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Willem - This is a P-40C and would be a Tomahawk IIB in U.K. service. It was built by Curtiss (c/n 16161) and assigned USAAC s/n 41-13357 according to Joe Baugher's published information. This aircraft was eventually shipped to the former Soviet Union as part of the Lend-Lease program.

It also should show up on the U.K. Civil Aircraft Registry as G-CIIO.

Thanks for sharing this excellent photo with us!

Written on 06/20/2017 by cliff731

Yes, Storms over Toronto made fights circle because of ground stop at YYZ. This flight originated at London gatwick and had to land...he got fuel and customs and went back to Toronto an hour later

Written on 06/20/2017 by sam kuminecz

Thank you Andre!

Written on 06/20/2017 by warthog84

Gorgeous shot John!

Written on 06/20/2017 by Mark Thomas

I'm guessing that's not a regular in Buffalo, Sam? Was this the weather diversion from the other day?

Written on 06/20/2017 by Mark Thomas

That's a nice shot Dirk!

Written on 06/20/2017 by Mark Thomas

There's something you don't see everyday!

Written on 06/20/2017 by Mark Thomas

Thanks Dave! She really stands out on the airfield!

Written on 06/20/2017 by Mark Thomas

MOHICANO. Thank you.

Written on 06/20/2017 by Kurt Finger

Great shot

Written on 06/19/2017 by jacob katlun

Nice one Mark!

Written on 06/19/2017 by Dave Sheehy

The Captain's seat is tearing. Typical cheap Airbus crap.

Written on 06/19/2017 by William Balch

Excellent photo.

Written on 06/19/2017 by FSXBoeing737Pilot


Written on 06/19/2017 by b oloughlin

Thank-you for comments!! Starwars B763 was fired by Sunset lights!!

Written on 06/19/2017 by 山田 貴男

Very nice!

Written on 06/19/2017 by Greg Byington

Brand new A320 for Allegiant!

Written on 06/19/2017 by Capwatts1986

Cliff. Try KC2.

Written on 06/19/2017 by sam kuminecz

beautiful ships...

Written on 06/19/2017 by Christoff du plessis

Leon, No they have two theme planes painted in these colors. N711HK and N714CB.

Written on 06/19/2017 by Scot Wattawa


Written on 06/19/2017 by juanCastillo

A/C was destroyed in a crash at Churchill, Manitoba [CYYQ] on November 13, 1979. Reportedly lost an engine on take-off and did not make a return to the airport. No fatalities.

Written on 06/19/2017 by Paul Wisgerhof

This is British Airway's new low cost carrier. You pay nothing and you get nothing.

Written on 06/19/2017 by Paul Wisgerhof

A great load hauler with 144 US gallons as the standard fuel capacity and a roomy cabin for six.

Written on 06/19/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Great shot!

Written on 06/19/2017 by Dave Sheehy

Has Southwest Airlines reverted back to these Desert Sand colours that they stopped using in 2001?
Since then we have become accustomed to their Canyon Blue livery variations.

Written on 06/19/2017 by Leon Kay

I am also wondering why the French did not use an Airbus for this display fly past?

Written on 06/19/2017 by Leon Kay

The MD-11 has a higher landing speed than most other commercial aircraft, resulting in many heavy landings like this one. For that reason it has also been involved in several accidents and incidents during landing. This higher landing speed was the result of having reduced the size of its tail assembly. This had to be done to meet customer’s requirements to increase its range on long haul routes on this stretched fuselage version of it’s predecessor the MD-10.

Written on 06/19/2017 by Leon Kay

It's always nice to see a classic Navion show up!!!

Written on 06/19/2017 by cliff731

Great photo!

Written on 06/19/2017 by freybear

Piper's trademark Tiger Shark engine nacelles are very evident on this Aztec!!!

Written on 06/19/2017 by cliff731

Sam... the Kawasaki C-1 is a different (and older design) aircraft... just saying.

The Kawasaki C-2 is larger and newer.

Written on 06/19/2017 by cliff731

Even tho it's a c2 the code is C1

Written on 06/19/2017 by sam kuminecz

Casey... that is a great looking Super King Air and a superb photo capture!

Written on 06/18/2017 by cliff731

That is a superb photo capture of a beautifully maintained Cessna 310!!!

Written on 06/18/2017 by cliff731

Ron... my brother was working at KARA in 1977. You would have found him at the Air Logistics hangar. Nice airport there too. Used to be a U.S. Navy Air Station.

Written on 06/18/2017 by cliff731

Who where they carrying?

Written on 06/18/2017 by Reno Luna

Great shot Chris

Written on 06/18/2017 by Derek Marshall


Written on 06/18/2017 by 96flstc

KARA is where I did my solo in '77!

Written on 06/18/2017 by Ron Harper

Looks like the "C-2" coding has tripped up FlightAware's data entry system... !!!

Written on 06/18/2017 by cliff731

Greg, Jose, Dave, and Sam >> Hi and Thanks.
Dave >> It does indeed say "Whisperjet." And as you know, the name was accurate ... for passengers ON it. Compared to the propliners of that era, all tail-mounted models (727s, 111s, Tridents, VC-10s, etc., etc.) were way more quiet inside. But I always enjoyed flying in the old propliners; the noise was part of the thrill, especially when they did the run-ups prior to takeoff. (Big smile)
Jose .. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing this one. The worn out "oldie" pics in my folder were clicked back in the days when the only factor that deterred an aviation photographer was the cost of film. I was 17 when I snapped this ... and I was up in the control tower. All it took to go up there was to pick up the phone in the main terminal and ask. So long as there wasn't any type of emergency, anyone could go up and hang out for awhile. Same at the gates ... wait for an arrival to park and for the passengers to get off, then ask to go out, walk thru it, check out the cockpit, snap a pic or two. And when you were out at the end of the runways, just go and sit a few feet away from the end. No fences around the perimeter. Security would drive by and caution you not to go out ON the runway or taxiway ... but they never made you leave. Best of times.

Written on 06/18/2017 by Gary Schenauer

I remember when the USAF Thunderbird's flew the F-4 Phantoms...!!!

Written on 06/18/2017 by cliff731

Ron... KARA is the airport my brother worked at for the then Air Logistics!!!

Written on 06/18/2017 by cliff731

Greg & Cliff ... OK. Will be sending 2 or 3 soon.

Written on 06/18/2017 by Gary Schenauer

When I saw the thumb nail, I thought it might be a 328 jet. Hopefully the An-148 has worked well for its carriers.

Written on 06/18/2017 by Kenneth Williams

I bet it was here for Sail Boston support.

Written on 06/18/2017 by Josh Schwartz

G Zorbas... you are remembering the Macchi MB-326, built in Italy by Aermacchi. The MB-326K version of this aircraft was also licensed for production in South Africa as the Impala Mk I and Mk II by Atlas Aircraft. It shared design characteristics of wing tanks, tandem seating, and a single jet engine with Lockheed's T-33, which was a development of Lockheed's earlier P-80 Shooting Star fighter aircraft.

Written on 06/18/2017 by cliff731


Written on 06/18/2017 by HowSwedeitis

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