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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
American Airlines AAL185A321 Scheduled (in 23 hours 20 minutes) Fri 09:00PM EDTJFK LAX12:09AM PDT Sat
United UAL1165B752 Scheduled (in 23 hours 19 minutes) Fri 08:59PM EDTEWR LAX11:47PM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD415A320 Delayed Fri 08:20PM EDTJFK LAX11:17PM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL293A321 Scheduled (in 22 hours 19 minutes) Fri 07:59PM EDTJFK LAX11:12PM PDT Fri
Delta DAL477B752 Scheduled (in 21 hours 55 minutes) Fri 07:35PM EDTJFK LAX11:06PM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU1123A320 Delayed Fri 07:30PM EDTJFK LAX10:22PM PDT Fri
United UAL233B752 Scheduled (in 21 hours 49 minutes) Fri 07:29PM EDTEWR LAX10:32PM PDT Fri
United UAL1871B752 Scheduled (in 21 hours 30 minutes) Fri 07:10PM EDTEWR LAX10:16PM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL21A321 Scheduled (in 21 hours 20 minutes) Fri 07:00PM EDTJFK LAX10:16PM PDT Fri
Delta DAL41B763 Scheduled (in 20 hours 30 minutes) Fri 06:10PM EDTJFK LAX09:35PM PDT Fri
Qantas QFA12B744 Delayed Fri 06:10PM EDTJFK LAX08:41PM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL83A321 Scheduled (in 20 hours 20 minutes) Fri 06:00PM EDTJFK LAX09:26PM PDT Fri
United UAL275B752 Scheduled (in 20 hours 19 minutes) Fri 05:59PM EDTEWR LAX08:54PM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD169A320 Scheduled (in 20 hours 33 minutes) Fri 05:45PM EDTEWR LAX08:26PM PDT Fri
Delta DAL443B752 Scheduled (in 19 hours 26 minutes) Fri 05:06PM EDTJFK LAX08:35PM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD413A320 Delayed Fri 04:59PM EDTJFK LAX07:56PM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU623A320 Scheduled (in 19 hours 38 minutes) Fri 04:49PM EDTJFK LAX07:39PM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL133A321 Scheduled (in 19 hours 5 minutes) Fri 04:45PM EDTJFK LAX08:02PM PDT Fri
United UAL1600B752 Scheduled (in 18 hours 59 minutes) Fri 04:39PM EDTEWR LAX07:30PM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD167A320 Scheduled (in 18 hours 47 minutes) Fri 04:15PM EDTEWR LAX06:40PM PDT Fri
United UAL751B772 Scheduled (in 18 hours 25 minutes) Fri 04:05PM EDTEWR LAX06:52PM PDT Fri
Delta DAL419A333 Scheduled (in 17 hours 55 minutes) Fri 03:35PM EDTJFK LAX07:00PM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL117A321 Delayed Fri 03:30PM EDTJFK LAX06:50PM PDT Fri
United UAL1493B752 Scheduled (in 17 hours 19 minutes) Fri 02:59PM EDTEWR LAX05:53PM PDT Fri
Delta DAL458B763 Scheduled (in 16 hours 5 minutes) Fri 01:45PM EDTJFK LAX05:00PM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD411A320 Scheduled (in 15 hours 35 minutes) Fri 01:00PM EDTJFK LAX03:38PM PDT Fri
United UAL1861B752 Scheduled (in 15 hours 19 minutes) Fri 12:59PM EDTEWR LAX03:56PM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL3A321 Scheduled (in 15 hours 5 minutes) Fri 12:45PM EDTJFK LAX03:45PM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD165A320 Scheduled (in 15 hours 2 minutes) Fri 12:30PM EDTEWR LAX02:54PM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU523A320 Scheduled (in 15 hours 8 minutes) Fri 12:29PM EDTJFK LAX03:09PM PDT Fri
Delta DAL423B752 Scheduled (in 14 hours 35 minutes) Fri 12:15PM EDTJFK LAX03:19PM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU423A320 Scheduled (in 14 hours 12 minutes) Fri 11:30AM EDTJFK LAX02:14PM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD409A320 Scheduled (in 14 hours 9 minutes) Fri 11:30AM EDTJFK LAX02:13PM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL19A321 Scheduled (in 13 hours 50 minutes) Fri 11:30AM EDTJFK LAX02:30PM PDT Fri
