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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departed Arrival
Compass Airlines CPZ5717 E170 Scheduled (in 23 hours 47 minutes) Fri 07:00AM CDT 08:36AM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA490 B737 Scheduled (in 22 hours 17 minutes) Fri 05:30AM CDT 06:55AM CDT Fri
Compass Airlines CPZ5778 E170 Scheduled (in 12 hours 12 minutes) Thu 07:25PM CDT 09:00PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA4572 B737 Scheduled (in 11 hours 32 minutes) Thu 06:45PM CDT 08:10PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA253 B737 Scheduled (in 10 hours 32 minutes) Thu 05:45PM CDT 07:10PM CDT Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5752 E170 Scheduled (in 10 hours 14 minutes) Thu 05:27PM CDT 06:58PM CDT Thu
Sun Country Airline SCX175 Scheduled (in 9 hours 59 minutes) Thu 05:05PM CDT 06:15PM CDT Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5797 E170 Scheduled (in 8 hours 2 minutes) Thu 03:15PM CDT 04:47PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA329 B737 Scheduled (in 7 hours 52 minutes) Thu 03:05PM CDT 04:30PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA294 B737 Scheduled (in 6 hours 32 minutes) Thu 01:45PM CDT 03:10PM CDT Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5804 E170 Scheduled (in 5 hours 57 minutes) Thu 01:10PM CDT 02:41PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA623 B737 Scheduled (in 4 hours 7 minutes) Thu 11:20AM CDT 12:45PM CDT Thu
ExpressJet ASQ5244 Scheduled (in 3 hours 13 minutes) Thu 10:13AM CDT 11:26AM CDT Thu
Shuttle America TCF5979 E170 Scheduled (in 1 hours 47 minutes) Thu 09:00AM CDT 10:35AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA661 B737 Scheduled (in 1 hours 12 minutes) Thu 08:25AM CDT 09:50AM CDT Thu
Sun Country Airline SCX173 B737 Scheduled (in 54 minutes) Thu 08:00AM CDT 09:09AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA469 B737 Scheduled (in 7 minutes) Thu 07:20AM CDT 08:50AM CDT Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5717 E170 Taxiing / Left Gate Thu 07:00AM CDT 08:36AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA490 B737 Arrived Thu 05:30AM CDT 06:55AM CDT Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5778 E170 Arrived Wed 07:25PM CDT 09:00PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA4572 B737 Arrived Wed 06:45PM CDT 08:10PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA9005 B737 Arrived Wed 05:45PM CDT 07:49PM CDT Wed
Business Jet Soluti BJS523 CL30 Arrived Wed 05:30PM CDT 06:41PM CDT Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5752 E170 Arrived Wed 05:27PM CDT 06:58PM CDT Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5797 E170 Arrived Wed 03:15PM CDT 04:47PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA329 B737 Arrived Wed 03:05PM CDT 04:30PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA294 B737 Arrived Wed 01:45PM CDT 03:10PM CDT Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5804 E170 Arrived Wed 01:10PM CDT 02:41PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA623 B737 Arrived Wed 11:20AM CDT 12:45PM CDT Wed
World Class Aviatio SBE759 LJ60 Arrived Wed 10:30AM CDT 10:54AM CDT Wed
Flight Options &quo OPT427 BE40 Arrived Wed 10:30AM CDT 01:10PM CDT Wed
ExpressJet ASQ5244 CRJ7 Arrived Wed 10:13AM CDT 12:16PM CDT Wed
Shuttle America TCF5979 E170 Arrived Wed 09:00AM CDT 10:35AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA661 B737 Arrived Wed 08:25AM CDT 09:50AM CDT Wed
Sun Country Airline SCX173 B737 Arrived Wed 08:00AM CDT 09:14AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA469 B738 Arrived Wed 07:20AM CDT 08:50AM CDT Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5717 E170 Arrived Wed 07:00AM CDT 08:36AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA490 B737 Arrived Wed 05:30AM CDT 06:55AM CDT Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5778 E170 Arrived Tue 07:25PM CDT 09:00PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA4572 B737 Arrived Tue 06:45PM CDT 08:10PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA253 B737 Arrived Tue 05:45PM CDT 07:10PM CDT Tue
Compass Airlines CPZ5752 E170 Arrived Tue 05:27PM CDT 06:58PM CDT Tue
Sun Country Airline SCX175 B737 Arrived Tue 05:05PM CDT 06:18PM CDT Tue
Compass Airlines CPZ5797 E170 Arrived Tue 03:15PM CDT 04:47PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA9015 B738 Arrived Tue 03:05PM CDT 05:39PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA294 B737 Arrived Tue 01:45PM CDT 03:10PM CDT Tue
Compass Airlines CPZ5804 E170 Arrived Tue 01:10PM CDT 02:41PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA623 B737 Arrived Tue 11:20AM CDT 12:45PM CDT Tue
ExpressJet ASQ5244 CRJ7 Arrived Tue 10:13AM CDT 11:33AM CDT Tue
Shuttle America TCF5979 E170 Arrived Tue 09:00AM CDT 10:35AM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA661 B737 Arrived Tue 08:25AM CDT 09:50AM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA469 B738 Arrived Tue 07:20AM CDT 08:50AM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA253 B737 Arrived Mon 05:45PM CDT 07:10PM CDT Mon
Southwest SWA329 B737 Arrived Mon 03:05PM CDT 04:30PM CDT Mon
Sun Country Airline SCX173 B737 Arrived Mon 08:00AM CDT 09:11AM CDT Mon
Delta DAL2111 A319 Arrived Mon 06:55AM CDT 08:27AM CDT Mon
Southwest SWA810 B737 Arrived Sun 06:45PM CDT 08:10PM CDT Sun
Sun Country Airline SCX175 B737 Arrived Sun 05:05PM CDT 06:13PM CDT Sun
XOJET "XOJET&q XOJ552 CL30 Arrived Sun 02:30PM CDT 03:25PM CDT Sun
Compass Airlines CPZ5780 E170 Arrived Sun 10:13AM CDT 11:45AM CDT Sun
Southwest SWA2581 B738 Arrived Sun 08:05AM CDT 09:30AM CDT Sun
Southwest SWA3178 B737 Arrived Sat 04:25PM CDT 05:50PM CDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ5094 CRJ7 Arrived Sat 03:00PM CDT 04:15PM CDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ4978 CRJ7 Arrived Sat 01:10PM CDT 02:27PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA1771 B737 Arrived Sat 11:55AM CDT 01:20PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA3357 B737 Arrived Sat 09:00AM CDT 10:25AM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA2028 B737 Arrived Sat 06:05AM CDT 07:30AM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA9004 B737 Arrived Fri 03:05PM CDT 05:11PM CDT Fri
GLOBE RESOURCES GRO N546LR H25C Arrived Fri 10:15AM CDT 12:12PM CDT Fri
D S ADVISORS INC N854FL H25B Arrived Thu 03:00PM CDT 04:44PM CDT Thu