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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Southwest SWA5956B737 Scheduled (in 18 hours 40 minutes) Fri 08:50PM PST 09:55PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA4361B737 Scheduled (in 15 hours 30 minutes) Fri 05:40PM PST 06:45PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA4294B737 Scheduled (in 14 hours 15 minutes) Fri 04:25PM PST 05:30PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA6537B737 Delayed Fri 04:10PM PST 08:39PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA4505B737 Scheduled (in 12 hours 30 minutes) Fri 02:40PM PST 03:45PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA5638B737 Scheduled (in 10 hours 45 minutes) Fri 12:55PM PST 02:00PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA4416B737 Scheduled (in 9 hours 15 minutes) Fri 11:25AM PST 12:30PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA6882B737 Scheduled (in 6 hours 35 minutes) Fri 08:45AM PST 09:50AM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2041B737 Arrived Thu 03:00PM PST 04:05PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA4877B738 Arrived Thu 01:00PM PST 02:05PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA4416B737 Arrived Thu 11:25AM PST 12:30PM PST Thu
Southwest SWA6882B737 Arrived Thu 08:45AM PST 09:50AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA4282B737 Arrived Thu 07:30AM PST 08:30AM PST Thu
Southwest SWA1291B738 Arrived Wed 08:45PM PST 09:50PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA487B737 Arrived Wed 07:35PM PST 08:35PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA489B737 Arrived Wed 06:20PM PST 07:25PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA886B737 Arrived Wed 04:40PM PST 05:45PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA1896B738 Arrived Wed 02:35PM PST 03:40PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA360B737 Arrived Wed 01:15PM PST 02:20PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA335B737 Arrived Wed 11:15AM PST 12:20PM PST Wed
Southwest SWA1034B737 Arrived Wed 09:10AM PST 10:15AM PST Wed
Southwest SWA594B737 Arrived Wed 07:25AM PST 08:30AM PST Wed
CECO ENTERPRISES LL N300JCLJ75 Arrived Wed 05:30AM PST 06:30AM PST Wed
Southwest SWA1291B738 Arrived Tue 08:45PM PST 09:50PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA886B737 Arrived Tue 04:40PM PST 05:45PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA251B737 Arrived Tue 03:20PM PST 08:29PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA1755B733 Arrived Tue 02:45PM PST 07:46PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA1896B738 Arrived Tue 02:35PM PST 03:40PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA360B737 Arrived Tue 01:15PM PST 02:20PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA335B737 Arrived Tue 11:15AM PST 12:20PM PST Tue
Southwest SWA1034B737 Arrived Tue 09:10AM PST 10:15AM PST Tue
ALPHA CHARLIE LLC N918RDFA50 Arrived Tue 07:45AM PST 08:42AM PST Tue
Southwest SWA594B737 Arrived Tue 07:25AM PST 08:30AM PST Tue
Southwest SWA1577B737 Arrived Mon 08:50PM PST 09:55PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA2998B733 Arrived Mon 07:50PM PST 08:55PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA2178B737 Arrived Mon 05:40PM PST 06:45PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA2081B737 Arrived Mon 04:30PM PST 05:35PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA17B737 Arrived Mon 02:40PM PST 03:45PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA2125B737 Arrived Mon 12:55PM PST 02:00PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA946B737 Arrived Mon 11:25AM PST 12:30PM PST Mon
Southwest SWA3035B737 Arrived Mon 08:45AM PST 09:50AM PST Mon
Southwest SWA2416B737 Arrived Mon 07:30AM PST 08:30AM PST Mon
Southwest SWA1577B737 Arrived Sun 08:50PM PST 09:55PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2998B737 Arrived Sun 07:50PM PST 08:55PM PST Sun
Sun Air Jets " SJE7GLF4 Arrived Sun 07:30PM PST 06:36PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2178B737 Arrived Sun 05:40PM PST 06:45PM PST Sun
JetSuite Air " RSP196E50P Arrived Sun 05:00PM PST 06:09PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2081B737 Arrived Sun 04:30PM PST 05:35PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA5089B737 Arrived Sun 02:40PM PST 03:45PM PST Sun
E&J LOGISTICS L N178SFC510 Arrived Sun 02:15PM PST 03:16PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA5378B733 Arrived Sun 12:55PM PST 02:00PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA946B737 Arrived Sun 11:25AM PST 12:30PM PST Sun
Southwest SWA5222B737 Arrived Sun 09:20AM PST 10:25AM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2416B737 Arrived Sun 07:30AM PST 08:30AM PST Sun
Southwest SWA2741B737 Arrived Sat 08:15PM PST 06:19PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA939B737 Arrived Sat 07:05PM PST 08:05PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3783B737 Arrived Sat 06:00PM PST 07:05PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3755B737 Arrived Sat 03:40PM PST 04:45PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA2732B737 Arrived Sat 02:15PM PST 03:20PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA1893B737 Arrived Sat 01:05PM PST 02:10PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3675B737 Arrived Sat 11:55AM PST 01:00PM PST Sat
Southwest SWA3351B737 Arrived Sat 10:30AM PST 11:35AM PST Sat
Southwest SWA2903B737 Arrived Sat 08:40AM PST 09:45AM PST Sat
Southwest SWA1577B737 Arrived Fri 08:50PM PST 09:55PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2998B737 Arrived Fri 07:50PM PST 08:55PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2178B737 Arrived Fri 05:40PM PST 06:45PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2081B737 Arrived Fri 04:30PM PST 05:35PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA17B737 Arrived Fri 02:40PM PST 03:45PM PST Fri
Flight Options &quo OPT304E55P Arrived Fri 02:29PM PST 03:38PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA510B737 result unknown Fri 01:30PM PST 06:15PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2125B733 Arrived Fri 12:55PM PST 02:00PM PST Fri
Southwest SWA1885B737 Arrived Fri 12:00PM PST 10:13AM PST Fri
Southwest SWA2416B737 Arrived Fri 07:30AM PST 08:30AM PST Fri


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