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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
QantasLink QLK777 B738 Scheduled (in 22 hours 9 minutes) Sat 03:00PM AEDT 04:05PM AWST Sat
Tiger Airways TGW411 A320 Scheduled (in 21 hours 39 minutes) Sat 02:30PM AEDT 03:45PM AWST Sat
QantasLink QLK769 A332 Scheduled (in 20 hours 19 minutes) Sat 01:10PM AEDT 02:15PM AWST Sat
Virgin Australia VOZ683 B738 Scheduled (in 19 hours 54 minutes) Sat 12:45PM AEDT 02:00PM AWST Sat
Jetstar JST962 A320 Scheduled (in 17 hours 44 minutes) Sat 10:35AM AEDT 11:45AM AWST Sat
Virgin Australia VOZ679 B738 Scheduled (in 16 hours 14 minutes) Sat 09:05AM AEDT 10:20AM AWST Sat
QantasLink QLK485 A332 Scheduled (in 15 hours 44 minutes) Sat 08:35AM AEDT 09:40AM AWST Sat
Jetstar JST972 A320 Scheduled (in 14 hours 19 minutes) Sat 07:10AM AEDT 08:20AM AWST Sat
Tiger Airways TGW403 A320 Scheduled (in 13 hours 34 minutes) Sat 06:25AM AEDT 07:40AM AWST Sat
Jetstar JST968 A320 Scheduled (in 5 hours 59 minutes) Fri 10:50PM AEDT 12:05AM AWST Sat
Tiger Airways TGW421 A320 Scheduled (in 4 hours 49 minutes) Fri 09:40PM AEDT 10:55PM AWST Fri
Virgin Australia VOZ697 A332 Scheduled/Delayed Fri 08:35PM AEDT 09:50PM AWST Fri
QantasLink QLK653 A332 Scheduled (in 3 hours 39 minutes) Fri 08:30PM AEDT 09:35PM AWST Fri
QantasLink QLK481 A332 Scheduled (in 1 hours 59 minutes) Fri 06:50PM AEDT 07:55PM AWST Fri
Virgin Australia VOZ691 A332 Scheduled (in 44 minutes) Fri 05:35PM AEDT 06:50PM AWST Fri
QantasLink QLK773 A332 Scheduled (in 14 minutes) Fri 05:05PM AEDT 06:10PM AWST Fri
Qantas QFA773 A332 Scheduled (in 24 minutes) Fri 05:05PM AEDT 05:22PM AWST Fri
Qantas QFA777 A332 En Route / On Time Fri 03:00PM AEDT 03:47PM AWST Fri
QantasLink QLK777 A332 Taxiing / Left Gate Fri 03:00PM AEDT 04:05PM AWST Fri
Tiger Airways TGW413 A320 En Route / On Time Fri 03:00PM AEDT 04:15PM AWST Fri
Qantas QFA769 A332 En Route / On Time Fri 01:10PM AEDT 01:48PM AWST Fri
Virgin Australia VOZ683 A332 En Route / On Time Fri 12:45PM AEDT 02:00PM AWST Fri
Qantas QFA475 A332 Arrived Fri 10:40AM AEDT 11:31AM AWST Fri
Jetstar JST962 A320 Arrived Fri 10:35AM AEDT 11:45AM AWST Fri
Virgin Australia VOZ679 A332 Arrived Fri 09:05AM AEDT 10:20AM AWST Fri
Qantas QFA485 A332 Arrived Fri 08:35AM AEDT 09:37AM AWST Fri
Jetstar JST972 A320 Arrived Fri 07:10AM AEDT 08:20AM AWST Fri
Qantas QFA775 A332 Arrived Fri 07:00AM AEDT 08:02AM AWST Fri
Virgin Australia VOZ675 A332 Arrived Fri 06:35AM AEDT 07:50AM AWST Fri
Qantas QFA7333 B73Y Arrived Fri 04:15AM AEDT 05:21AM AWST Fri
Toll Priority " TFR12 B733 Arrived Fri 03:20AM AEDT 04:02AM AWST Fri
Qantas QFA7394 B73Y Arrived Fri 02:50AM AEDT 03:56AM AWST Fri
Jetstar JST968 A320 Arrived Thu 10:50PM AEDT 12:05AM AWST Fri
Tiger Airways TGW421 A320 Arrived Thu 09:40PM AEDT 10:55PM AWST Thu
Virgin Australia VOZ697 A332 Arrived Thu 08:35PM AEDT 09:50PM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA653 A332 Arrived Thu 08:30PM AEDT 09:21PM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA481 A332 result unknown Thu 06:50PM AEDT 04:12PM AWST Thu