United UAL1960B752 Scheduled (in 13 hours 20 minutes) Fri 11:00AM EDTEWR LAX01:51PM PDT Fri
Silver Air "Si SIS214C750 Delayed Fri 10:45AM EDTTEB LAX12:34PM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL255A321 Scheduled (in 12 hours 20 minutes) Fri 10:00AM EDTJFK LAX01:07PM PDT Fri
United UAL333B752 Scheduled (in 12 hours 19 minutes) Fri 09:59AM EDTEWR LAX12:57PM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU323A320 Scheduled (in 12 hours 29 minutes) Fri 09:50AM EDTJFK LAX12:30PM PDT Fri
Delta DAL422B752 Scheduled (in 11 hours 50 minutes) Fri 09:30AM EDTJFK LAX12:50PM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD407A320 Scheduled (in 11 hours 25 minutes) Fri 09:05AM EDTJFK LAX12:00PM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD161A321 Scheduled (in 11 hours 25 minutes) Fri 09:05AM EDTEWR LAX12:00PM PDT Fri
United UAL1817B772 Scheduled (in 11 hours 20 minutes) Fri 09:00AM EDTEWR LAX11:34AM PDT Fri
Flexjet "FLEXJ LXJ450GLF4 Scheduled (in 11 hours) Fri 08:40AM EDTLGA LAX10:32AM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL1A321 Scheduled (in 10 hours 50 minutes) Fri 08:30AM EDTJFK LAX11:38AM PDT Fri
Delta DAL472B763 Scheduled (in 10 hours 45 minutes) Fri 08:25AM EDTJFK LAX11:40AM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU223A320 Scheduled (in 10 hours 40 minutes) Fri 08:20AM EDTJFK LAX11:20AM PDT Fri
United UAL703B752 Scheduled (in 10 hours 19 minutes) Fri 07:59AM EDTEWR LAX10:57AM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU123A320 Scheduled (in 9 hours 50 minutes) Fri 07:30AM EDTJFK LAX10:24AM PDT Fri
Delta DAL424B763 Scheduled (in 9 hours 25 minutes) Fri 07:05AM EDTJFK LAX10:15AM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL33A321 Scheduled (in 9 hours 20 minutes) Fri 07:00AM EDTJFK LAX10:09AM PDT Fri
Virgin America VRD399A321 Scheduled (in 9 hours 20 minutes) Fri 07:00AM EDTJFK LAX09:55AM PDT Fri
United UAL2020B752 Scheduled (in 9 hours 20 minutes) Fri 07:00AM EDTEWR LAX09:58AM PDT Fri
United UAL758B752 Scheduled (in 8 hours 20 minutes) Fri 06:00AM EDTEWR LAX08:58AM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL171A321 Scheduled (in 8 hours 20 minutes) Fri 06:00AM EDTJFK LAX09:06AM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU23A320 Scheduled (in 8 hours 5 minutes) Fri 05:45AM EDTJFK LAX08:31AM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU1323A320 Delayed Fri 02:07AM EDTJFK LAX05:06AM PDT Fri
FedEx FDX1026B763 Scheduled (in 3 hours 36 minutes) Fri 01:16AM EDTEWR LAX03:51AM PDT Fri
JetBlue JBU2023A320 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 10:45PM EDTJFK LAX01:43AM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL23A321 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 10:30PM EDTJFK LAX01:47AM PDT Fri
Delta DAL427B752 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 09:40PM EDTJFK LAX01:03AM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL293A321 En Route Thu 09:08PM EDTJFK LAX12:41AM PDT Fri
American Airlines AAL185A321 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 09:00PM EDTJFK LAX12:09AM PDT Fri
United UAL1165B752 En Route / On Time Thu 08:59PM EDTEWR LAX11:47PM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD415A321 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 08:20PM EDTJFK LAX11:25PM PDT Thu
United UAL8173B752 En Route Thu 08:10PM EDTEWR LAX11:28PM PDT Thu
United UAL1773B752 En Route / On Time Thu 07:59PM EDTEWR LAX11:05PM PDT Thu
