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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
United UAL1019 B738 Scheduled (in 20 hours 11 minutes) Sun 10:29PM PST 12:01AM PST Mon
United UAL1699 B738 Scheduled (in 17 hours 54 minutes) Sun 08:12PM PST 09:45PM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD964 A320 Scheduled (in 17 hours 37 minutes) Sun 07:55PM PST 09:20PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2879 B733 Scheduled (in 17 hours 22 minutes) Sun 07:40PM PST 09:15PM PST Sun
SkyWest SKW320G Scheduled (in 15 hours 36 minutes) Sun 05:44PM PST 07:01PM PST Sun
SkyWest SKW6232 CRJ7 Scheduled (in 15 hours 26 minutes) Sun 05:44PM PST 07:16PM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD960 A319 Scheduled (in 15 hours 29 minutes) Sun 05:40PM PST 06:54PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA3502 B733 Scheduled (in 15 hours 12 minutes) Sun 05:30PM PST 07:00PM PST Sun
SkyWest SKW503X Scheduled (in 13 hours 53 minutes) Sun 04:01PM PST 05:18PM PST Sun
SkyWest SKW5207 CRJ7 Scheduled (in 13 hours 41 minutes) Sun 03:59PM PST 05:32PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2701 B733 Scheduled (in 13 hours 12 minutes) Sun 03:30PM PST 05:00PM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD958 A320 Scheduled (in 12 hours 57 minutes) Sun 03:15PM PST 04:40PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA3324 B733 Scheduled (in 11 hours 12 minutes) Sun 01:30PM PST 03:05PM PST Sun
United UAL720 A319 Scheduled (in 10 hours 42 minutes) Sun 01:00PM PST 02:31PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2523 B733 Scheduled (in 9 hours 12 minutes) Sun 11:30AM PST 01:00PM PST Sun
United UAL519 A320 Scheduled (in 8 hours 42 minutes) Sun 11:00AM PST 12:32PM PST Sun
United UAL1275 B738 Scheduled (in 7 hours 56 minutes) Sun 10:14AM PST 11:45AM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD956 A320 Scheduled (in 7 hours 42 minutes) Sun 10:00AM PST 11:30AM PST Sun
Southwest SWA3146 B733 Scheduled (in 7 hours 12 minutes) Sun 09:30AM PST 11:00AM PST Sun
SkyWest SKW5594 CRJ Scheduled (in 5 hours 56 minutes) Sun 08:14AM PST 09:48AM PST Sun
SkyWest SKW727K Scheduled (in 6 hours 6 minutes) Sun 08:14AM PST 09:35AM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2345 B733 Scheduled (in 5 hours 12 minutes) Sun 07:30AM PST 09:00AM PST Sun
United UAL1172 B739 Scheduled (in 4 hours 12 minutes) Sun 06:30AM PST 08:03AM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD964 A320 Arrived Sat 08:00PM PST 09:25PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3067 B733 Arrived Sat 07:30PM PST 09:00PM PST Sat
United UAL519 B752 Arrived Sat 07:15PM PST 08:47PM PST Sat
SkyWest SKW5585 CRJ7 Arrived Sat 05:49PM PST 07:21PM PST Sat
SkyWest SKW520V CRJ7 Arrived Sat 05:49PM PST 07:22PM PST Sat
Virgin America VRD960 A319 Arrived Sat 05:40PM PST 07:05PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA4297 B737 Arrived Sat 05:40PM PST 07:10PM PST Sat
United UAL843 A319 Arrived Sat 04:30PM PST 06:02PM PST Sat
Virgin America VRD958 A320 Arrived Sat 03:15PM PST 04:40PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA2979 B733 Arrived Sat 03:00PM PST 04:30PM PST Sat
United UAL500 B752 Arrived Sat 01:00PM PST 02:31PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA1298 B733 Arrived Sat 11:00AM PST 12:30PM PST Sat
United UAL1275 B738 Arrived Sat 10:59AM PST 12:32PM PST Sat
Netjets Aviation &q EJA898 H25B Arrived Sat 10:00AM PST 11:46AM PST Sat
Virgin America VRD956 A320 Arrived Sat 10:00AM PST 11:30AM PST Sat
SkyWest SKW5594 CRJ Arrived Sat 08:00AM PST 09:34AM PST Sat
Virgin America VRD950 A319 Arrived Sat 07:00AM PST 08:25AM PST Sat
Southwest SWA2802 B733 Arrived Sat 07:00AM PST 08:30AM PST Sat
United UAL284 A319 Arrived Sat 06:30AM PST 08:02AM PST Sat
United UAL519 A319 Arrived Fri 10:25PM PST 11:56PM PST Fri
United UAL404 A320 Arrived Fri 08:12PM PST 09:44PM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD964 A320 Arrived Fri 07:55PM PST 09:20PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2879 B733 Arrived Fri 07:40PM PST 09:15PM PST Fri
