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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Japan Airlines JAL511B772 Scheduled (in 23 hours 33 minutes) Wed 10:30AM JST 11:50AM JST Wed
Japan Airlines JAL509B772 Scheduled (in 22 hours 33 minutes) Wed 09:30AM JST 10:50AM JST Wed
Japan Airlines JAL507B738 Scheduled (in 22 hours 8 minutes) Wed 09:05AM JST 10:25AM JST Wed
Japan Airlines JAL505B772 Scheduled (in 21 hours 33 minutes) Wed 08:30AM JST 09:50AM JST Wed
Japan Airlines JAL503B773 Scheduled (in 20 hours 33 minutes) Wed 07:30AM JST 08:51AM JST Wed
Japan Airlines JAL595B763 Scheduled (in 20 hours 13 minutes) Wed 07:10AM JST 08:30AM JST Wed
Japan Airlines JAL501B738 Scheduled (in 19 hours 33 minutes) Wed 06:30AM JST 07:50AM JST Wed
All Nippon ANA81A320 Scheduled (in 9 hours 33 minutes) Tue 08:40PM JST 10:15PM JST Tue
Skymark SKY729737 Scheduled (in 9 hours 23 minutes) Tue 08:30PM JST 10:05PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL531B772 Scheduled (in 9 hours 23 minutes) Tue 08:30PM JST 10:00PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA79B773 Scheduled (in 8 hours 53 minutes) Tue 08:00PM JST 09:35PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL529B772 Scheduled (in 8 hours 23 minutes) Tue 07:30PM JST 09:00PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA77B772 Scheduled (in 7 hours 53 minutes) Tue 07:00PM JST 08:35PM JST Tue
Skymark SKY727737 Scheduled (in 7 hours 38 minutes) Tue 06:45PM JST 08:20PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL527B772 Scheduled (in 7 hours 23 minutes) Tue 06:30PM JST 08:00PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA75B772 Scheduled (in 6 hours 53 minutes) Tue 06:00PM JST 07:30PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL525B773 Scheduled (in 6 hours 28 minutes) Tue 05:35PM JST 07:05PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA73B772 Scheduled (in 5 hours 53 minutes) Tue 05:00PM JST 06:30PM JST Tue
Skymark SKY723737 Scheduled (in 5 hours 48 minutes) Tue 04:55PM JST 06:30PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL523B772 Scheduled (in 5 hours 23 minutes) Tue 04:30PM JST 06:00PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA71B773 Scheduled (in 4 hours 53 minutes) Tue 04:00PM JST 05:30PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL521B772 Scheduled (in 4 hours 23 minutes) Tue 03:30PM JST 05:00PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA69B772 Scheduled (in 3 hours 53 minutes) Tue 03:00PM JST 04:30PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA989B773 Scheduled (in 3 hours 23 minutes) Tue 02:30PM JST 04:00PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL519B772 Scheduled (in 3 hours 23 minutes) Tue 02:30PM JST 04:00PM JST Tue
Skymark SKY717737 Scheduled (in 2 hours 58 minutes) Tue 02:05PM JST 03:35PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA67B772 Scheduled (in 2 hours 53 minutes) Tue 02:00PM JST 03:30PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL517B772 Scheduled (in 2 hours 23 minutes) Tue 01:30PM JST 03:00PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA65B772 Scheduled (in 1 hours 53 minutes) Tue 01:00PM JST 02:35PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL515B773 Scheduled (in 1 hours 38 minutes) Tue 12:35PM JST 01:55PM JST Tue
Skymark SKY713737 Scheduled (in 1 hours 28 minutes) Tue 12:25PM JST 01:50PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL513B772 Scheduled (in 33 minutes) Tue 11:30AM JST 12:50PM JST Tue
Skymark SKY711737 Scheduled (in 3 minutes) Tue 11:00AM JST 12:25PM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL511B772 En Route / On Time Tue 10:30AM JST 12:00PM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA59B772 En Route / On Time Tue 10:00AM JST 11:09AM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA57B772 result unknown Tue 09:30AM JST 10:45AM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL509B772 En Route / On Time Tue 09:30AM JST 11:00AM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL507B738 Arrived Tue 09:05AM JST 10:35AM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA55B773 Arrived Tue 09:01AM JST 10:35AM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL505B772 Arrived Tue 08:30AM JST 10:00AM JST Tue
Skymark SKY705737 Arrived Tue 08:20AM JST 09:55AM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA53B773 Arrived Tue 08:00AM JST 09:35AM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL503B773 Arrived Tue 07:30AM JST 09:01AM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL595B763 Arrived Tue 07:10AM JST 08:40AM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA51B772 Arrived Tue 07:00AM JST 08:30AM JST Tue
Skymark SKY703737 Arrived Tue 06:55AM JST 08:30AM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA987A320 Arrived Tue 06:30AM JST 08:00AM JST Tue
Japan Airlines JAL501B738 Arrived Tue 06:30AM JST 08:00AM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA8551B773 Arrived Tue 01:05AM JST 02:45AM JST Tue
All Nippon ANA81767 Arrived Mon 08:40PM JST 10:15PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL531B772 Arrived Mon 08:30PM JST 10:05PM JST Mon
Skymark SKY729737 Arrived Mon 08:30PM JST 10:05PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA79B773 Arrived Mon 08:00PM JST 09:35PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL529B772 Arrived Mon 07:30PM JST 09:00PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA77B772 Arrived Mon 07:00PM JST 08:35PM JST Mon
Skymark SKY727737 Arrived Mon 06:45PM JST 08:20PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL527B772 Arrived Mon 06:30PM JST 08:05PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA75B772 Arrived Mon 06:00PM JST 07:30PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL525B773 Arrived Mon 05:30PM JST 07:05PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA73B773 Arrived Mon 05:00PM JST 06:30PM JST Mon
