Learn about "My FlightAware" and start using it today!

Saturday, April 29, 2006 08:00PM
Last updated 9 years ago.
If you aren't a registered FlightAware member or if you haven't setup My FlightAware, simply register or setup your My FlightAware today. My FlightAware allows you to keep an eye on several aircraft and airports at a glance -- all the data is linked as usual to pages with more information.

Once you've registered and entered the aircraft and/or airports that you're interested, you can always click the My FlightAware link in the upper right corner of every page to see the latest data that's relevant to you.

We've recently added the ability for you to search the web with Google from your My FlightAware. For the ultimate in convenience, simply set My FlightAware to be the "home page" of your browser. Keep an eye on it all day and have the flexibility and power of Google search readily available.

More features coming soon to My FlightAware!


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