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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
United UAL689A320 Scheduled (in 23 hours 55 minutes) Mon 05:15PM EDT 06:59PM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5953E170 Scheduled (in 23 hours 55 minutes) Mon 05:15PM EDT 06:55PM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL345B738 Scheduled (in 23 hours 35 minutes) Mon 04:55PM EDT 06:44PM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5951E170 Scheduled (in 22 hours 55 minutes) Mon 04:15PM EDT 06:05PM CDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6038E170 Scheduled (in 22 hours 45 minutes) Mon 04:05PM EDT 05:50PM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL343B738 Scheduled (in 22 hours 33 minutes) Mon 03:53PM EDT 05:44PM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5949E170 Scheduled (in 21 hours 55 minutes) Mon 03:15PM EDT 04:53PM CDT Mon
United UAL765A320 Scheduled (in 21 hours 45 minutes) Mon 03:05PM EDT 04:46PM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL332B738 Scheduled (in 21 hours 35 minutes) Mon 02:55PM EDT 04:38PM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5947E170 Scheduled (in 20 hours 55 minutes) Mon 02:15PM EDT 03:57PM CDT Mon
United UAL622A319 Scheduled (in 20 hours 45 minutes) Mon 02:05PM EDT 03:55PM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL187B738 Scheduled (in 20 hours 35 minutes) Mon 01:55PM EDT 03:42PM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL363B738 Scheduled (in 20 hours 9 minutes) Mon 01:29PM EDT 03:16PM CDT Mon
SkyWest SKW5958E170 Scheduled (in 19 hours 54 minutes) Mon 01:14PM EDT 02:59PM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5945E170 Scheduled (in 19 hours 50 minutes) Mon 01:10PM EDT 02:50PM CDT Mon
United UAL366A319 Scheduled (in 19 hours 21 minutes) Mon 12:41PM EDT 02:30PM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL337B738 Scheduled (in 19 hours 9 minutes) Mon 12:29PM EDT 02:12PM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5943E170 Scheduled (in 18 hours 55 minutes) Mon 12:15PM EDT 01:55PM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5941E170 Scheduled (in 17 hours 55 minutes) Mon 11:15AM EDT 01:00PM CDT Mon
United UAL345A320 Scheduled (in 17 hours 45 minutes) Mon 11:05AM EDT 12:50PM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL328B738 Scheduled (in 17 hours 5 minutes) Mon 10:25AM EDT 12:10PM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5939E170 Scheduled (in 16 hours 55 minutes) Mon 10:15AM EDT 12:00PM CDT Mon
United UAL1888A320 Scheduled (in 16 hours 45 minutes) Mon 10:05AM EDT 11:46AM CDT Mon
Spirit NKS847A320 Scheduled (in 16 hours 30 minutes) Mon 09:50AM EDT 11:24AM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5937E170 Scheduled (in 15 hours 55 minutes) Mon 09:15AM EDT 10:59AM CDT Mon
United UAL519A319 Scheduled (in 15 hours 45 minutes) Mon 09:05AM EDT 10:40AM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL325MD82 Delayed Mon 09:00AM EDT 10:45AM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5935E170 Scheduled (in 14 hours 55 minutes) Mon 08:15AM EDT 09:50AM CDT Mon
United UAL463A320 Scheduled (in 14 hours 45 minutes) Mon 08:05AM EDT 09:37AM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL1136B738 Scheduled (in 14 hours 30 minutes) Mon 07:50AM EDT 09:30AM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL289B738 Scheduled (in 13 hours 55 minutes) Mon 07:15AM EDT 08:55AM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5933E170 Scheduled (in 13 hours 50 minutes) Mon 07:10AM EDT 08:51AM CDT Mon
United UAL628A319 Scheduled (in 13 hours 40 minutes) Mon 07:00AM EDT 08:36AM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL304B738 Scheduled (in 13 hours 25 minutes) Mon 06:45AM EDT 08:17AM CDT Mon
Shuttle America TCF5931E170 Scheduled (in 12 hours 55 minutes) Mon 06:15AM EDT 07:47AM CDT Mon
United UAL761B738 Scheduled (in 12 hours 40 minutes) Mon 06:00AM EDT 07:27AM CDT Mon
American Airlines AAL303B738 Scheduled (in 12 hours 39 minutes) Mon 05:59AM EDT 07:32AM CDT Mon
Spirit NKS331A320 Scheduled (in 4 hours 33 minutes) Sun 09:53PM EDT 11:15PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL371B738 Scheduled (in 3 hours 40 minutes) Sun 09:00PM EDT 10:34PM CDT Sun
