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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
SkyWest SKW2624 Scheduled (in 23 hours 23 minutes) Wed 05:10PM PDT 05:36PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW6339 E120 Scheduled (in 23 hours 10 minutes) Wed 04:59PM PDT 05:53PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW2579 Scheduled (in 22 hours 8 minutes) Wed 03:55PM PDT 04:21PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW6338 E120 Scheduled (in 21 hours 59 minutes) Wed 03:48PM PDT 04:41PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW2620 Scheduled (in 21 hours 8 minutes) Wed 02:55PM PDT 03:21PM PDT Wed
Envoy Air ENY2620 CRJ Scheduled (in 21 hours 6 minutes) Wed 02:55PM PDT 03:40PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW4609 CRJ9 Scheduled (in 21 hours 5 minutes) Wed 02:54PM PDT 03:48PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW6333 E120 Scheduled (in 20 hours 16 minutes) Wed 02:05PM PDT 03:03PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW6335 E120 Scheduled (in 19 hours 17 minutes) Wed 01:06PM PDT 02:02PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW2580 Scheduled (in 19 hours 13 minutes) Wed 01:00PM PDT 01:26PM PDT Wed
Envoy Air ENY2580 CRJ Scheduled (in 19 hours 11 minutes) Wed 01:00PM PDT 01:50PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW4745 CRJ7 Scheduled (in 18 hours 11 minutes) Wed 12:00PM PDT 12:59PM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW6327 E120 Scheduled (in 17 hours 11 minutes) Wed 11:00AM PDT 11:56AM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW6325 E120 Scheduled (in 16 hours 11 minutes) Wed 10:00AM PDT 10:56AM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW4537 CRJ9 Scheduled (in 16 hours) Wed 09:49AM PDT 10:48AM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW2597 Scheduled (in 15 hours 22 minutes) Wed 09:00AM PDT 09:35AM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW6323 E120 Scheduled (in 15 hours 11 minutes) Wed 09:00AM PDT 09:56AM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW2583 Scheduled (in 13 hours 58 minutes) Wed 07:45AM PDT 08:11AM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW6321 E120 Scheduled (in 13 hours 11 minutes) Wed 07:00AM PDT 07:56AM PDT Wed
SkyWest SKW5611 CRJ7 Scheduled (in 5 hours 8 minutes) Tue 10:57PM PDT 11:49PM PDT Tue
Compass Airlines CPZ5798 E170 Scheduled (in 4 hours 21 minutes) Tue 10:10PM PDT 11:04PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW2611 Scheduled (in 3 hours 18 minutes) Tue 09:05PM PDT 09:31PM PDT Tue
Envoy Air ENY2611 CRJ Scheduled (in 3 hours 16 minutes) Tue 09:05PM PDT 09:50PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW2590 CRJ2 Scheduled (in 1 hours 21 minutes) Tue 06:55PM PDT 07:36PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW4803 CRJ9 Scheduled (in 1 hours 1 minutes) Tue 06:50PM PDT 07:45PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6341 E120 Scheduled (in 58 minutes) Tue 06:47PM PDT 07:40PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW2624 CRJ2 En Route / On Time Tue 05:10PM PDT 05:42PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6339 E120 Arrived Tue 04:59PM PDT 05:53PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW2579 CRJ2 Arrived Tue 03:55PM PDT 04:25PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6338 E120 Arrived Tue 03:48PM PDT 04:41PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW2620 CRJ2 Arrived Tue 02:55PM PDT 03:57PM PDT Tue
Envoy Air ENY2620 CRJ Arrived Tue 02:55PM PDT 03:40PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW4609 CRJ9 Arrived Tue 02:54PM PDT 03:48PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6333 E120 Arrived Tue 02:05PM PDT 03:03PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6335 E120 Arrived Tue 01:06PM PDT 02:02PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW2580 CRJ2 Arrived Tue 01:00PM PDT 01:34PM PDT Tue