Delta DAL477B752 En Route Thu 07:35PM EDTJFK LAX11:06PM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU1123A321 En Route Thu 07:30PM EDTJFK LAX10:47PM PDT Thu
United UAL1871B752 Cancelled Thu 07:10PM EDTEWR LAX10:16PM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL21A321 En Route Thu 07:00PM EDTJFK LAX10:16PM PDT Thu
United UAL233B752 En Route Thu 06:28PM EDTEWR LAX09:23PM PDT Thu
Qantas QFA12B744 En Route Thu 06:10PM EDTJFK LAX09:05PM PDT Thu
Delta DAL41B763 En Route Thu 06:10PM EDTJFK LAX09:35PM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL83A321 En Route Thu 06:00PM EDTJFK LAX09:26PM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD169A320 En Route Thu 05:45PM EDTEWR LAX08:45PM PDT Thu
Delta DAL443B752 En Route Thu 05:06PM EDTJFK LAX08:35PM PDT Thu
United UAL1600B752 En Route Thu 04:59PM EDTEWR LAX07:43PM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD413A320 En Route / On Time Thu 04:59PM EDTJFK LAX08:10PM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU623A321 En Route Thu 04:49PM EDTJFK LAX08:57PM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL133A321 En Route Thu 04:45PM EDTJFK LAX08:02PM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD167A320 En Route Thu 04:15PM EDTEWR LAX07:20PM PDT Thu
United UAL751B772 En Route Thu 04:05PM EDTEWR LAX06:52PM PDT Thu
Delta DAL419A333 En Route Thu 03:35PM EDTJFK LAX07:00PM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL117A321 En Route Thu 03:30PM EDTJFK LAX06:50PM PDT Thu
FedEx FDX3013B763 Arrived Thu 03:21PM EDTEWR LAX06:09PM PDT Thu
United UAL1493B752 En Route Thu 02:59PM EDTEWR LAX05:53PM PDT Thu
Delta DAL458B763 Arrived Thu 01:45PM EDTJFK LAX04:59PM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD411A320 Arrived Thu 01:00PM EDTJFK LAX03:55PM PDT Thu
United UAL1861B752 Diverted Thu 12:59PM EDTEWR LAX03:56PM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL3A321 Arrived Thu 12:45PM EDTJFK LAX03:45PM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD165A321 Arrived Thu 12:30PM EDTEWR LAX03:40PM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU523A320 Arrived Thu 12:29PM EDTJFK LAX03:23PM PDT Thu
Delta DAL423B752 Arrived Thu 12:15PM EDTJFK LAX03:19PM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU423A320 Arrived Thu 11:30AM EDTJFK LAX02:22PM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL19A321 Arrived Thu 11:30AM EDTJFK LAX02:30PM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD409A320 Arrived Thu 11:30AM EDTJFK LAX02:25PM PDT Thu
United UAL1960B752 Cancelled Thu 11:00AM EDTEWR LAX01:51PM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL255A321 Arrived Thu 10:00AM EDTJFK LAX01:07PM PDT Thu
United UAL333B752 Arrived Thu 09:59AM EDTEWR LAX12:57PM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU323A320 Arrived Thu 09:50AM EDTJFK LAX12:46PM PDT Thu
Delta DAL422B752 Arrived Thu 09:30AM EDTJFK LAX12:50PM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD407A320 Arrived Thu 09:05AM EDTJFK LAX12:00PM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD161A321 Arrived Thu 09:05AM EDTEWR LAX12:00PM PDT Thu
United UAL1817B772 Arrived Thu 09:00AM EDTEWR LAX11:34AM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL1A321 Arrived Thu 08:30AM EDTJFK LAX11:38AM PDT Thu
Delta DAL472B763 Arrived Thu 08:25AM EDTJFK LAX11:40AM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU223A320 Arrived Thu 08:20AM EDTJFK LAX11:20AM PDT Thu
United UAL703B752 Arrived Thu 07:59AM EDTEWR LAX10:57AM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU123A320 Arrived Thu 07:30AM EDTJFK LAX10:24AM PDT Thu
