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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Southwest SWA60 B737 Scheduled (in 23 hours 56 minutes) Wed 09:00PM CST 10:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA56 B735 Scheduled (in 22 hours 56 minutes) Wed 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA52 B737 Scheduled (in 21 hours 56 minutes) Wed 07:00PM CST 08:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA50 B735 Scheduled (in 21 hours 26 minutes) Wed 06:30PM CST 07:30PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA48 B733 Scheduled (in 20 hours 55 minutes) Wed 05:59PM CST 07:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA46 B735 Scheduled (in 20 hours 26 minutes) Wed 05:30PM CST 06:30PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA44 B737 Scheduled (in 19 hours 56 minutes) Wed 05:00PM CST 05:59PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA42 B733 Scheduled (in 19 hours 26 minutes) Wed 04:30PM CST 05:30PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA40 B733 Scheduled (in 18 hours 56 minutes) Wed 04:00PM CST 05:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA38 B735 Scheduled (in 18 hours 26 minutes) Wed 03:30PM CST 04:30PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA36 B737 Scheduled (in 17 hours 56 minutes) Wed 03:00PM CST 04:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA32 B737 Scheduled (in 16 hours 56 minutes) Wed 02:00PM CST 03:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA28 B735 Scheduled (in 15 hours 56 minutes) Wed 01:00PM CST 02:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA24 B737 Scheduled (in 14 hours 56 minutes) Wed 12:00PM CST 01:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA20 B735 Scheduled (in 13 hours 56 minutes) Wed 11:00AM CST 12:00PM CST Wed
Southwest SWA16 B735 Scheduled (in 12 hours 56 minutes) Wed 10:00AM CST 11:00AM CST Wed
Southwest SWA12 B737 Scheduled (in 11 hours 56 minutes) Wed 09:00AM CST 10:00AM CST Wed
Southwest SWA10 B737 Scheduled (in 11 hours 26 minutes) Wed 08:30AM CST 09:30AM CST Wed
Southwest SWA8 B735 Scheduled (in 10 hours 56 minutes) Wed 08:00AM CST 09:00AM CST Wed
Southwest SWA4 B733 Scheduled (in 9 hours 56 minutes) Wed 07:00AM CST 08:05AM CST Wed
Southwest SWA1636 B735 Scheduled (in 9 hours 11 minutes) Wed 06:15AM CST 07:15AM CST Wed
Quest Diagnostics & LBQ640 E50P Scheduled (in 2 hours 10 minutes) Tue 11:00PM CST 12:03AM CST Wed
Southwest SWA60 B737 Taxiing / Left Gate Tue 09:00PM CST 10:00PM CST Tue
MEREGRASS INC N524S FA50 Scheduled Tue 09:00PM CST 09:31PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA56 B735 Arrived Tue 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA52 B737 Arrived Tue 07:00PM CST 08:00PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA50 B735 Arrived Tue 06:30PM CST 07:30PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA48 B733 Arrived Tue 05:59PM CST 07:00PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA46 B735 Arrived Tue 05:30PM CST 06:30PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA46 B735 Arrived Tue 05:30PM CST 06:30PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA44 B737 Arrived Tue 05:00PM CST 05:59PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA42 B733 Arrived Tue 04:30PM CST 05:30PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA40 B733 Arrived Tue 04:00PM CST 05:00PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA38 B735 Arrived Tue 03:30PM CST 04:30PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA38 B735 result unknown Tue 03:30PM CST 04:30PM CST Tue
TICHENOR MCHENRY T N4884M TBM8 Arrived Tue 03:20PM CST 04:53PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA36 B737 Arrived Tue 03:00PM CST 04:00PM CST Tue
Jet Linx Aviation L JTL918 LJ45 Arrived Tue 02:30PM CST 03:41PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA32 B737 Arrived Tue 02:00PM CST 03:00PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA28 B735 Arrived Tue 01:00PM CST 02:00PM CST Tue
WOOD ASG LLC N28QA C525 Arrived Tue 12:30PM CST 02:29PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA24 B737 Arrived Tue 12:00PM CST 01:00PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA20 B735 Arrived Tue 11:00AM CST 12:00PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA16 B735 Arrived Tue 10:00AM CST 11:00AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA12 B737 Arrived Tue 09:00AM CST 10:00AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA10 B737 Arrived Tue 08:30AM CST 09:30AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA8 B735 Arrived Tue 08:00AM CST 09:00AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA4 B733 Arrived Tue 07:00AM CST 08:05AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA1636 B735 Arrived Tue 06:15AM CST 07:15AM CST Tue
