecz

Does anyone know what the pod is under the belly... Looks like camera or photo sensors...

Written on 07/07/2015 by sam kuminecz

now flying as CWHM Lancaster
photo from 1960s as a Lancaster MK. XSR

Written on 01/06/2017 by sam kuminecz

Just another bad photo.

Written on 09/22/2014 by Guido Warnecke

Cliff...that statement was DEEP...well said!

Written on 09/24/2015 by sam kuminecz

Thanks cliff and Gary...
Come to buffalo and I'll show you where they taxi about 200 feet away...if that far

Written on 09/21/2015 by sam kuminecz

Yea it's a ST75

Written on 01/02/2017 by sam kuminecz

cliff, at osh once they depart 36 they make an expedited turn to the right not to conflict with departing traffic from the intersecting runway, he was turning right when his gear got off the ground

Written on 08/09/2017 by sam kuminecz

FedEx Crash at Fort Lauderdale, FL (KFLL)...

Written on 10/29/2016 by TM Smith

this was Jimmy Leewards P-51 prior to him buying Galloping Ghost which crashed in Reno on the first season of it racing

Written on 09/25/2015 by sam kuminecz

I used to live on Cayuga across from NFTA poice station and the 3 VOR towers....
the 727s were my alarm clock every morning

I usually park over behind the collections buildings on Lawrence bell drive, right near the thruway...sometimes walk onto thruway grass to get clean shot with no trees right under the approach lights (hush hush)
on other end of 5/23 there a parking lot usually with trucks, owener lets me park there anytime...
polce sometimes get calls on us...but there just doing their job...never had a problem with anyone....
just a lot of stares from motorists...

Written on 12/28/2015 by sam kuminecz


Written on 07/10/2015 by Guido Warnecke

Never seen a swift this beautiful

Written on 07/14/2015 by sam kuminecz

if they repaint this bird, will they redo the nose art?

Written on 08/19/2016 by sam kuminecz

Nice shot of the new sovereign+

Written on 09/12/2015 by sam kuminecz

Who wants to see a blurred photo of an airliner at high altitude?

Written on 03/07/2018 by Guido Warnecke

Any info on this C-40?

Written on 08/18/2017 by sam kuminecz

Yes, I photographed it from a helicopter.

Written on 12/02/2015 by Alexander Viduetsky

Oh what I would do to see 2 27s (flying) at the same time...the good ol days

Written on 09/18/2015 by sam kuminecz

I took this shot from a helicopter.

Written on 10/23/2015 by Alexander Viduetsky

departing empty flying KBUF-KDAY...a short flight
aircraft rotated after about 3000 ft and climbed and banked immediately
pilot must be ex Navy

Written on 10/08/2015 by sam kuminecz


Written on 09/13/2013 by Guido Warnecke

Who needs / wants these kind of photos?

Written on 11/16/2017 by Guido Warnecke

Another cold day at "the buf"

Written on 07/04/2015 by sam kuminecz

Who might want to see this?

Written on 10/07/2016 by Guido Warnecke

Wouldn't fixed gear make it a 336?

Written on 08/20/2016 by sam kuminecz

perfect capture James

Written on 09/08/2016 by sam kuminecz

thanks Ken

Written on 08/09/2017 by sam kuminecz

Thank you, Chris. Type is added (C402).

Written on 10/31/2017 by Guido Warnecke

Very nice! I was there as well.

Written on 12/02/2015 by Alexander Viduetsky


Written on 05/27/2015 by Guido Warnecke


Written on 08/05/2015 by Guido Warnecke

Agreed. It's a bearcat or BCAT

Written on 01/26/2017 by sam kuminecz

Just bad...

Written on 04/06/2018 by Guido Warnecke

Roland, this is not a DC-3, but a Vickers Viking

Written on 09/08/2017 by sam kuminecz

colors represent Tiger Meet, every year NATO countries meet up for exercises and each aircraft has a tiger somewhere, sometimes just a sticker or a logo on a fuel tank, other times its the whole aircraft painted. google it sometime, always awesome paint

Written on 11/03/2017 by sam kuminecz

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