United UAL556A319 Scheduled (in 2 hours 53 minutes) Sun 08:13PM EDT 10:00PM CDT Sun
SkyWest SKW5429E170 Scheduled (in 1 hours 55 minutes) Sun 07:15PM EDT 09:07PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5957E170 Delayed Sun 07:15PM EDT 08:57PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL359B738 Scheduled (in 1 hours 45 minutes) Sun 07:05PM EDT 08:47PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5955E170 Scheduled/Delayed Sun 06:25PM EDT 08:03PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL355B738 Delayed Sun 06:05PM EDT 07:46PM CDT Sun
United UAL1709A319 Scheduled/Delayed Sun 06:00PM EDT 07:50PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL343B738 Delayed Sun 05:15PM EDT 06:57PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5953E170 Taxiing / Left Gate Sun 05:15PM EDT 06:55PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL345B738 Delayed Sun 05:10PM EDT 06:50PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF3660E170 Scheduled/Delayed Sun 04:29PM EDT 06:14PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5951E170 Delayed Sun 04:15PM EDT 06:05PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5949E170 En Route / On Time Sun 03:15PM EDT 04:53PM CDT Sun
United UAL765A319 En Route / On Time Sun 03:05PM EDT 04:50PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL332B738 En Route Sun 02:55PM EDT 04:38PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL187B738 Arrived Sun 02:25PM EDT 04:08PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5947E170 Arrived Sun 02:15PM EDT 03:57PM CDT Sun
United UAL622B737 Arrived Sun 02:05PM EDT 03:52PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL363B738 Arrived Sun 01:29PM EDT 03:16PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF3590E170 Arrived Sun 01:14PM EDT 02:59PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5945E170 Arrived Sun 01:10PM EDT 02:50PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL337B738 Arrived Sun 12:29PM EDT 02:12PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5943E170 Arrived Sun 12:15PM EDT 01:55PM CDT Sun
SkyWest SKW5762E170 Arrived Sun 11:34AM EDT 01:25PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5941E170 Arrived Sun 11:15AM EDT 01:00PM CDT Sun
United UAL345B738 Arrived Sun 10:55AM EDT 12:41PM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL328B738 Arrived Sun 10:25AM EDT 12:10PM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5939E170 Arrived Sun 10:15AM EDT 12:00PM CDT Sun
Spirit NKS847A320 Arrived Sun 09:50AM EDT 11:24AM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5937E170 Arrived Sun 09:15AM EDT 10:59AM CDT Sun
United UAL519A320 Arrived Sun 09:00AM EDT 10:35AM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL325B738 Arrived Sun 09:00AM EDT 10:45AM CDT Sun
Shuttle America TCF5935E170 Arrived Sun 08:15AM EDT 09:50AM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL1136B738 Arrived Sun 07:50AM EDT 09:30AM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL289B738 Arrived Sun 07:15AM EDT 08:55AM CDT Sun
SkyWest SKW5362E170 Cancelled Sun 07:00AM EDT 08:40AM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL304B738 Arrived Sun 06:45AM EDT 08:17AM CDT Sun
American Airlines AAL303B738 Arrived Sun 06:00AM EDT 07:32AM CDT Sun
Spirit NKS331A320 Arrived Sat 09:53PM EDT 11:15PM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL359B738 Arrived Sat 06:59PM EDT 08:50PM CDT Sat
United UAL1709B737 Diverted Sat 06:10PM EDT 07:57PM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL355B738 Arrived Sat 05:37PM EDT 07:24PM CDT Sat
Shuttle America TCF3608E170 result unknown Sat 04:35PM EDT 06:20PM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL343B738 Arrived Sat 03:53PM EDT 05:44PM CDT Sat
Republic RPA3304E170 Arrived Sat 03:04PM EDT 04:51PM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL332B738 Arrived Sat 02:55PM EDT 04:38PM CDT Sat
Shuttle America TCF5947E170 Arrived Sat 02:15PM EDT 03:53PM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL187B738 Arrived Sat 01:55PM EDT 03:42PM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL363B738 Arrived Sat 01:29PM EDT 03:16PM CDT Sat
