Flight Activity History (ASA62)

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Date Aircraft Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration
29-May-2017 B734Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:45PM AKDT 04:23PM PDT Scheduled
29-May-2017 B734Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 12:00PM AKDT 12:40PM AKDT Scheduled
29-May-2017 B734Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:28AM AKDT 10:59AM AKDT Scheduled
29-May-2017 B734Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:04AM AKDT 09:27AM AKDT Scheduled
29-May-2017 B734Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:04AM AKDT 06:47AM AKDT Scheduled
28-May-2017 B734Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:45PM AKDT 04:23PM PDT Scheduled
28-May-2017 B734Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 12:00PM AKDT 12:40PM AKDT Scheduled
28-May-2017 B734Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:37AM AKDT 10:58AM AKDT Scheduled
28-May-2017 B734Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 07:54AM AKDT 09:18AM AKDT 1:24
28-May-2017 B734Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:02AM AKDT 06:47AM AKDT 0:45
27-May-2017 B734Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 05:06PM AKDT 07:53PM PDT 1:47
27-May-2017 B734Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 03:36PM AKDT 04:14PM AKDT 0:37
27-May-2017 B734Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 02:26PM AKDT 02:51PM AKDT 0:24
27-May-2017 B734Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:03AM AKDT 09:21AM AKDT 1:17
27-May-2017 B734Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 05:59AM AKDT 06:42AM AKDT 0:43
26-May-2017 B734Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:31PM AKDT 04:11PM PDT 1:39
26-May-2017 B734Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 11:55AM AKDT 12:28PM AKDT 0:33
26-May-2017 B734Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:24AM AKDT 10:48AM AKDT 0:24
26-May-2017 B734Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:06AM AKDT 09:23AM AKDT 1:17
26-May-2017 B734Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:04AM AKDT 06:47AM AKDT 0:43
25-May-2017 B734Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:41PM AKDT 04:12PM PDT 1:31
25-May-2017 B734Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 12:05PM AKDT 12:41PM AKDT 0:35
25-May-2017 B734Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:26AM AKDT 10:49AM AKDT 0:23
25-May-2017 B734Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 07:59AM AKDT 09:16AM AKDT 1:17
25-May-2017 B734Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 05:58AM AKDT 06:44AM AKDT 0:46
24-May-2017 B738Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:41PM AKDT 04:07PM PDT 1:26
24-May-2017 B738Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 12:04PM AKDT 12:39PM AKDT 0:35
24-May-2017 B738Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:25AM AKDT 10:50AM AKDT 0:25
24-May-2017 B738Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:03AM AKDT 09:20AM AKDT 1:17
24-May-2017 B738Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:04AM AKDT 06:51AM AKDT 0:47
23-May-2017 B734Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 02:03PM AKDT 04:33PM PDT 1:29
23-May-2017 B734Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 12:28PM AKDT 01:08PM AKDT 0:40
23-May-2017 B734Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:50AM AKDT 11:15AM AKDT 0:24
23-May-2017 B734Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:35AM AKDT 10:01AM AKDT 1:26
23-May-2017 B734Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:17AM AKDT 07:01AM AKDT 0:44
22-May-2017 B737Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 03:44PM AKDT 04:20PM AKDT 0:36
22-May-2017 B737Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 02:34PM AKDT 02:59PM AKDT 0:24
22-May-2017 B737Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:55PM AKDT 04:23PM PDT Cancelled
22-May-2017 B734Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:06AM AKDT 09:24AM AKDT 1:18
22-May-2017 B734Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:03AM AKDT 06:44AM AKDT 0:41
21-May-2017 B738Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:50PM AKDT 04:19PM PDT 1:29
21-May-2017 B738Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 12:23PM AKDT 12:58PM AKDT 0:35
21-May-2017 B738Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:45AM AKDT 11:14AM AKDT 0:29
21-May-2017 B738Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:16AM AKDT 09:47AM AKDT 1:31
21-May-2017 B738Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:02AM AKDT 06:44AM AKDT 0:42
20-May-2017 B737Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 02:17PM AKDT 04:47PM PDT 1:29
20-May-2017 B737Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 01:13PM AKDT 01:46PM AKDT 0:33
20-May-2017 B737Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 11:56AM AKDT 12:21PM AKDT 0:25
20-May-2017 B737Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 09:41AM AKDT 10:58AM AKDT 1:17
20-May-2017 B737Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:00AM AKDT 06:47AM AKDT Cancelled
19-May-2017 B734Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:36PM AKDT 04:05PM PDT 1:29
19-May-2017 B734Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 12:08PM AKDT 12:46PM AKDT 0:38
19-May-2017 B734Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:39AM AKDT 11:12AM AKDT 0:33
19-May-2017 B734Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:05AM AKDT 09:27AM AKDT 1:22
19-May-2017 B734Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:01AM AKDT 06:42AM AKDT 0:41
18-May-2017 B734Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:37PM AKDT 04:01PM PDT 1:24
18-May-2017 B734Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 12:00PM AKDT 12:34PM AKDT 0:34
18-May-2017 B734Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:37AM AKDT 11:00AM AKDT 0:23
18-May-2017 B734Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:20AM AKDT 09:38AM AKDT 1:18
18-May-2017 B734Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:02AM AKDT 06:50AM AKDT 0:48
17-May-2017 B738Ketchikan Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 01:31PM AKDT 03:59PM PDT 1:27
17-May-2017 B738Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Ketchikan Intl () 12:00PM AKDT 12:32PM AKDT 0:32
17-May-2017 B738Juneau Intl ()Sitka Rocky Gutierrez () 10:28AM AKDT 10:52AM AKDT 0:23
17-May-2017 B738Anchorage Intl ()Juneau Intl () 08:05AM AKDT 09:27AM AKDT 1:22
17-May-2017 B738Fairbanks Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 06:03AM AKDT 06:45AM AKDT 0:42
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