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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Hainan Airlines CHH7803B789 Scheduled (in 22 hours 52 minutes) Sat 09:30PM CST 12:35AM CST Sun
China Southern Airl CSN3114B77W Scheduled (in 22 hours 52 minutes) Sat 09:30PM CST 12:50AM CST Sun
Air China CCA1329A333 Scheduled (in 22 hours 22 minutes) Sat 09:00PM CST 12:10AM CST Sun
China Southern Airl CSN3110A332 Scheduled (in 20 hours 52 minutes) Sat 07:30PM CST 10:45PM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3100A321 Scheduled (in 19 hours 42 minutes) Sat 06:30PM CST 09:55PM CST Sat
Air China CCA1309B773 Scheduled (in 19 hours 12 minutes) Sat 06:00PM CST 09:20PM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3122787 Scheduled (in 18 hours 42 minutes) Sat 05:30PM CST 08:55PM CST Sat
Hainan Airlines CHH7809B789 Scheduled (in 18 hours 32 minutes) Sat 05:20PM CST 08:40PM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN323A321 Scheduled (in 17 hours 42 minutes) Sat 04:30PM CST 08:00PM CST Sat
Hainan Airlines CHH7801A333 Scheduled (in 16 hours 52 minutes) Sat 03:40PM CST 06:55PM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3104A388 Scheduled (in 16 hours 42 minutes) Sat 03:30PM CST 07:00PM CST Sat
Air China CCA1301B789 Scheduled (in 16 hours 12 minutes) Sat 03:00PM CST 06:15PM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3162A330 Scheduled (in 15 hours 42 minutes) Sat 02:30PM CST 06:00PM CST Sat
Air China CCA1327B773 Scheduled (in 15 hours 12 minutes) Sat 02:00PM CST 05:15PM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3106A332 Scheduled (in 14 hours 42 minutes) Sat 01:30PM CST 04:45PM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3102B77W Scheduled (in 13 hours 42 minutes) Sat 12:30PM CST 03:55PM CST Sat
Air China CCA1339A321 Scheduled (in 13 hours 12 minutes) Sat 12:00PM CST 03:25PM CST Sat
Hainan Airlines CHH7807B738 Scheduled (in 13 hours 7 minutes) Sat 11:55AM CST 03:10PM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3112A321 Scheduled (in 12 hours 52 minutes) Sat 11:30AM CST 02:35PM CST Sat
Air China CCA1315B773 Scheduled (in 12 hours 12 minutes) Sat 11:00AM CST 02:15PM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3000A330 Scheduled (in 10 hours 42 minutes) Sat 09:30AM CST 12:55PM CST Sat
Air China CCA1321A321 Scheduled (in 10 hours 22 minutes) Sat 09:00AM CST 12:15PM CST Sat
Hainan Airlines CHH7805B789 Scheduled (in 9 hours 47 minutes) Sat 08:35AM CST 11:50AM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3108A333 Scheduled (in 9 hours 42 minutes) Sat 08:30AM CST 11:55AM CST Sat
Air China CCA1351B772 Scheduled (in 8 hours 57 minutes) Sat 07:35AM CST 10:45AM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3116A321 Scheduled (in 8 hours 52 minutes) Sat 07:30AM CST 10:50AM CST Sat
China Eastern CES5181A333 Scheduled (in 8 hours 42 minutes) Sat 07:20AM CST 10:30AM CST Sat
Hainan Airlines CHH7803B789 Scheduled Fri 09:30PM CST 12:45AM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3114B77W Scheduled/Delayed Fri 09:30PM CST 01:00AM CST Sat
Air China CCA1329A321 Scheduled/Delayed Fri 09:00PM CST 12:20AM CST Sat
China Southern Airl CSN3110787 Scheduled/Delayed Fri 07:30PM CST 10:55PM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3100A321 En Route Fri 06:30PM CST 10:00PM CST Fri
Air China CCA1309B773 En Route Fri 06:00PM CST 09:20PM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3122A332 En Route Fri 05:30PM CST 09:00PM CST Fri
Hainan Airlines CHH7809B789 Arrived Fri 05:20PM CST 08:35PM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN323A321 Arrived Fri 04:30PM CST 08:00PM CST Fri
Air China CCA1365A321 Arrived Fri 04:00PM CST 07:25PM CST Fri