SkyWest SKW5958E170 Arrived Sat 01:14PM EDT 02:59PM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL337B738 Arrived Sat 12:29PM EDT 02:12PM CDT Sat
Shuttle America TCF5943E170 Arrived Sat 12:15PM EDT 01:51PM CDT Sat
Republic RPA3418E170 Arrived Sat 11:04AM EDT 12:55PM CDT Sat
Shuttle America TCF5939E170 Arrived Sat 10:15AM EDT 11:56AM CDT Sat
Spirit NKS847A320 Arrived Sat 09:50AM EDT 11:24AM CDT Sat
United UAL519A319 Arrived Sat 09:25AM EDT 11:00AM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL325B738 Arrived Sat 09:00AM EDT 10:45AM CDT Sat
Shuttle America TCF5935E170 Arrived Sat 08:15AM EDT 09:48AM CDT Sat
United UAL463A320 Arrived Sat 08:05AM EDT 09:30AM CDT Sat
United UAL463A320 Arrived Sat 08:05AM EDT 09:37AM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL289B738 Arrived Sat 07:15AM EDT 08:55AM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL2204B738 Arrived Sat 06:45AM EDT 08:17AM CDT Sat
United UAL726A320 Arrived Sat 06:30AM EDT 07:56AM CDT Sat
American Airlines AAL303B738 Arrived Sat 06:00AM EDT 07:32AM CDT Sat
Spirit NKS331A320 Arrived Fri 09:53PM EDT 11:15PM CDT Fri
American Airlines AAL371B738 Arrived Fri 09:00PM EDT 10:34PM CDT Fri
United UAL556A320 Arrived Fri 08:15PM EDT 10:02PM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5957E170 Arrived Fri 07:15PM EDT 08:57PM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF3660E170 Arrived Fri 07:15PM EDT 09:07PM CDT Fri
American Airlines AAL359B738 Arrived Fri 07:05PM EDT 08:47PM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5955E170 Arrived Fri 06:25PM EDT 08:03PM CDT Fri
United UAL1709A320 Arrived Fri 06:15PM EDT 08:01PM CDT Fri
American Airlines AAL355B738 Arrived Fri 05:37PM EDT 07:24PM CDT Fri
United UAL689A320 Arrived Fri 05:15PM EDT 06:59PM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5953E170 Arrived Fri 05:15PM EDT 06:55PM CDT Fri
American Airlines AAL345B738 Arrived Fri 04:55PM EDT 06:44PM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5951E170 Arrived Fri 04:15PM EDT 06:05PM CDT Fri
SkyWest SKW6038E170 Arrived Fri 04:05PM EDT 05:50PM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5949E170 Arrived Fri 03:15PM EDT 04:53PM CDT Fri
United UAL765A320 Arrived Fri 03:05PM EDT 04:46PM CDT Fri
SkyWest SKW5958E170 Arrived Fri 01:14PM EDT 02:59PM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5945E170 Arrived Fri 01:10PM EDT 02:50PM CDT Fri
United UAL366A319 Arrived Fri 12:41PM EDT 02:30PM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5941E170 Arrived Fri 11:15AM EDT 01:00PM CDT Fri
United UAL345A320 Arrived Fri 11:05AM EDT 12:50PM CDT Fri
American Airlines AAL328B738 Arrived Fri 10:25AM EDT 12:10PM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5937E170 Arrived Fri 09:15AM EDT 10:59AM CDT Fri
American Airlines AAL1136B738 Arrived Fri 07:50AM EDT 09:30AM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5933E170 Arrived Fri 07:10AM EDT 08:51AM CDT Fri
United UAL628A319 Arrived Fri 07:00AM EDT 08:36AM CDT Fri
American Airlines AAL304B738 Cancelled Fri 06:45AM EDT 08:17AM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF5931E170 Arrived Fri 06:15AM EDT 07:47AM CDT Fri
United UAL761B738 Arrived Fri 06:00AM EDT 07:27AM CDT Fri
American Airlines AAL371B738 Arrived Thu 09:00PM EDT 10:34PM CDT Thu
United UAL556A320 Arrived Thu 08:15PM EDT 09:58PM CDT Thu
Shuttle America TCF5957E170 Arrived Thu 07:15PM EDT 08:57PM CDT Thu
Shuttle America TCF3660E170 Arrived Thu 07:15PM EDT 09:07PM CDT Thu
Shuttle America TCF5955E170 Arrived Thu 06:25PM EDT 08:03PM CDT Thu
United UAL689A320 Arrived Thu 05:15PM EDT 06:59PM CDT Thu
SkyWest SKW6038E170 Arrived Thu 04:05PM EDT 05:50PM CDT Thu
United UAL622A320 Arrived Thu 02:05PM EDT 03:55PM CDT Thu
United UAL366A320 Arrived Thu 12:41PM EDT 02:30PM CDT Thu
United UAL1888A320 Arrived Thu 10:05AM EDT 11:46AM CDT Thu
Shuttle America TCF5933E170 Arrived Thu 07:10AM EDT 08:51AM CDT Thu
United UAL628A319 Arrived Thu 07:00AM EDT 08:36AM CDT Thu
Shuttle America TCF5931E170 Arrived Thu 06:15AM EDT 07:47AM CDT Thu
United UAL761B738 Arrived Thu 06:00AM EDT 07:27AM CDT Thu
United UAL1888A320 Arrived Wed 10:05AM EDT 11:46AM CDT Wed
SkyWest SKW5429E170 Arrived Sun 07:15PM EDT 09:07PM CDT Sun


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