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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
American Airlines AAL1554A321 Scheduled (in 23 hours 41 minutes) Sun 10:15PM PST 11:26PM PST Sun
Delta DAL1578B712 Scheduled (in 23 hours 37 minutes) Sun 10:01PM PST 11:00PM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD490 Scheduled (in 22 hours 47 minutes) Sun 09:15PM PST 10:09PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2164B737 Scheduled (in 22 hours 36 minutes) Sun 09:10PM PST 10:10PM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD480A320 Scheduled (in 21 hours 4 minutes) Sun 07:30PM PST 08:24PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA503B737 Scheduled (in 20 hours 51 minutes) Sun 07:25PM PST 08:25PM PST Sun
American Airlines AAL151932B Scheduled (in 20 hours 16 minutes) Sun 06:50PM PST 08:00PM PST Sun
Spirit NKS869A319 Scheduled (in 19 hours 31 minutes) Sun 06:05PM PST 07:08PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA378B737 Scheduled (in 19 hours 16 minutes) Sun 05:50PM PST 06:50PM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD472A320 Scheduled (in 18 hours 42 minutes) Sun 05:10PM PST 06:02PM PST Sun
Delta DAL1226717 Scheduled (in 18 hours 31 minutes) Sun 05:05PM PST 06:23PM PST Sun
American Airlines AAL152732B Scheduled (in 18 hours 6 minutes) Sun 04:40PM PST 05:52PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA178B737 Scheduled (in 17 hours 31 minutes) Sun 04:05PM PST 05:05PM PST Sun
Spirit NKS720A319 Scheduled (in 17 hours 1 minutes) Sun 03:35PM PST 04:37PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA1970B737 Scheduled (in 16 hours 15 minutes) Sun 02:40PM PST 03:34PM PST Sun
American Airlines AAL33832B Scheduled (in 15 hours 41 minutes) Sun 02:15PM PST 03:27PM PST Sun
United UAL1156B739 Scheduled (in 15 hours 26 minutes) Sun 02:00PM PST 03:17PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA353B737 Scheduled (in 14 hours 51 minutes) Sun 01:25PM PST 02:30PM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD486A320 Scheduled (in 14 hours 23 minutes) Sun 12:50PM PST 01:42PM PST Sun
American Airlines AAL1203B738 Scheduled (in 14 hours 1 minutes) Sun 12:35PM PST 01:51PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2564B738 Scheduled (in 13 hours 56 minutes) Sun 12:30PM PST 01:30PM PST Sun
Delta DAL391717 Scheduled (in 12 hours 56 minutes) Sun 11:30AM PST 12:50PM PST Sun
American Airlines AAL72B738 Scheduled (in 12 hours 16 minutes) Sun 10:50AM PST 12:05PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA1472B733 Scheduled (in 11 hours 26 minutes) Sun 10:00AM PST 11:00AM PST Sun
Delta DAL1329717 Scheduled (in 10 hours 36 minutes) Sun 09:10AM PST 10:29AM PST Sun
Virgin America VRD474A320 Scheduled (in 10 hours 26 minutes) Sun 09:00AM PST 10:05AM PST Sun
SkyWest SKW5310E170 Scheduled (in 9 hours 46 minutes) Sun 08:20AM PST 09:35AM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2136B733 Scheduled (in 8 hours 51 minutes) Sun 07:25AM PST 08:25AM PST Sun
Compass Airlines CPZ5684E170 Scheduled (in 8 hours 21 minutes) Sun 06:55AM PST 08:10AM PST Sun
Spirit NKS562A319 Scheduled (in 7 hours 36 minutes) Sun 06:10AM PST 07:15AM PST Sun
United UAL557B739 Taxiing / Left Gate Sat 10:30PM PST 11:47PM PST Sat