Skymark SKY723737 Arrived Mon 04:55PM JST 06:30PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL523B773 Arrived Mon 04:30PM JST 06:05PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA71B772 Arrived Mon 04:00PM JST 05:30PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL521B772 Arrived Mon 03:30PM JST 05:05PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA69B772 Arrived Mon 03:00PM JST 04:30PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA989B773 Arrived Mon 02:30PM JST 04:00PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL519B772 Arrived Mon 02:30PM JST 04:05PM JST Mon
Skymark SKY717737 result unknown Mon 02:05PM JST 03:35PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA67B772 Arrived Mon 02:00PM JST 03:30PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL517B772 Arrived Mon 01:30PM JST 03:05PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA65B772 Arrived Mon 01:00PM JST 02:35PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL515B773 Arrived Mon 12:30PM JST 02:05PM JST Mon
Skymark SKY713737 Arrived Mon 12:25PM JST 02:00PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA63B773 Arrived Mon 12:00PM JST 01:35PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL513B772 Arrived Mon 11:30AM JST 01:05PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA61B773 Arrived Mon 11:00AM JST 12:35PM JST Mon
Skymark SKY711737 Arrived Mon 11:00AM JST 12:35PM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL511B772 Arrived Mon 10:30AM JST 12:05PM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA59B772 Arrived Mon 10:00AM JST 11:35AM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL509B772 Arrived Mon 09:30AM JST 11:05AM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA57B772 Arrived Mon 09:30AM JST 11:05AM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL507B738 Arrived Mon 09:05AM JST 10:40AM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA55B773 Arrived Mon 09:01AM JST 10:35AM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL505B772 Arrived Mon 08:30AM JST 10:05AM JST Mon
Skymark SKY705737 Arrived Mon 08:20AM JST 09:55AM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA53B773 Arrived Mon 08:00AM JST 09:35AM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL503B773 Arrived Mon 07:30AM JST 09:05AM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL595B738 Arrived Mon 07:15AM JST 08:50AM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA51B773 Arrived Mon 07:00AM JST 08:30AM JST Mon
Skymark SKY703737 Arrived Mon 06:55AM JST 08:30AM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA987A320 Arrived Mon 06:30AM JST 08:00AM JST Mon
Japan Airlines JAL501B738 Arrived Mon 06:30AM JST 08:05AM JST Mon
All Nippon ANA81B772 Arrived Sun 08:40PM JST 10:15PM JST Sun
Skymark SKY729737 Arrived Sun 08:30PM JST 10:05PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL531B772 Arrived Sun 08:30PM JST 10:05PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA79B773 Arrived Sun 08:00PM JST 09:35PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL529B772 Arrived Sun 07:30PM JST 09:00PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA77B772 Arrived Sun 07:00PM JST 08:35PM JST Sun
Skymark SKY727737 Arrived Sun 06:45PM JST 08:20PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL527B772 Arrived Sun 06:30PM JST 08:05PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA75B772 Arrived Sun 06:00PM JST 07:30PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL525B773 Arrived Sun 05:30PM JST 07:05PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA73B773 Arrived Sun 05:00PM JST 06:30PM JST Sun
Skymark SKY723737 Arrived Sun 04:55PM JST 06:30PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL523B773 Arrived Sun 04:30PM JST 06:05PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA71B773 Arrived Sun 04:00PM JST 05:30PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL521B772 Arrived Sun 03:30PM JST 05:05PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA69B772 Arrived Sun 03:00PM JST 04:30PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA989B773 Arrived Sun 02:30PM JST 04:00PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL519B772 Arrived Sun 02:30PM JST 04:05PM JST Sun
Skymark SKY717737 Arrived Sun 02:05PM JST 03:35PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA67B772 Arrived Sun 02:00PM JST 03:30PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL517B772 Arrived Sun 01:30PM JST 03:05PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA65B772 Arrived Sun 01:00PM JST 02:35PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL515B773 Arrived Sun 12:30PM JST 02:05PM JST Sun
Skymark SKY713737 Arrived Sun 12:25PM JST 02:00PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA63B773 Arrived Sun 12:00PM JST 01:35PM JST Sun
Japan Airlines JAL513B772 Arrived Sun 11:30AM JST 01:05PM JST Sun
Skymark SKY711737 Arrived Sun 11:00AM JST 12:35PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA61B773 Arrived Sun 11:00AM JST 12:35PM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA59B772 Arrived Sun 10:00AM JST 11:35AM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA57B772 Arrived Sun 09:30AM JST 11:05AM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA55B773 Arrived Sun 09:01AM JST 10:35AM JST Sun
Skymark SKY705737 Arrived Sun 08:20AM JST 09:55AM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA53B773 Arrived Sun 08:00AM JST 09:35AM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA51B773 Arrived Sun 07:00AM JST 08:30AM JST Sun
Skymark SKY703737 Arrived Sun 06:55AM JST 08:30AM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA987A320 Arrived Sun 06:30AM JST 08:00AM JST Sun
All Nippon ANA63B773 Arrived Sat 12:00PM JST 01:35PM JST Sat
All Nippon ANA61B773 Arrived Sat 11:00AM JST 12:35PM JST Sat
All Nippon ANA8551B773 Arrived Sat 01:05AM JST 02:45AM JST Sat
All Nippon ANA8551B773 Arrived Fri 01:05AM JST 02:45AM JST Fri
Hokkaido Internatio ADO39 result unknown Thu 09:00PM JST 11:00PM JST Thu
Hokkaido Internatio ADO39 result unknown Wed 09:00PM JST 10:52PM JST Wed
Hokkaido Internatio ADO39 result unknown Tue 09:00PM JST 10:42PM JST Tue


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