Virgin Australia VOZ691 A332 Arrived Thu 05:35PM AEDT 06:50PM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA773 A332 Arrived Thu 05:05PM AEDT 05:48PM AWST Thu
Tiger Airways TGW413 A320 Arrived Thu 03:00PM AEDT 04:15PM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA777 A332 Arrived Thu 03:00PM AEDT 04:50PM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA769 A332 Arrived Thu 01:10PM AEDT 02:23PM AWST Thu
Virgin Australia VOZ683 A332 Arrived Thu 12:45PM AEDT 02:00PM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA475 A332 Arrived Thu 10:40AM AEDT 12:04PM AWST Thu
Jetstar JST962 A320 Arrived Thu 10:35AM AEDT 11:45AM AWST Thu
Virgin Australia VOZ679 A332 Arrived Thu 09:05AM AEDT 10:20AM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA485 A332 Arrived Thu 08:35AM AEDT 09:32AM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA775 A332 Arrived Thu 07:00AM AEDT 07:51AM AWST Thu
Virgin Australia VOZ675 A332 Cancelled Thu 06:35AM AEDT 07:50AM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA7333 B73Y Arrived Thu 03:50AM AEDT 05:19AM AWST Thu
Toll Priority " TFR12 B734 Arrived Thu 03:20AM AEDT 04:17AM AWST Thu
Qantas QFA7394 B73Y Arrived Thu 02:50AM AEDT 03:45AM AWST Thu
Jetstar JST968 A320 Arrived Wed 10:50PM AEDT 12:05AM AWST Thu
Tiger Airways TGW421 A320 Arrived Wed 09:40PM AEDT 10:55PM AWST Wed
Virgin Australia VOZ697 A332 Arrived Wed 08:35PM AEDT 09:50PM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA653 A332 Arrived Wed 08:30PM AEDT 09:25PM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA481 A332 Arrived Wed 06:50PM AEDT 07:53PM AWST Wed
Virgin Australia VOZ691 A332 Arrived Wed 05:35PM AEDT 06:50PM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA773 A332 Arrived Wed 05:05PM AEDT 05:58PM AWST Wed
Tiger Airways TGW413 A320 Arrived Wed 03:00PM AEDT 04:15PM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA777 A332 Arrived Wed 03:00PM AEDT 04:12PM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA769 A332 Arrived Wed 01:10PM AEDT 02:29PM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA475 A332 Arrived Wed 10:40AM AEDT 11:39AM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA485 A332 Arrived Wed 08:35AM AEDT 09:46AM AWST Wed
Jetstar JST972 A320 Arrived Wed 07:10AM AEDT 08:20AM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA775 A332 Arrived Wed 07:00AM AEDT 07:54AM AWST Wed
Virgin Australia VOZ675 A332 Arrived Wed 06:35AM AEDT 07:50AM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA7333 B73Y Arrived Wed 03:50AM AEDT 05:00AM AWST Wed
Toll Priority " TFR12 B734 Arrived Wed 03:20AM AEDT 03:50AM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA7394 B73Y Arrived Wed 02:50AM AEDT 03:43AM AWST Wed
Qantas QFA653 A332 Arrived Tue 08:30PM AEDT 09:30PM AWST Tue
Qantas QFA481 A332 Arrived Tue 06:50PM AEDT 07:42PM AWST Tue
Qantas QFA6112 B738 Arrived Tue 06:00AM AEDT 06:53AM AWST Tue
Singapore Airlines SQC7127 B744 Arrived Mon 01:25PM AEDT 03:03PM AWST Mon
Tiger Airways TGW411 A320 Arrived Sat 02:30PM AEDT 03:45PM AWST Sat
Tiger Airways TGW403 A320 Arrived Sat 06:25AM AEDT 07:40AM AWST Sat