Delta DAL1578B712 En Route / On Time Sat 10:15PM PST 11:31PM PST Sat
American Airlines AAL1554B738 En Route / On Time Sat 10:15PM PST 11:26PM PST Sat
American Airlines AAL1519A321 Arrived Sat 06:50PM PST 08:00PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA1839B737 Arrived Sat 06:35PM PST 07:40PM PST Sat
Virgin America VRD480A320 Arrived Sat 06:30PM PST 07:35PM PST Sat
Spirit NKS869A319 Arrived Sat 06:05PM PST 07:08PM PST Sat
Delta DAL1226B712 Arrived Sat 05:10PM PST 06:28PM PST Sat
Virgin America VRD472A320 Arrived Sat 05:10PM PST 06:15PM PST Sat
American Airlines AAL1527A321 Arrived Sat 04:40PM PST 05:52PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3620B738 Arrived Sat 04:05PM PST 05:05PM PST Sat
Virgin America VRD486A320 Arrived Sat 03:35PM PST 04:40PM PST Sat
Spirit NKS720A319 Arrived Sat 03:35PM PST 04:37PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA1970B737 Arrived Sat 02:40PM PST 03:40PM PST Sat
American Airlines AAL338B738 Arrived Sat 02:15PM PST 03:27PM PST Sat
United UAL1156B738 Arrived Sat 12:59PM PST 02:17PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA1916B738 Arrived Sat 12:45PM PST 01:45PM PST Sat
American Airlines AAL1203B738 Arrived Sat 12:20PM PST 01:36PM PST Sat
Delta DAL391B712 Arrived Sat 11:35AM PST 12:53PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA2865B738 Arrived Sat 11:35AM PST 12:40PM PST Sat
American Airlines AAL72B738 Arrived Sat 10:50AM PST 12:05PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA2545B733 Arrived Sat 10:30AM PST 11:30AM PST Sat
Southwest SWA657B733 Arrived Sat 09:25AM PST 10:30AM PST Sat
Compass Airlines CPZ5832E170 Arrived Sat 09:05AM PST 10:22AM PST Sat
Virgin America VRD474A320 Arrived Sat 09:00AM PST 10:05AM PST Sat
SkyWest SKW5310E170 Arrived Sat 08:20AM PST 09:35AM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3703B737 Arrived Sat 08:20AM PST 09:20AM PST Sat
Southwest SWA2022B733 Arrived Sat 07:10AM PST 08:15AM PST Sat
Compass Airlines CPZ5684E170 Arrived Sat 07:00AM PST 08:14AM PST Sat
Spirit NKS562A319 Arrived Sat 06:10AM PST 07:15AM PST Sat
United UAL557A320 Arrived Fri 10:30PM PST 11:46PM PST Fri
American Airlines AAL1554A321 Arrived Fri 10:15PM PST 11:26PM PST Fri
Delta DAL1578B712 Arrived Fri 10:05PM PST 11:22PM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD490A319 Arrived Fri 09:15PM PST 10:20PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2164B737 Arrived Fri 09:10PM PST 10:10PM PST Fri
Delta DAL2495B712 Arrived Fri 07:59PM PST 09:14PM PST Fri
N496RJ PLANE LLC N422CSH25B Arrived Fri 07:30PM PST 08:33PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA503B737 Arrived Fri 07:25PM PST 08:25PM PST Fri
American Airlines AAL1519A321 Arrived Fri 06:50PM PST 08:00PM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD480A319 Arrived Fri 06:15PM PST 07:20PM PST Fri
Spirit NKS869A319 Arrived Fri 06:05PM PST 07:08PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA378B737 Arrived Fri 05:50PM PST 06:50PM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD472A320 Arrived Fri 05:10PM PST 06:15PM PST Fri
Compass Airlines CPZ5687E170 Arrived Fri 05:10PM PST 06:26PM PST Fri
American Airlines AAL1527A321 Arrived Fri 04:40PM PST 05:52PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA178B737 Arrived Fri 04:05PM PST 05:05PM PST Fri
