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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Mesa ASH3762 CRJ7 Scheduled (in 23 hours 35 minutes) Thu 02:28PM CDT 05:55PM EDT Thu
Delta DAL912 A319 Scheduled (in 22 hours 45 minutes) Thu 02:00PM CDT 05:00PM EDT Thu
Shuttle America TCF3443 E170 Scheduled (in 21 hours 58 minutes) Thu 01:13PM CDT 04:13PM EDT Thu
Delta DAL393 MD88 Scheduled (in 21 hours 30 minutes) Thu 12:45PM CDT 03:42PM EDT Thu
Republic RPA4236 E170 Delayed Thu 12:40PM CDT 03:30PM EDT Thu
Delta DAL1693 MD90 Scheduled (in 20 hours 10 minutes) Thu 11:25AM CDT 02:22PM EDT Thu
SkyWest SKW5492 CRJ7 Scheduled (in 19 hours 23 minutes) Thu 10:38AM CDT 01:37PM EDT Thu
Delta DAL2183 MD90 Scheduled (in 18 hours 55 minutes) Thu 10:10AM CDT 01:05PM EDT Thu
Republic RPA4289 E170 Scheduled (in 18 hours 30 minutes) Thu 09:45AM CDT 12:35PM EDT Thu
Mesa ASH3780 CRJ7 Scheduled (in 18 hours 15 minutes) Thu 09:13AM CDT 12:34PM EDT Thu
Delta DAL2412 B712 Scheduled (in 17 hours 10 minutes) Thu 08:25AM CDT 11:23AM EDT Thu
Republic RPA4238 E170 Scheduled (in 16 hours 25 minutes) Thu 07:40AM CDT 10:25AM EDT Thu
Delta DAL1477 B752 Scheduled (in 15 hours 55 minutes) Thu 07:10AM CDT 10:09AM EDT Thu
Shuttle America TCF3458 E170 Scheduled (in 15 hours 20 minutes) Thu 06:35AM CDT 09:32AM EDT Thu
Republic RPA4234 E170 Scheduled (in 14 hours 45 minutes) Thu 06:00AM CDT 08:45AM EDT Thu
Delta DAL977 A320 Delayed Thu 05:55AM CDT 08:50AM EDT Thu
Republic RPA4351 E170 Scheduled (in 6 hours 55 minutes) Wed 10:10PM CDT 12:55AM EDT Thu
Delta DAL1306 B712 Scheduled (in 4 hours 10 minutes) Wed 07:25PM CDT 10:23PM EDT Wed
Shuttle America TCF5139 E170 Scheduled (in 3 hours 27 minutes) Wed 06:42PM CDT 09:47PM EDT Wed
Delta DAL1977 MD88 Scheduled (in 2 hours 45 minutes) Wed 06:00PM CDT 08:59PM EDT Wed
Republic RPA4355 E170 Scheduled (in 2 hours 10 minutes) Wed 05:25PM CDT 08:15PM EDT Wed
Delta DAL1877 MD90 Scheduled (in 1 hours 44 minutes) Wed 04:59PM CDT 07:59PM EDT Wed
SkyWest SKW5566 CRJ7 Scheduled (in 1 hours 12 minutes) Wed 04:27PM CDT 07:29PM EDT Wed
Republic RPA4335 E170 Scheduled (in 50 minutes) Wed 04:05PM CDT 07:00PM EDT Wed
Delta DAL1677 A319 Scheduled (in 15 minutes) Wed 03:30PM CDT 06:27PM EDT Wed
Mesa ASH3762 CRJ7 En Route / On Time Wed 02:28PM CDT 05:25PM EDT Wed
Delta DAL912 MD90 En Route / On Time Wed 02:00PM CDT 05:02PM EDT Wed
Shuttle America TCF3443 E170 En Route Wed 01:13PM CDT 04:13PM EDT Wed
Delta DAL393 MD88 Arrived Wed 12:45PM CDT 03:42PM EDT Wed
Republic RPA4236 E170 Arrived Wed 12:40PM CDT 03:30PM EDT Wed
Delta DAL1693 MD90 Arrived Wed 11:25AM CDT 02:22PM EDT Wed
SkyWest SKW5492 CRJ7 Arrived Wed 10:38AM CDT 01:37PM EDT Wed
Delta DAL2183 MD90 Arrived Wed 10:10AM CDT 01:05PM EDT Wed
Republic RPA4289 E170 Arrived Wed 09:45AM CDT 12:35PM EDT Wed
Mesa ASH3780 CRJ7 Arrived Wed 09:13AM CDT 11:45AM EDT Wed
Delta DAL2412 B712 Arrived Wed 08:25AM CDT 11:23AM EDT Wed
Republic RPA4238 E170 Arrived Wed 07:40AM CDT 10:25AM EDT Wed
Delta DAL1477 B752 Arrived Wed 07:10AM CDT 10:09AM EDT Wed
Shuttle America TCF3458 E170 Arrived Wed 06:35AM CDT 09:32AM EDT Wed
Republic RPA4234 E170 Arrived Wed 06:00AM CDT 08:45AM EDT Wed
Delta DAL977 A320 Arrived Wed 05:55AM CDT 08:50AM EDT Wed