Delta DAL424B763 Arrived Thu 07:05AM EDTJFK LAX10:15AM PDT Thu
United UAL2020B752 Arrived Thu 07:00AM EDTEWR LAX09:58AM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL33A321 Arrived Thu 07:00AM EDTJFK LAX10:09AM PDT Thu
Virgin America VRD399A320 Arrived Thu 07:00AM EDTJFK LAX09:55AM PDT Thu
United UAL758B752 Arrived Thu 06:00AM EDTEWR LAX08:58AM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL171A321 Arrived Thu 06:00AM EDTJFK LAX09:06AM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU23A320 Arrived Thu 05:45AM EDTJFK LAX08:31AM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU2023A320 Arrived Wed 10:45PM EDTJFK LAX01:43AM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL23A321 Arrived Wed 10:30PM EDTJFK LAX01:47AM PDT Thu
JetBlue JBU1323A320 Arrived Wed 09:45PM EDTJFK LAX12:44AM PDT Thu
Delta DAL427B752 Arrived Wed 09:40PM EDTJFK LAX01:03AM PDT Thu
American Airlines AAL185A321 Arrived Wed 09:00PM EDTJFK LAX12:09AM PDT Thu
United UAL1165B752 Arrived Wed 08:59PM EDTEWR LAX11:47PM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD415A321 Arrived Wed 08:20PM EDTJFK LAX11:25PM PDT Wed
United UAL1773B752 Arrived Wed 07:59PM EDTEWR LAX11:05PM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL293A321 Arrived Wed 07:59PM EDTJFK LAX11:12PM PDT Wed
Delta DAL477B752 Arrived Wed 07:35PM EDTJFK LAX11:06PM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU1123A320 Arrived Wed 07:30PM EDTJFK LAX10:47PM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU1013A320 Arrived Wed 07:30PM EDTJFK LAX10:23PM PDT Wed
United UAL1871B752 Arrived Wed 07:10PM EDTEWR LAX10:16PM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL21A321 Arrived Wed 07:00PM EDTJFK LAX10:16PM PDT Wed
United UAL233B752 Arrived Wed 06:28PM EDTEWR LAX09:23PM PDT Wed
Qantas QFA12B744 Arrived Wed 06:10PM EDTJFK LAX09:05PM PDT Wed
Delta DAL41B763 Arrived Wed 06:10PM EDTJFK LAX09:35PM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL83A321 Arrived Wed 06:00PM EDTJFK LAX09:26PM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD169A320 Arrived Wed 05:45PM EDTEWR LAX08:45PM PDT Wed
Delta DAL443B752 Arrived Wed 05:06PM EDTJFK LAX08:35PM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD413A321 Arrived Wed 04:59PM EDTJFK LAX08:10PM PDT Wed
United UAL1600B752 Arrived Wed 04:59PM EDTEWR LAX07:43PM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU623A320 Arrived Wed 04:49PM EDTJFK LAX08:04PM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL133A321 Arrived Wed 04:45PM EDTJFK LAX08:02PM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD167A320 Arrived Wed 04:15PM EDTEWR LAX07:20PM PDT Wed
United UAL751B772 Arrived Wed 04:05PM EDTEWR LAX06:52PM PDT Wed
Delta DAL419A333 Arrived Wed 03:35PM EDTJFK LAX07:00PM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL117A321 Arrived Wed 03:30PM EDTJFK LAX06:50PM PDT Wed
FedEx FDX3013B763 Arrived Wed 03:21PM EDTEWR LAX06:13PM PDT Wed
United UAL1493B752 Arrived Wed 02:59PM EDTEWR LAX05:53PM PDT Wed
Delta DAL458B763 Arrived Wed 01:45PM EDTJFK LAX04:59PM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD411A320 Arrived Wed 01:00PM EDTJFK LAX03:55PM PDT Wed
United UAL1861B752 Arrived Wed 12:59PM EDTEWR LAX03:56PM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL3A321 Arrived Wed 12:45PM EDTJFK LAX03:45PM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD165A321 Arrived Wed 12:30PM EDTEWR LAX03:40PM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU523A320 Arrived Wed 12:29PM EDTJFK LAX03:23PM PDT Wed