Spirit NKS720A319 Arrived Fri 03:35PM PST 04:37PM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD1488A320 Arrived Fri 03:20PM PST 04:25PM PST Fri
Compass Airlines CPZ5713E170 Arrived Fri 03:05PM PST 04:22PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA1970B737 Arrived Fri 02:40PM PST 03:40PM PST Fri
American Airlines AAL338A321 Arrived Fri 02:15PM PST 03:27PM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD486A320 Arrived Fri 01:40PM PST 02:45PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA353B737 Arrived Fri 01:25PM PST 02:30PM PST Fri
United UAL1156A320 Arrived Fri 01:19PM PST 02:36PM PST Fri
Delta DAL1278B712 Arrived Fri 01:10PM PST 02:27PM PST Fri
American Airlines AAL1203B738 Arrived Fri 12:35PM PST 01:51PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA1481B737 Arrived Fri 12:30PM PST 01:30PM PST Fri
Compass Airlines CPZ5685E170 Arrived Fri 11:10AM PST 12:26PM PST Fri
Virgin America VRD1482A320 Arrived Fri 11:10AM PST 12:15PM PST Fri
American Airlines AAL72A321 Arrived Fri 10:50AM PST 12:05PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA1472B733 Arrived Fri 10:00AM PST 11:00AM PST Fri
Delta DAL1329B712 Arrived Fri 09:10AM PST 10:29AM PST Fri
Southwest SWA303B733 Arrived Fri 09:05AM PST 10:10AM PST Fri
SkyWest SKW5310E170 Arrived Fri 08:20AM PST 09:35AM PST Fri
Southwest SWA436B737 Arrived Fri 07:40AM PST 08:40AM PST Fri
Compass Airlines CPZ5684E170 Arrived Fri 07:00AM PST 08:15AM PST Fri
Southwest SWA391B737 Arrived Fri 06:35AM PST 07:45AM PST Fri
Spirit NKS562A319 Arrived Fri 06:10AM PST 07:15AM PST Fri
United UAL43B739 Arrived Thu 10:30PM PST 11:47PM PST Thu
Delta DAL1109B712 Arrived Thu 10:00PM PST 11:13PM PST Thu
Virgin America VRD490A319 Arrived Thu 09:15PM PST 10:20PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA2164B737 Arrived Thu 09:10PM PST 10:10PM PST Thu
Delta DAL1643B712 Arrived Thu 07:40PM PST 08:52PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA503B737 Arrived Thu 07:25PM PST 08:25PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA378B737 Arrived Thu 05:50PM PST 06:50PM PST Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5687E170 Arrived Thu 05:05PM PST 06:21PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA178B737 Arrived Thu 04:05PM PST 05:05PM PST Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5727E170 Arrived Thu 03:05PM PST 04:22PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA353B737 Arrived Thu 01:25PM PST 02:30PM PST Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5688E170 Arrived Thu 01:10PM PST 02:25PM PST Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5688E170 Arrived Thu 01:10PM PST 02:25PM PST Thu
SEXYJET LLC N888XYGLF5 Arrived Thu 01:00PM PST 03:37PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA1481B737 Arrived Thu 12:30PM PST 01:30PM PST Thu
Virgin America VRD1482A320 Arrived Thu 11:10AM PST 12:15PM PST Thu
Delta DAL721B712 Arrived Thu 11:05AM PST 12:19PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA1472B737 Cancelled Thu 10:00AM PST 11:00AM PST Thu
Compass Airlines CPZ5685E170 Arrived Thu 09:10AM PST 10:28AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA303B737 Arrived Thu 09:05AM PST 10:10AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA436B737 Arrived Thu 07:40AM PST 08:40AM PST Thu
