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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Southwest SWA1498B738 Scheduled (in 23 hours 46 minutes) Sat 10:55AM PST 12:00PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA2111B737 Scheduled (in 21 hours 16 minutes) Sat 08:25AM PST 09:30AM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3599B737 Scheduled (in 19 hours 11 minutes) Sat 06:20AM PST 07:25AM PST Sat
Southwest SWA5270B737 Scheduled (in 7 hours 56 minutes) Fri 07:05PM PST 08:10PM PST Fri
Spirit NKS245A319 Scheduled (in 7 hours 21 minutes) Fri 06:30PM PST 07:36PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA5878B737 Scheduled (in 6 hours 16 minutes) Fri 05:25PM PST 06:30PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA6117B733 Scheduled (in 4 hours 26 minutes) Fri 03:35PM PST 04:40PM PST Fri
Flexjet "FLEXJ LXJ472LJ75 Scheduled (in 4 hours 31 minutes) Fri 03:30PM PST 04:28PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA6270B733 Scheduled (in 3 hours 31 minutes) Fri 02:25PM PST 03:30PM PST Fri
Spirit NKS511A320 Scheduled (in 2 hours 25 minutes) Fri 01:34PM PST 02:40PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA5623B733 Scheduled (in 1 hours 16 minutes) Fri 12:25PM PST 01:35PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA6244B733 Scheduled (in 21 minutes) Fri 11:30AM PST 12:35PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA5746B737 Arrived Fri 09:30AM PST 10:35AM PST Fri
Spirit NKS245A319 Arrived Thu 06:30PM PST 07:36PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA167B733 Arrived Thu 05:40PM PST 06:45PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA6270B733 Arrived Thu 02:25PM PST 03:30PM PST Thu
Spirit NKS511A320 Arrived Thu 01:34PM PST 02:40PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA4642B737 Arrived Thu 01:15PM PST 02:20PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA5623B737 Arrived Thu 12:25PM PST 01:35PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA6566B737 Arrived Thu 09:30AM PST 10:35AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA4259B737 Arrived Thu 08:00AM PST 09:05AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA5887B737 Arrived Thu 06:10AM PST 07:15AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA870B737 Arrived Wed 08:00PM PST 09:05PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA1503B737 Arrived Wed 07:00PM PST 08:05PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA1526B737 Arrived Wed 07:00PM PST 08:05PM PST Wed
Spirit NKS245A319 Arrived Wed 06:30PM PST 07:36PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA1877B737 Arrived Wed 05:10PM PST 06:15PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA1755B737 Arrived Wed 02:45PM PST 03:50PM PST Wed
Spirit NKS511A320 Arrived Wed 01:34PM PST 02:40PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA2496B737 Arrived Wed 12:15PM PST 01:20PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA2174B737 Arrived Wed 10:30AM PST 11:35AM PST Wed
Southwest SWA644B737 Arrived Wed 08:50AM PST 09:55AM PST Wed
Southwest SWA223B733 Arrived Wed 06:10AM PST 07:15AM PST Wed
Southwest SWA870B737 Arrived Tue 08:00PM PST 09:05PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA1526B737 Arrived Tue 07:00PM PST 08:05PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA1877B733 Arrived Tue 05:10PM PST 06:15PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA1755B737 Arrived Tue 02:45PM PST 03:50PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA2496B737 Arrived Tue 12:15PM PST 01:20PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA2174B733 Arrived Tue 10:30AM PST 11:35AM PST Tue
Southwest SWA644B737 Arrived Tue 08:50AM PST 09:55AM PST Tue
Southwest SWA8507B737 Arrived Tue 07:05AM PST 08:26AM PST Tue
Southwest SWA8506B738 Arrived Tue 07:00AM PST 08:09AM PST Tue
Southwest SWA8876B733 Arrived Tue 06:45AM PST 07:50AM PST Tue
Southwest SWA223B733 Arrived Tue 06:10AM PST 07:15AM PST Tue
Southwest SWA8501B737 Arrived Tue 05:45AM PST 06:32AM PST Tue
Spirit NKS619A320 Arrived Tue 12:06AM PST 02:29AM PST Tue
Southwest SWA2549B737 Diverted Mon 07:10PM PST 08:15PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA2549B737 Arrived Mon 07:10PM PST 08:15PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA445B737 Arrived Mon 05:25PM PST 06:30PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA1410B737 Arrived Mon 03:35PM PST 04:40PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA1866B733 Arrived Mon 02:35PM PST 03:40PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA434B737 Arrived Mon 12:25PM PST 01:35PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA1799B737 Arrived Mon 11:30AM PST 12:35PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA2421B737 Arrived Mon 09:30AM PST 10:35AM PST Mon
Southwest SWA1899B737 Arrived Mon 08:00AM PST 09:05AM PST Mon
Southwest SWA1252B737 Arrived Mon 06:10AM PST 07:15AM PST Mon
Southwest SWA1251B737 Arrived Sun 09:30PM PST 10:30PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2491B733 Arrived Sun 08:35PM PST 09:40PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA1325B737 Arrived Sun 07:05PM PST 08:10PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA445B733 Arrived Sun 05:25PM PST 06:30PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA1410B737 Arrived Sun 03:35PM PST 04:40PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA1866B733 Arrived Sun 02:35PM PST 03:40PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA434B737 Arrived Sun 12:25PM PST 01:35PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA1799B737 Arrived Sun 11:30AM PST 12:35PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2421B737 Arrived Sun 09:30AM PST 10:35AM PST Sun
Southwest SWA1899B733 Arrived Sun 08:00AM PST 09:05AM PST Sun
Southwest SWA5941B737 Arrived Sun 07:05AM PST 08:10AM PST Sun
JetBlue JBU8747A320 Arrived Sun 12:30AM PST 02:02AM PST Sun
Southwest SWA3548B737 Arrived Sat 07:50PM PST 08:55PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA1597B733 Arrived Sat 06:30PM PST 07:35PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA1817B737 Arrived Sat 04:25PM PST 05:30PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA63B737 Arrived Sat 02:45PM PST 03:50PM PST Sat
KGC AVIATION LLC N33LC650 Arrived Sat 02:37PM PST 03:44PM PST Sat
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ500C56X Arrived Sat 02:30PM PST 03:55PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3665B737 Arrived Sat 01:10PM PST 02:15PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3708B737 Arrived Sat 12:05PM PST 01:10PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3770B737 Arrived Sat 10:55AM PST 12:00PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3720B737 Arrived Sat 09:45AM PST 02:24PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3720B737 Arrived Sat 09:45AM PST 10:50AM PST Sat
Southwest SWA2964B733 Arrived Sat 08:05AM PST 09:10AM PST Sat
NetJets Aviation &q EJA625C56X Arrived Fri 10:30PM PST 10:49PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA1251B737 Arrived Fri 09:30PM PST 10:30PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2491B737 Arrived Fri 08:35PM PST 09:40PM PST Fri
JetBlue JBU6001A320 Arrived Fri 08:00PM PST 09:06PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA445B737 Arrived Fri 05:25PM PST 06:30PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA1410B737 Arrived Fri 03:35PM PST 04:40PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA1866B733 Arrived Fri 02:35PM PST 03:40PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA434B737 Arrived Fri 12:25PM PST 01:35PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA1799B737 Arrived Fri 11:30AM PST 12:35PM PST Fri


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