Delta DAL423B752 Arrived Wed 12:15PM EDTJFK LAX03:19PM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL19A321 Arrived Wed 11:30AM EDTJFK LAX02:30PM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU423A320 Arrived Wed 11:30AM EDTJFK LAX02:22PM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD409A320 Arrived Wed 11:30AM EDTJFK LAX02:25PM PDT Wed
United UAL1960B752 Arrived Wed 11:00AM EDTEWR LAX01:51PM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL255A321 Arrived Wed 10:00AM EDTJFK LAX01:07PM PDT Wed
United UAL333B752 Arrived Wed 09:59AM EDTEWR LAX12:57PM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU323A320 Arrived Wed 09:50AM EDTJFK LAX12:46PM PDT Wed
Delta DAL422B752 Arrived Wed 09:30AM EDTJFK LAX12:50PM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD161A320 Arrived Wed 09:05AM EDTEWR LAX12:00PM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD407A321 Arrived Wed 09:05AM EDTJFK LAX12:00PM PDT Wed
United UAL1817B772 Arrived Wed 09:00AM EDTEWR LAX11:34AM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL1A321 Arrived Wed 08:30AM EDTJFK LAX11:38AM PDT Wed
Delta DAL472B763 Arrived Wed 08:25AM EDTJFK LAX11:40AM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU223A321 Arrived Wed 08:20AM EDTJFK LAX11:14AM PDT Wed
United UAL703B752 Arrived Wed 07:59AM EDTEWR LAX10:57AM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU123A320 Arrived Wed 07:30AM EDTJFK LAX10:24AM PDT Wed
Delta DAL424B763 Arrived Wed 07:05AM EDTJFK LAX10:15AM PDT Wed
Virgin America VRD399A321 Arrived Wed 07:00AM EDTJFK LAX09:55AM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL33A321 Arrived Wed 07:00AM EDTJFK LAX10:09AM PDT Wed
United UAL2020B752 Arrived Wed 07:00AM EDTEWR LAX09:58AM PDT Wed
United UAL758B752 Arrived Wed 06:00AM EDTEWR LAX08:58AM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL171A321 Arrived Wed 06:00AM EDTJFK LAX09:06AM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU23A320 Arrived Wed 05:45AM EDTJFK LAX08:31AM PDT Wed
FedEx FDX1026B763 Arrived Wed 01:16AM EDTEWR LAX03:52AM PDT Wed
American Airlines AAL23A321 Arrived Tue 10:30PM EDTJFK LAX01:47AM PDT Wed
JetBlue JBU1323A320 Arrived Tue 09:45PM EDTJFK LAX12:44AM PDT Wed
United UAL8173B752 Arrived Tue 08:13PM EDTEWR LAX11:00PM PDT Tue
United UAL1773B752 Arrived Tue 07:59PM EDTEWR LAX11:05PM PDT Tue
Delta DAL9791A333 Arrived Tue 03:50PM EDTJFK LAX06:47PM PDT Tue
FedEx FDX3013B763 Arrived Tue 03:21PM EDTEWR LAX06:03PM PDT Tue
Fltpln.com "DO DCM9161F2TH Arrived Tue 11:15AM EDTTEB LAX01:40PM PDT Tue
Virgin America VRD6287A320 Arrived Tue 08:12AM EDTEWR LAX10:11AM PDT Tue
FedEx FDX1026B763 Arrived Tue 01:16AM EDTEWR LAX03:48AM PDT Tue
JetBlue JBU2023A320 Arrived Mon 10:45PM EDTJFK LAX01:43AM PDT Tue
American Airlines AAL83A321 Arrived Mon 10:29PM EDTJFK LAX01:46AM PDT Tue
Delta DAL41AB763 Arrived Mon 09:40PM EDTJFK LAX12:55AM PDT Tue
Delta DAL427B752 Arrived Mon 09:40PM EDTJFK LAX01:03AM PDT Tue
Swift Air SWQ9178B734 Arrived Mon 07:10PM EDTEWR LAX12:00AM PDT Tue
United UAL44B752 Arrived Mon 11:00AM EDTEWR LAX01:51PM PDT Mon
Delta DAL8845B752 Arrived Mon 07:25AM EDTJFK LAX10:01AM PDT Mon
United UAL275B752 Arrived Sun 05:59PM EDTEWR LAX08:54PM PDT Sun
United UAL1913B752 Arrived Sun 07:01AM EDTEWR LAX09:59AM PDT Sun
United UAL8273B752 Arrived Sat 10:25PM EDTEWR LAX01:06AM PDT Sun
United UAL1075B737 Arrived Sat 09:35PM EDTEWR LAX12:15AM PDT Sun
United UAL472B752 Arrived Sat 08:59PM EDTEWR LAX11:47PM PDT Sat
United UAL275B752 Arrived Fri 05:59PM EDTEWR LAX08:54PM PDT Fri


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