Delta DAL1070B712 Arrived Thu 07:00AM PST 08:13AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA391B737 Arrived Thu 06:35AM PST 07:45AM PST Thu
United UAL557B733 Arrived Wed 10:47PM PST 12:05AM PST Thu
Delta DAL1315B712 Arrived Wed 10:00PM PST 11:13PM PST Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5712E170 Arrived Wed 07:40PM PST 08:52PM PST Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5806E170 Arrived Wed 06:55PM PST 07:49PM PST Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5687E170 Arrived Wed 05:05PM PST 06:21PM PST Wed
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ804BE30 Arrived Wed 04:00PM PST 05:14PM PST Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5727E170 Arrived Wed 03:05PM PST 04:22PM PST Wed
T AEREO LLC N939TTH25B Arrived Wed 03:00PM PST 04:27PM PST Wed
Compass Airlines CPZ5688E170 Arrived Wed 01:10PM PST 02:25PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA1481B737 Arrived Wed 12:30PM PST 01:30PM PST Wed
Virgin America VRD1482A320 Arrived Wed 11:10AM PST 12:15PM PST Wed
Delta DAL721B712 Arrived Wed 11:05AM PST 12:19PM PST Wed
SkyWest SKW5655CRJ Arrived Wed 10:13AM PST 11:26AM PST Wed
Southwest SWA303B737 Arrived Wed 09:05AM PST 10:10AM PST Wed
SkyWest SKW5739CRJ7 Arrived Wed 08:21AM PST 09:38AM PST Wed
Southwest SWA436B737 Arrived Wed 07:40AM PST 08:40AM PST Wed
Delta DAL1070B712 Arrived Wed 07:00AM PST 08:13AM PST Wed
Southwest SWA391B737 Arrived Wed 06:35AM PST 07:45AM PST Wed
Delta DAL1315B712 Arrived Tue 10:00PM PST 11:13PM PST Tue
Corporate Flight In VHT11GLF3 Arrived Tue 08:20PM PST 10:58PM PST Tue
Compass Airlines CPZ5712E170 Arrived Tue 07:40PM PST 08:52PM PST Tue
Spirit Jets "S SJJ168LJ60 Arrived Tue 02:00PM PST 03:09PM PST Tue
Compass Airlines CPZ5688E170 Arrived Tue 01:10PM PST 02:25PM PST Tue
Delta DAL721B712 Arrived Tue 11:05AM PST 12:19PM PST Tue
SkyWest SKW5655CRJ Arrived Tue 10:12AM PST 11:25AM PST Tue
SkyWest SKW5739E170 Arrived Tue 08:30AM PST 09:47AM PST Tue
Delta DAL1070B712 Arrived Tue 07:00AM PST 08:13AM PST Tue
Compass Airlines CPZ5712E170 Arrived Mon 07:40PM PST 08:52PM PST Mon
AirSprint "&qu ASP547C56X Arrived Mon 01:15PM PST 02:43PM PST Mon
Compass Airlines CPZ5789E170 Arrived Mon 11:05AM PST 12:23PM PST Mon
SkyWest SKW5655CRJ Arrived Mon 10:12AM PST 11:25AM PST Mon
London Air Services C-GLYSLJ45 Arrived Mon 09:30AM PST 10:56AM PST Mon
SkyWest SKW5739E170 Arrived Mon 08:25AM PST 09:42AM PST Mon
Compass Airlines CPZ5768E170 Arrived Mon 07:00AM PST 08:15AM PST Mon
Southwest SWA287B737 Arrived Sun 05:50PM PST 06:50PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA1052B737 Arrived Sun 04:20PM PST 05:20PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA1660B737 Arrived Sun 02:40PM PST 03:40PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA772B737 Arrived Sun 01:25PM PST 02:30PM PST Sun
American Airlines AAL1495A321 Arrived Sun 01:15PM PST 02:31PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA344B737 Arrived Sun 12:30PM PST 01:30PM PST Sun
SkyWest SKW4474CRJ9 Arrived Sun 09:10AM PST 10:28AM PST Sun
Compass Airlines CPZ5768E170 Arrived Sun 06:55AM PST 08:10AM PST Sun


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