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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
United UAL1875B733 Scheduled (in 23 hours 26 minutes) Mon 05:37PM CST 10:01PM EST Mon
United UAL1284B738 Scheduled (in 22 hours 54 minutes) Mon 05:05PM CST 09:29PM EST Mon
United UAL1958A320 Scheduled (in 21 hours 44 minutes) Mon 03:55PM CST 08:18PM EST Mon
Endeavor Air FLG4198CRJ9 Scheduled (in 21 hours 22 minutes) Mon 03:33PM CST 08:00PM EST Mon
United UAL1254B733 Scheduled (in 18 hours 54 minutes) Mon 01:05PM CST 05:29PM EST Mon
United UAL2048B737 Scheduled (in 16 hours 4 minutes) Mon 10:15AM CST 02:41PM EST Mon
Endeavor Air FLG4136CRJ9 Scheduled (in 15 hours 49 minutes) Mon 10:00AM CST 02:29PM EST Mon
United UAL1981B737 Scheduled (in 14 hours 36 minutes) Mon 08:47AM CST 01:12PM EST Mon
Endeavor Air FLG4090CRJ9 Scheduled/Delayed Mon 06:03AM CST 10:28AM EST Mon
United UAL1777B738 Scheduled (in 1 hours) Sun 07:11PM CST 11:30PM EST Sun
Endeavor Air FLG4131CRJ9 Scheduled (in 59 minutes) Sun 07:10PM CST 11:35PM EST Sun
United UAL1284B738 En Route / On Time Sun 04:57PM CST 09:21PM EST Sun
United UAL1958B738 En Route / On Time Sun 03:55PM CST 08:19PM EST Sun
United UAL897B738 Arrived Sun 11:15AM CST 03:41PM EST Sun
United UAL2048B733 Arrived Sun 10:15AM CST 02:41PM EST Sun
United UAL1981B733 Arrived Sun 08:47AM CST 01:12PM EST Sun
United UAL1777A320 Arrived Sat 07:10PM CST 11:28PM EST Sat
Mesa ASH6163E170 Arrived Sat 03:45PM CST 08:16PM EST Sat
United UAL1254B738 Arrived Sat 01:40PM CST 06:04PM EST Sat
United UAL2048A320 Arrived Sat 11:00AM CST 03:25PM EST Sat
Mesa ASH6149E170 Arrived Sat 08:15AM CST 12:48PM EST Sat
Endeavor Air FLG4090CRJ9 Arrived Sat 06:06AM CST 10:28AM EST Sat
Endeavor Air FLG3814CRJ9 Arrived Fri 07:15PM CST 11:40PM EST Fri
United UAL1777B738 Arrived Fri 07:10PM CST 11:29PM EST Fri
United UAL1284B738 Arrived Fri 04:55PM CST 09:19PM EST Fri
United UAL8258B738 Arrived Fri 03:55PM CST 08:46PM EST Fri
United UAL1958B733 Arrived Fri 03:55PM CST 08:19PM EST Fri
Endeavor Air FLG4198CRJ9 Arrived Fri 03:33PM CST 08:00PM EST Fri
United UAL1254B733 Arrived Fri 01:05PM CST 05:29PM EST Fri
Endeavor Air FLG4136CRJ9 Arrived Fri 10:00AM CST 02:29PM EST Fri
United UAL1647A319 Arrived Fri 07:15AM CST 11:40AM EST Fri
Endeavor Air FLG4090CRJ9 Arrived Fri 06:03AM CST 10:28AM EST Fri
Endeavor Air FLG3684CRJ9 Arrived Thu 07:12PM CST 11:35PM EST Thu
United UAL1875A320 Arrived Thu 05:37PM CST 10:00PM EST Thu
United UAL8158B738 Arrived Thu 03:55PM CST 09:06PM EST Thu
Endeavor Air FLG4106CRJ9 Arrived Thu 03:30PM CST 07:52PM EST Thu
Endeavor Air FLG4152CRJ9 Arrived Thu 10:00AM CST 02:28PM EST Thu
United UAL1981A320 Arrived Thu 08:47AM CST 01:11PM EST Thu
United UAL1647B737 Arrived Thu 07:15AM CST 11:41AM EST Thu
Endeavor Air FLG3899CRJ9 Arrived Thu 06:00AM CST 10:28AM EST Thu
United UAL1875B738 Arrived Wed 05:45PM CST 10:11PM EST Wed
United UAL1289B733 Arrived Wed 04:50PM CST 09:14PM EST Wed
Endeavor Air FLG4106CRJ9 Arrived Wed 03:30PM CST 07:52PM EST Wed
United UAL1085B737 Arrived Wed 10:15AM CST 02:41PM EST Wed
Endeavor Air FLG4152CRJ9 Arrived Wed 10:00AM CST 02:28PM EST Wed
United UAL1647A320 Arrived Wed 08:05AM CST 12:30PM EST Wed
United UAL1739A320 Arrived Wed 07:15AM CST 11:40AM EST Wed
Endeavor Air FLG4197CRJ9 Cancelled Wed 06:00AM CST 10:28AM EST Wed
United UAL1289B733 Arrived Tue 04:50PM CST 09:14PM EST Tue
Endeavor Air FLG4106CRJ9 Arrived Tue 03:30PM CST 07:52PM EST Tue
Endeavor Air FLG4152CRJ9 Arrived Tue 10:00AM CST 02:28PM EST Tue
United UAL1739A320 Arrived Tue 08:05AM CST 12:30PM EST Tue
Endeavor Air FLG4197CRJ9 Arrived Tue 06:00AM CST 10:28AM EST Tue
Endeavor Air FLG3684CRJ9 Cancelled Mon 07:09PM CST 11:32PM EST Mon
United UAL1289B738 Arrived Mon 04:50PM CST 09:14PM EST Mon
United UAL1739A319 Arrived Mon 07:15AM CST 11:40AM EST Mon
Endeavor Air FLG3899CRJ9 Cancelled Mon 06:00AM CST 10:28AM EST Mon
Endeavor Air FLG3684CRJ9 Arrived Sun 07:09PM CST 11:32PM EST Sun


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