Quest Diagnostics & LBQ640 E50P Arrived Mon 11:00PM CST 12:34AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA60 B737 Arrived Mon 09:00PM CST 10:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA56 B735 Arrived Mon 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA52 B737 Arrived Mon 07:00PM CST 08:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA50 B735 Arrived Mon 06:30PM CST 07:30PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA48 B733 Arrived Mon 05:59PM CST 07:00PM CST Mon
Netjets Aviation &q EJA579P C56X Arrived Mon 05:06PM CST 05:36PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA44 B737 Arrived Mon 05:00PM CST 05:59PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA42 B733 Arrived Mon 04:30PM CST 05:30PM CST Mon
SILVERSTAR PARTNERS N875P WW24 Arrived Mon 04:30PM CST 06:25PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA40 B733 Arrived Mon 04:00PM CST 05:00PM CST Mon
W B AIR THREE LLC N94JW C25C Arrived Mon 03:00PM CST 03:12PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA36 B737 Arrived Mon 03:00PM CST 04:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA32 B737 Arrived Mon 02:00PM CST 03:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA28 B735 Arrived Mon 01:00PM CST 02:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA24 B737 Arrived Mon 12:00PM CST 01:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA20 B735 Arrived Mon 11:00AM CST 12:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA16 B735 Arrived Mon 10:00AM CST 11:00AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA12 B737 Arrived Mon 09:00AM CST 10:00AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA10 B737 Arrived Mon 08:30AM CST 09:30AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA8 B735 Arrived Mon 08:00AM CST 09:00AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA4 B733 Arrived Mon 07:00AM CST 08:05AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA1636 B735 Arrived Mon 06:15AM CST 07:15AM CST Mon
Jet Linx Aviation L JTL100 C550 Arrived Sun 04:15PM CST 06:05PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA4258 B733 Arrived Sun 04:00PM CST 05:00PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA1655 B737 Cancelled Sun 03:00PM CST 04:00PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA2089 B737 Arrived Sun 02:00PM CST 03:00PM CST Sun
CWD JR EXPLORATION N563WD C56X Arrived Sun 01:30PM CST 02:29PM CST Sun
Netjets Aviation &q EJA130 GL5T Arrived Sun 01:12PM CST 02:42PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA2128 B737 Arrived Sun 12:00PM CST 01:00PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA2403 B733 Arrived Sat 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2569 B733 Arrived Sat 05:59PM CST 07:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA4322 B735 Arrived Sat 05:00PM CST 05:59PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA3475 B733 Arrived Sat 04:00PM CST 05:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA3698 B733 Arrived Sat 03:00PM CST 04:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA3365 B735 Arrived Sat 02:00PM CST 03:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA3604 B735 Arrived Sat 01:00PM CST 02:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA4198 B735 Arrived Sat 12:00PM CST 01:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA1326 B737 Arrived Sat 11:00AM CST 12:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2399 B733 Cancelled Sat 10:00AM CST 11:00AM CST Sat
Southwest SWA3317 B735 Arrived Sat 09:00AM CST 10:00AM CST Sat
Southwest SWA3932 B737 Arrived Sat 08:00AM CST 09:00AM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2408 B737 Arrived Sat 07:00AM CST 08:05AM CST Sat
Quest Diagnostics & LBQ640 E50P Arrived Fri 11:00PM CST 12:49AM CST Sat
GSS KA LLC N87CE BE30 Arrived Fri 04:45PM CST 05:44PM CST Fri
Ultimate "Ulti UJC7 J328 Arrived Fri 03:42PM CST 04:34PM CST Fri
Business Jet Soluti BJS529 CL30 Arrived Fri 02:27PM CST 03:43PM CST Fri
3 LONE STARS LLC N438CR BE20 Arrived Fri 01:31PM CST 02:28PM CST Fri
FREEMAN JET LLC N942RC LJ31 Arrived Fri 01:30PM CST 01:59PM CST Fri
FLYING M LLC N227WG CL60 Arrived Fri 09:00AM CST 10:34AM CST Fri
BIRDWELL EQUIPMENT N525MP C25B Arrived Fri 08:45AM CST 10:35AM CST Fri
Flight Options &quo OPT712 C750 Arrived Thu 09:30PM CST 11:15PM CST Thu
Netjets Aviation &q EJA673 C56X Arrived Thu 08:45PM CST 09:33PM CST Thu
Netjets Aviation &q EJA303P E55P Arrived Thu 04:45PM CST 06:14PM CST Thu
WEISBROD & WEIS N825ST BE20 Arrived Thu 02:00PM CST 03:15PM CST Thu
Southwest SWA4249 B735 Arrived Thu 12:50PM CST 02:55PM CST Thu
SAPPHIRE AVIATION L N800GN H25B Arrived Thu 11:30AM CST 12:39PM CST Thu
N722 AVIATION LLC N722SW G150 Arrived Thu 11:30AM CST 12:32PM CST Thu
SEVEN BAR FLYING SE N114SB BE20 Arrived Thu 10:15AM CST 11:16AM CST Thu
LOYD HOUSE AVIATION N257PL H25B Arrived Thu 09:30AM CST 12:17PM CST Thu
TAILWINDS LLC N575GH LJ55 Arrived Wed 09:30PM CST 10:50PM CST Wed
WHEELS UP PARTNERS N832UP B350 Arrived Wed 08:00PM CST 09:37PM CST Wed
TAILWINDS LLC N575GH LJ55 Arrived Wed 02:30PM CST 03:19PM CST Wed
BRISA MAX SERVICES N342F CL60 Arrived Wed 10:00AM CST 11:44AM CST Wed