SkyWest SKW6232 CRJ7 Arrived Fri 05:44PM PST 07:16PM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD960 A319 Arrived Fri 05:40PM PST 07:05PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA3502 B733 Arrived Fri 05:30PM PST 07:00PM PST Fri
SkyWest SKW5207 CRJ7 Arrived Fri 03:46PM PST 05:18PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2701 B733 Arrived Fri 03:30PM PST 05:00PM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD958 A320 Arrived Fri 03:15PM PST 04:40PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA3324 B733 Arrived Fri 01:30PM PST 03:05PM PST Fri
United UAL816 A320 Arrived Fri 01:00PM PST 02:31PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2523 B733 Arrived Fri 11:30AM PST 01:00PM PST Fri
United UAL1275 B738 Arrived Fri 10:58AM PST 12:31PM PST Fri
United UAL1073 B738 Arrived Fri 10:14AM PST 11:45AM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD956 A320 Arrived Fri 10:00AM PST 11:30AM PST Fri
Southwest SWA3146 B733 Arrived Fri 09:30AM PST 11:00AM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2345 B733 Arrived Fri 07:30AM PST 09:00AM PST Fri
United UAL428 A320 Arrived Fri 07:10AM PST 08:42AM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD950 A319 Arrived Fri 07:00AM PST 08:25AM PST Fri
United UAL284 A319 Arrived Fri 06:30AM PST 08:02AM PST Fri
Netjets Aviation &q EJA956 C750 Arrived Fri 06:30AM PST 07:15AM PST Fri
Southwest SWA1633 B733 Arrived Fri 06:05AM PST 07:35AM PST Fri
United UAL843 A320 Arrived Thu 10:25PM PST 11:56PM PST Thu
United UAL628 A320 Arrived Thu 08:12PM PST 09:44PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA2879 B733 Arrived Thu 07:40PM PST 09:15PM PST Thu
SkyWest SKW6232 CRJ7 Arrived Thu 05:44PM PST 07:16PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA3502 B733 Arrived Thu 05:30PM PST 07:00PM PST Thu
SkyWest SKW5207 CRJ7 Arrived Thu 03:46PM PST 05:18PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA2701 B733 Arrived Thu 03:30PM PST 05:00PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA3324 B733 Arrived Thu 01:30PM PST 03:05PM PST Thu
United UAL458 A320 Arrived Thu 01:00PM PST 02:31PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA2523 B733 Arrived Thu 11:30AM PST 01:00PM PST Thu
United UAL1617 B752 Arrived Thu 10:59AM PST 12:32PM PST Thu
United UAL1073 B738 Arrived Thu 10:14AM PST 11:45AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA3146 B733 Arrived Thu 09:30AM PST 11:00AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA2345 B733 Arrived Thu 07:30AM PST 09:00AM PST Thu
United UAL428 A320 Arrived Thu 07:10AM PST 08:42AM PST Thu
Virgin America VRD950 A319 Arrived Thu 07:00AM PST 08:25AM PST Thu
United UAL284 A319 Arrived Thu 06:30AM PST 08:02AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA1633 B733 Arrived Thu 06:05AM PST 07:35AM PST Thu
United UAL1125 B738 Arrived Wed 10:25PM PST 11:57PM PST Wed
United UAL302 A319 Arrived Wed 08:12PM PST 09:44PM PST Wed
United UAL497 A320 Arrived Wed 01:00PM PST 02:31PM PST Wed
United UAL1074 B738 Arrived Wed 10:09AM PST 11:40AM PST Wed
United UAL843 A320 Arrived Wed 07:10AM PST 08:42AM PST Wed
Southwest SWA1633 B733 Arrived Wed 06:05AM PST 07:35AM PST Wed
Netjets Aviation &q EJA761 GALX Arrived Tue 10:30PM PST 11:38PM PST Tue
United UAL1051 B733 Arrived Tue 10:25PM PST 11:57PM PST Tue
United UAL1699 B738 Arrived Tue 08:12PM PST 09:45PM PST Tue
U S BANK NA N318JS CL30 Arrived Tue 03:00PM PST 05:23PM PST Tue
United UAL497 A320 Arrived Tue 12:54PM PST 02:25PM PST Tue
United UAL1689 B738 Arrived Tue 10:14AM PST 11:45AM PST Tue
United UAL428 A320 Arrived Tue 07:10AM PST 08:42AM PST Tue
United UAL628 A320 Arrived Mon 08:12PM PST 09:44PM PST Mon
XOJET "XOJET&q XOJ578 CL30 Arrived Mon 04:30PM PST 06:21PM PST Mon
United UAL458 A320 Arrived Mon 01:00PM PST 02:31PM PST Mon
United UAL1073 B738 Arrived Mon 10:09AM PST 11:40AM PST Mon
United UAL498 B752 Arrived Sun 10:30PM PST 12:01AM PST Mon
United UAL1699 B738 Arrived Sun 08:12PM PST 09:45PM PST Sun
United UAL1586 B739 Arrived Sun 01:00PM PST 02:32PM PST Sun
United UAL371 A320 Arrived Sun 11:00AM PST 12:32PM PST Sun
SkyWest SKW5594 CRJ Arrived Sun 08:14AM PST 09:48AM PST Sun