Republic RPA4351 E170 Arrived Tue 10:10PM CDT 12:55AM EDT Wed
Delta DAL1306 B712 Arrived Tue 07:25PM CDT 10:23PM EDT Tue
Shuttle America TCF5139 E170 Arrived Tue 06:42PM CDT 09:47PM EDT Tue
Delta DAL1977 A320 Arrived Tue 06:00PM CDT 08:58PM EDT Tue
Republic RPA4355 E170 Arrived Tue 05:25PM CDT 08:15PM EDT Tue
Delta DAL1877 MD90 Arrived Tue 04:59PM CDT 07:59PM EDT Tue
SkyWest SKW5566 CRJ7 Arrived Tue 04:27PM CDT 07:29PM EDT Tue
Republic RPA4335 E170 Arrived Tue 04:05PM CDT 07:00PM EDT Tue
Delta DAL1677 A319 Arrived Tue 03:30PM CDT 06:27PM EDT Tue
Mesa ASH3762 CRJ7 Arrived Tue 02:28PM CDT 07:11PM EDT Tue
Delta DAL912 MD90 Arrived Tue 02:00PM CDT 05:00PM EDT Tue
Shuttle America TCF3443 E170 Arrived Tue 01:13PM CDT 04:13PM EDT Tue
Delta DAL393 MD88 Arrived Tue 12:45PM CDT 03:42PM EDT Tue
Republic RPA4236 E170 Arrived Tue 12:40PM CDT 03:30PM EDT Tue
Delta DAL1693 MD90 Arrived Tue 11:25AM CDT 02:22PM EDT Tue
SkyWest SKW5492 CRJ7 Arrived Tue 10:38AM CDT 01:37PM EDT Tue
Delta DAL2183 MD90 Arrived Tue 10:10AM CDT 01:05PM EDT Tue
Republic RPA4289 E170 Arrived Tue 09:45AM CDT 12:35PM EDT Tue
Mesa ASH3780 CRJ7 Arrived Tue 09:13AM CDT 11:43AM EDT Tue
Delta DAL2412 B712 Arrived Tue 08:25AM CDT 11:23AM EDT Tue
Republic RPA4238 E170 Arrived Tue 07:40AM CDT 10:25AM EDT Tue
Delta DAL1477 B752 Arrived Tue 07:10AM CDT 10:09AM EDT Tue
Shuttle America TCF3458 E170 Arrived Tue 06:35AM CDT 09:32AM EDT Tue
Republic RPA4234 E170 Arrived Tue 06:00AM CDT 08:45AM EDT Tue
Delta DAL977 A320 Arrived Tue 05:55AM CDT 08:50AM EDT Tue
Asiana AAR2949 B744 Arrived Tue 12:15AM CDT 02:54AM EDT Tue
Republic RPA4351 E170 Arrived Mon 10:10PM CDT 12:55AM EDT Tue
Delta DAL1306 B712 Arrived Mon 07:25PM CDT 10:23PM EDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5139 E170 Arrived Mon 06:42PM CDT 09:47PM EDT Mon
Delta DAL1977 A320 Arrived Mon 06:00PM CDT 08:58PM EDT Mon
Republic RPA4355 E170 Arrived Mon 05:25PM CDT 08:15PM EDT Mon
Delta DAL1877 MD90 Arrived Mon 04:59PM CDT 07:59PM EDT Mon
SkyWest SKW5566 CRJ7 Arrived Mon 04:27PM CDT 07:29PM EDT Mon
Republic RPA4335 E170 Arrived Mon 04:05PM CDT 07:00PM EDT Mon
Delta DAL1677 A319 Arrived Mon 03:30PM CDT 06:27PM EDT Mon
Cargolux Airlines I CLX838 B748 Arrived Mon 03:30AM CDT 06:07AM EDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF3510 E170 Arrived Sun 06:42PM CDT 09:47PM EDT Sun
Mesa ASH3778 CRJ7 Arrived Sun 04:27PM CDT 07:42PM EDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF3569 E170 Arrived Sun 01:13PM CDT 04:13PM EDT Sun
ExpressJet ASQ3258 E135 Arrived Sun 08:55AM CDT 11:52AM EDT Sun
ExpressJet ASQ3824 E135 Arrived Sun 06:40AM CDT 09:37AM EDT Sun
United UAL6744 B737 Arrived Sat 07:30PM CDT 12:19AM EDT Sun
United UAL1744 B739 Arrived Sat 07:30PM CDT 10:26PM EDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ5771 CRJ Arrived Sat 04:37PM CDT 07:42PM EDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ6117 E135 Arrived Sat 10:38AM CDT 01:40PM EDT Sat
SkyWest SKW5165 CRJ7 Arrived Fri 10:38AM CDT 01:11PM EDT Fri
United UAL1810 B738 Arrived Thu 11:45PM CDT 03:05AM EDT Fri
United UAL1849 B738 Arrived Thu 06:35PM CDT 09:42PM EDT Thu
Cargolux Airlines I CLX863 B744 Arrived Thu 03:05AM CDT 05:50AM EDT Thu