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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Southwest SWA545B737 Scheduled (in 22 hours 41 minutes) Wed 04:05PM CST 05:05PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA449B733 Scheduled (in 21 hours 16 minutes) Wed 02:40PM CST 03:40PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA1730B737 Scheduled (in 19 hours 26 minutes) Wed 12:50PM CST 01:50PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA3068B733 Scheduled (in 18 hours 1 minutes) Wed 11:25AM CST 12:25PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA1280B737 Scheduled (in 16 hours 11 minutes) Wed 09:35AM CST 10:35AM CST Wed
Southwest SWA15B737 Scheduled (in 15 hours 1 minutes) Wed 08:25AM CST 09:25AM CST Wed
Southwest SWA1405B737 Scheduled (in 12 hours 26 minutes) Wed 05:50AM CST 06:50AM CST Wed
Southwest SWA59B733 Scheduled (in 2 hours 1 minutes) Tue 07:25PM CST 08:25PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA323B733 Scheduled (in 11 minutes) Tue 05:35PM CST 06:35PM CST Tue
BB&T EQUIPMENT N843ME55P En Route Tue 04:15PM CST 05:52PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA545B733 Arrived Tue 04:05PM CST 05:05PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA449B733 Arrived Tue 02:40PM CST 03:40PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA1730B733 Arrived Tue 12:50PM CST 01:50PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA3068B733 Arrived Tue 11:25AM CST 12:25PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA1280B737 Arrived Tue 09:35AM CST 10:35AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA15B733 Arrived Tue 08:25AM CST 09:25AM CST Tue
DARIAL PROPERTIES L N7277GBE58 Arrived Tue 06:00AM CST 07:05AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA1405B737 Arrived Tue 05:50AM CST 06:50AM CST Tue
Quest Diagnostics & LBQ611E50P Arrived Mon 11:20PM CST 12:57AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA151B733 Arrived Mon 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA1059B737 Arrived Mon 07:10PM CST 08:10PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA1030B737 Arrived Mon 04:50PM CST 05:50PM CST Mon
TWO RIVERS AVIATION N300VPBE30 Arrived Mon 03:00PM CST 03:28PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA1595B737 Arrived Mon 02:55PM CST 03:55PM CST Mon
LOYD HOUSE AVIATION N257PLH25B Arrived Mon 02:30PM CST 03:47PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA985B733 Arrived Mon 12:20PM CST 01:20PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA3145B737 Arrived Mon 11:45AM CST 12:45PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA855B733 Arrived Mon 10:10AM CST 11:10AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA676B737 Arrived Mon 08:15AM CST 09:15AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA676B737 Arrived Mon 08:15AM CST 09:07AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA2326B737 Arrived Mon 07:05AM CST 08:10AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA2321B737 Arrived Mon 05:35AM CST 06:35AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA151B735 Arrived Sun 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA1059B737 Arrived Sun 07:10PM CST 08:10PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA1030B733 Arrived Sun 04:50PM CST 05:50PM CST Sun
DD AVIATION LLC N7717BC650 Arrived Sun 03:15PM CST 04:35PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA1595B737 Arrived Sun 02:55PM CST 03:55PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA985B733 Arrived Sun 12:20PM CST 01:20PM CST Sun
Flight Options &quo OPT360E55P Arrived Sun 11:51AM CST 02:17PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA3145B737 Arrived Sun 11:45AM CST 12:45PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA855B737 Arrived Sun 10:10AM CST 11:10AM CST Sun
ERIN-EIRE LLC N67WEH25C Arrived Sun 09:45AM CST 10:41AM CST Sun
Southwest SWA676B737 Arrived Sun 08:15AM CST 09:15AM CST Sun
Southwest SWA5036B737 Arrived Sun 07:05AM CST 08:10AM CST Sun
Southwest SWA4026B737 Arrived Sat 07:00PM CST 08:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA9001B737 Arrived Sat 07:00PM CST 09:04PM CST Sat
Southwest N8326FB738 result unknown Sat 06:46PM CST 05:01PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA560B738 Arrived Sat 04:10PM CST 05:10PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA3674B735 Arrived Sat 01:35PM CST 02:35PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2041B733 Arrived Sat 12:00PM CST 01:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2057B735 Arrived Sat 10:30AM CST 11:30AM CST Sat
Southwest SWA1758B737 Arrived Sat 07:00AM CST 08:05AM CST Sat
Quest Diagnostics & LBQ611E50P Arrived Fri 11:20PM CST 12:40AM CST Sat
Southwest SWA151B737 Arrived Fri 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA1059B737 Arrived Fri 07:10PM CST 08:10PM CST Fri
Ameristar Jet Chart AJI194BE9L Arrived Fri 06:04PM CST 07:07PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA1030B737 Arrived Fri 04:50PM CST 05:50PM CST Fri
Ameristar Jet Chart AJI94BE9L Arrived Fri 04:10PM CST 05:31PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA1595B737 Arrived Fri 02:55PM CST 03:55PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA985B737 Arrived Fri 12:20PM CST 01:20PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA3145B737 Arrived Fri 11:45AM CST 12:45PM CST Fri
SALE REPORTED N372LF Arrived Fri 11:32AM CST 12:44PM CST Fri
ARCADIA LEASING LLC N817AFCL60 Arrived Fri 10:30AM CST 12:13PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA855B733 Arrived Fri 10:10AM CST 11:10AM CST Fri
Flight Options &quo OPT314E55P Arrived Fri 09:30AM CST 10:53AM CST Fri
Southwest SWA2326B737 Arrived Fri 07:05AM CST 08:10AM CST Fri
Southwest SWA2321B737 Arrived Fri 05:35AM CST 06:35AM CST Fri
VERTICAL AVIATION L N478SBC560 Arrived Fri 03:30AM CST 04:58AM CST Fri
Quest Diagnostics & LBQ611E50P Arrived Thu 11:20PM CST 12:56AM CST Fri
VISTA HAVEN LEASING N7772TCOL4 Arrived Thu 07:00PM CST 08:59PM CST Thu
GGS AVIATION LLC N260BSLJ60 Arrived Thu 07:30AM CST 09:10AM CST Thu
Southwest SWA2326B733 Arrived Thu 07:05AM CST 08:10AM CST Thu
Southwest SWA2321B737 Arrived Thu 05:35AM CST 06:35AM CST Thu
MT AIRCRAFTS II LLC N375CPB350 Arrived Wed 06:21PM CST 07:01PM CST Wed
Executive AirShare XSR290B350 Arrived Wed 04:00PM CST 07:14PM CST Wed
PECOS AIRCRAFT SALE N850PEH25B Arrived Wed 01:10PM CST 02:42PM CST Wed
Jet Linx Aviation L JTL404BE40 Arrived Wed 01:00PM CST 01:22PM CST Wed
Executive AirShare XSR290BE30 Arrived Wed 07:30AM CST 09:07AM CST Wed
Air 1st Aviation &q RUF120MU2 Arrived Tue 11:15PM CST 01:01AM CST Wed


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