Envoy Air ENY2580 CRJ Arrived Tue 01:00PM PDT 01:50PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW4745 CRJ7 Arrived Tue 12:00PM PDT 12:59PM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6327 E120 Arrived Tue 11:00AM PDT 11:56AM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6325 E120 Arrived Tue 10:00AM PDT 10:56AM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW4537 CRJ9 Arrived Tue 09:49AM PDT 10:48AM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6323 E120 Arrived Tue 09:00AM PDT 09:56AM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW2597 CRJ2 Arrived Tue 09:00AM PDT 10:07AM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW2583 CRJ2 Arrived Tue 07:45AM PDT 08:21AM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6321 E120 Arrived Tue 07:00AM PDT 07:56AM PDT Tue
SkyWest SKW5611 CRJ7 Arrived Mon 10:57PM PDT 11:49PM PDT Mon
Compass Airlines CPZ5798 E170 Arrived Mon 10:10PM PDT 11:04PM PDT Mon
Envoy Air ENY2611 CRJ Arrived Mon 09:05PM PDT 09:50PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW2611 CRJ2 Arrived Mon 09:05PM PDT 09:36PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW2590 CRJ2 Arrived Mon 06:55PM PDT 07:42PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW4803 CRJ9 Arrived Mon 06:50PM PDT 07:45PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6341 E120 Arrived Mon 06:47PM PDT 07:40PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW2624 CRJ2 Arrived Mon 05:10PM PDT 05:44PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6339 E120 Arrived Mon 04:59PM PDT 05:53PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW2579 CRJ2 Arrived Mon 03:55PM PDT 04:37PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6338 E120 Arrived Mon 03:48PM PDT 04:41PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW2620 CRJ2 Arrived Mon 02:55PM PDT 03:28PM PDT Mon
Envoy Air ENY2620 CRJ Arrived Mon 02:55PM PDT 03:40PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW4609 CRJ9 Arrived Mon 02:54PM PDT 03:48PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6333 E120 Arrived Mon 02:05PM PDT 03:03PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6335 E120 Arrived Mon 01:06PM PDT 02:02PM PDT Mon
Envoy Air ENY2580 CRJ Arrived Mon 01:00PM PDT 01:50PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW2580 CRJ2 Arrived Mon 01:00PM PDT 01:31PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW4745 CRJ7 Arrived Mon 12:00PM PDT 12:59PM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6327 E120 Arrived Mon 11:00AM PDT 11:56AM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW2626 CRJ2 Arrived Mon 10:20AM PDT 10:57AM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6325 E120 Arrived Mon 10:00AM PDT 10:56AM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW4537 CRJ9 Arrived Mon 09:49AM PDT 10:48AM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6323 E120 Arrived Mon 09:00AM PDT 09:56AM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW2597 CRJ2 Arrived Mon 09:00AM PDT 09:49AM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6322 E120 Arrived Mon 08:00AM PDT 08:56AM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW2583 CRJ2 Arrived Mon 07:45AM PDT 08:28AM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW6321 E120 Arrived Mon 07:00AM PDT 07:56AM PDT Mon
SkyWest SKW5611 CRJ7 Arrived Sun 10:57PM PDT 11:49PM PDT Sun
SkyWest SKW4684 CRJ9 Arrived Sun 10:10PM PDT 11:04PM PDT Sun
SkyWest SKW2611 CRJ2 Arrived Sun 09:05PM PDT 09:43PM PDT Sun
Envoy Air ENY2611 CRJ Arrived Sun 09:05PM PDT 09:50PM PDT Sun
SkyWest SKW2590 CRJ2 Arrived Sun 06:55PM PDT 07:38PM PDT Sun
SkyWest SKW4803 CRJ9 Arrived Sun 06:50PM PDT 07:45PM PDT Sun
SkyWest SKW6341 E120 Arrived Sun 06:47PM PDT 07:40PM PDT Sun
SkyWest SKW2626 CRJ2 Arrived Sun 10:20AM PDT 11:30AM PDT Sun
SkyWest SKW6322 E120 Arrived Sun 08:00AM PDT 08:56AM PDT Sun
Compass Airlines CPZ5798 E170 Arrived Sat 09:15PM PDT 10:09PM PDT Sat
SkyWest SKW4600 CRJ9 Arrived Sat 04:05PM PDT 04:59PM PDT Sat
MEREGRASS INC N524S FA50 Arrived Sat 03:00PM PDT 05:01PM PDT Sat
SkyWest SKW2626 CRJ2 Arrived Sat 10:20AM PDT 11:00AM PDT Sat
SkyWest SKW6322 E120 Arrived Sat 08:00AM PDT 08:56AM PDT Sat
Alaska Airlines ASA9804 B734 Arrived Fri 05:30PM PDT 06:19PM PDT Fri
Netjets Aviation &q EJA590 C56X Arrived Fri 04:45PM PDT 05:53PM PDT Fri
SkyWest SKW4980 E120 Arrived Fri 04:16PM PDT 05:09PM PDT Fri
Netjets Aviation &q EJA590 C56X result unknown Fri 04:00PM PDT 05:13PM PDT Fri
Netjets Aviation &q EJA327 E55P Arrived Thu 05:06PM PDT 05:34PM PDT Thu
SkyWest SKW4980 E120 Arrived Thu 04:16PM PDT 05:09PM PDT Thu
SkyWest SKW4980 E120 Arrived Wed 04:16PM PDT 05:09PM PDT Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5860 E170 Arrived Wed 09:49AM PDT 11:28AM PDT Wed