Cessna Citation (jet) crashes on takeoff from KVNY (Van Nuys, CA) - 2 killed

Friday, January 12, 2007 02:12PM
Last updated 10 years ago.

A 1996 Cessna Citation 525 has crashed on takeoff from KVNY (Van Nuys, CA). Local television coverage from helicopters shows that the fire has been contained. The wreckage rested on the 8500 block of North Hayvenhurst Avenue.

FlightAware is reporting the aircraft was N77215, a 1996 Cessna 525 with a scheduled flight from KVNY to Long Beach Airport (KLGB). N77215 is owned by Moonchild Aviation in Los Angeles and operated by Sun Quest Executive Air Charter in Van Nuys. The aircraft had a proposed departure time of 10:30am PST for a 15 minute flight to Long Beach and a second flight plan with an 11:45am PST flight to Prescott, AZ.

At least two individuals were found dead in the aircraft and a report from VNY tower indicates that the flight plan filed with the FAA was that two people were onboard the aircraft. A dispatcher with Sun Quest is reporting that only the flight crew (two pilots) were on board.

An unconfirmed report from local news asserts that a door (possibly the nose baggage door) opened on the aircraft during the takeoff roll or climbout and the door and/or debris from the aircraft was injested by one of the engines.

The FAA and NTSB are investigating.

Developing story. Keep refreshing FlightAware for the latest news.

Van Nuys (KVNY) is the busiest General Aviation airport in the world and one of the busiest airports in the country. There are an average of 1379 operations per day and 776 aircraft based at VNY. Van Nuys is north of Los Angeles in Southern California.

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