Hainan Airlines CHH7801A333 Arrived Fri 03:40PM CST 06:55PM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3104A388 Arrived Fri 03:30PM CST 07:00PM CST Fri
Air China CCA1301B789 Arrived Fri 03:00PM CST 06:15PM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3162A321 Arrived Fri 02:30PM CST 06:00PM CST Fri
Air China CCA1327747 Arrived Fri 02:00PM CST 05:15PM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3106A332 Arrived Fri 01:30PM CST 04:45PM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3102B77W Arrived Fri 12:30PM CST 03:55PM CST Fri
Air China CCA1339A321 Arrived Fri 12:00PM CST 03:25PM CST Fri
Hainan Airlines CHH7807B738 Arrived Fri 11:55AM CST 03:10PM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3112A332 Arrived Fri 11:30AM CST 02:45PM CST Fri
Air China CCA1315B744 Arrived Fri 11:00AM CST 02:15PM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3000A330 Arrived Fri 09:30AM CST 12:55PM CST Fri
Air China CCA1321A321 Arrived Fri 09:00AM CST 12:25PM CST Fri
Hainan Airlines CHH7805B789 Arrived Fri 08:35AM CST 11:50AM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3108A333 Arrived Fri 08:30AM CST 12:00PM CST Fri
Air China CCA1351A321 Arrived Fri 07:35AM CST 10:55AM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3116A330 Arrived Fri 07:30AM CST 10:50AM CST Fri
Hainan Airlines CHH7803B789 Cancelled Thu 09:30PM CST 12:45AM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3114B77W Arrived Thu 09:30PM CST 01:00AM CST Fri
Air China CCA1329B772 result unknown Thu 09:00PM CST 12:20AM CST Fri
China Southern Airl CSN3110A332 Arrived Thu 07:30PM CST 10:55PM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3100A321 Arrived Thu 06:30PM CST 09:55PM CST Thu
Air China CCA1309B773 Arrived Thu 06:00PM CST 09:20PM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3122A332 Arrived Thu 05:30PM CST 09:00PM CST Thu
Hainan Airlines CHH7809B789 Arrived Thu 05:20PM CST 08:40PM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN323A321 Arrived Thu 04:30PM CST 07:55PM CST Thu
Air China CCA1365A321 Arrived Thu 04:00PM CST 07:25PM CST Thu
Hainan Airlines CHH7801A333 Arrived Thu 03:40PM CST 06:55PM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3104A388 Arrived Thu 03:30PM CST 06:55PM CST Thu
Air China CCA1301B789 Arrived Thu 03:00PM CST 06:15PM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3162A321 Arrived Thu 02:30PM CST 05:55PM CST Thu
Air China CCA1327747 result unknown Thu 02:00PM CST 05:15PM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3106A332 Arrived Thu 01:30PM CST 04:45PM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3102B77W Arrived Thu 12:30PM CST 03:55PM CST Thu
Hainan Airlines CHH7807A333 Arrived Thu 11:55AM CST 03:10PM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3112A332 Arrived Thu 11:30AM CST 02:45PM CST Thu
Air China CCA1315B772 Arrived Thu 11:00AM CST 02:15PM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3000A330 Arrived Thu 09:30AM CST 12:55PM CST Thu
Air China CCA1321B772 Arrived Thu 09:00AM CST 12:25PM CST Thu
Hainan Airlines CHH7805B789 Arrived Thu 08:35AM CST 11:50AM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3108A333 Arrived Thu 08:30AM CST 11:55AM CST Thu
Air China CCA1351A321 Arrived Thu 07:35AM CST 10:55AM CST Thu
China Southern Airl CSN3116A330 Arrived Thu 07:30AM CST 10:50AM CST Thu
China Eastern CES5181A333 result unknown Thu 07:20AM CST 10:40AM CST Thu
Air China CCA1365A321 Arrived Wed 04:00PM CST 07:25PM CST Wed
China Eastern CES5181A333 Arrived Wed 07:20AM CST 10:40AM CST Wed
Air China CCA1339B738 Arrived Mon 12:00PM CST 03:25PM CST Mon


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