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Live Flight TrackerFlight Finder ✈ William P Hobby (KHOU) - Dallas Love Field (KDAL)

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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Southwest SWA42 B737 Scheduled (in 23 hours 55 minutes) Fri 04:30PM CDT 05:30PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA40 B735 Scheduled (in 23 hours 25 minutes) Fri 04:00PM CDT 05:00PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA38 B737 Scheduled (in 22 hours 55 minutes) Fri 03:30PM CDT 04:30PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA36 B737 Scheduled (in 22 hours 25 minutes) Fri 03:00PM CDT 04:00PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA34 B735 Scheduled (in 21 hours 55 minutes) Fri 02:30PM CDT 03:30PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA30 B733 Scheduled (in 20 hours 55 minutes) Fri 01:30PM CDT 02:25PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA28 B735 Scheduled (in 20 hours 25 minutes) Fri 01:00PM CDT 02:00PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA24 B737 Scheduled (in 19 hours 25 minutes) Fri 12:00PM CDT 01:00PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA20 B737 Scheduled (in 18 hours 25 minutes) Fri 11:00AM CDT 12:00PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA16 B733 Scheduled (in 17 hours 25 minutes) Fri 10:00AM CDT 11:00AM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA12 B735 Scheduled (in 16 hours 25 minutes) Fri 09:00AM CDT 10:00AM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA10 B735 Scheduled (in 15 hours 55 minutes) Fri 08:30AM CDT 09:30AM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA8 B737 Scheduled (in 15 hours 25 minutes) Fri 08:00AM CDT 09:00AM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA6 B733 Scheduled (in 14 hours 55 minutes) Fri 07:30AM CDT 08:25AM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA4 B737 Scheduled (in 14 hours 25 minutes) Fri 07:00AM CDT 08:00AM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA1636 B737 Scheduled (in 13 hours 40 minutes) Fri 06:15AM CDT 07:10AM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA60 B737 Scheduled (in 4 hours 25 minutes) Thu 09:00PM CDT 09:55PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA56 B735 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 08:00PM CDT 08:55PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA52 B733 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 06:59PM CDT 08:00PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA50 B733 Scheduled (in 2 hours 20 minutes) Thu 06:30PM CDT 07:25PM CDT Thu
HOLLYFRONTIER PAYRO N546CS C56X Scheduled (in 1 hours 53 minutes) Thu 06:15PM CDT 07:11PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA48 B733 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 06:00PM CDT 06:59PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA46 B733 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 05:30PM CDT 06:30PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA44 B735 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 05:00PM CDT 06:00PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA42 B733 Scheduled Thu 04:30PM CDT 05:30PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA40 B733 En Route Thu 04:00PM CDT 05:00PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA38 B737 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 03:30PM CDT 04:30PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA36 B737 Scheduled/Delayed Thu 03:00PM CDT 04:00PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA34 B737 En Route Thu 02:30PM CDT 03:30PM CDT Thu
Netjets Aviation &q EJA160 GLEX En Route Thu 02:00PM CDT 04:42PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA30 B733 En Route Thu 01:30PM CDT 02:25PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA9006 B735 Arrived Thu 01:00PM CDT 02:29PM CDT Thu
AVANT AVIATION LLC N392WC PC12 Arrived Thu 01:00PM CDT 02:42PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA24 B737 Arrived Thu 12:00PM CDT 01:00PM CDT Thu
ANDREWS SURVIVOR LL N717LA FA50 Arrived Thu 11:15AM CDT 11:59AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA20 B737 Arrived Thu 11:00AM CDT 12:00PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA20 B737 Arrived Thu 11:00AM CDT 12:00PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA16 B733 Arrived Thu 10:00AM CDT 11:00AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA16 B733 Arrived Thu 10:00AM CDT 11:00AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA12 B735 Arrived Thu 09:00AM CDT 10:00AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA10 B735 Arrived Thu 08:30AM CDT 09:30AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA8 B737 Arrived Thu 08:00AM CDT 09:00AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA6 B733 Arrived Thu 07:30AM CDT 08:25AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA4 B737 Arrived Thu 07:00AM CDT 08:00AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA1636 B737 Arrived Thu 06:15AM CDT 07:10AM CDT Thu
Quest Diagnostics & LBQ640 E50P Arrived Wed 11:00PM CDT 12:57AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA60 B737 Arrived Wed 09:00PM CDT 09:55PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA56 B735 Arrived Wed 08:00PM CDT 08:55PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA52 B733 Arrived Wed 06:59PM CDT 08:00PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA50 B735 Arrived Wed 06:30PM CDT 07:25PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA48 B733 Arrived Wed 06:00PM CDT 06:59PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA46 B737 Arrived Wed 05:30PM CDT 06:30PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA44 B735 Arrived Wed 05:00PM CDT 06:00PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA42 B737 Arrived Wed 04:30PM CDT 05:30PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA40 B735 Arrived Wed 04:00PM CDT 05:00PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA38 B737 result unknown Wed 03:30PM CDT 04:30PM CDT Wed
Flight Options &quo OPT436 BE40 Arrived Wed 03:30PM CDT 06:08PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA36 B737 Arrived Wed 03:00PM CDT 04:00PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA34 B735 Arrived Wed 02:30PM CDT 03:30PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA30 B733 Arrived Wed 01:30PM CDT 02:25PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA28 B735 Arrived Wed 01:00PM CDT 02:00PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA24 B737 Arrived Wed 12:00PM CDT 01:00PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA12 B735 Arrived Wed 09:00AM CDT 10:00AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA10 B735 Arrived Wed 08:30AM CDT 09:30AM CDT Wed
AIS AVIATION LLC N132CE C650 Arrived Wed 08:00AM CDT 09:18AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA8 B737 Cancelled Wed 08:00AM CDT 09:00AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA6 B733 Arrived Wed 07:30AM CDT 08:25AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA4 B737 Arrived Wed 07:00AM CDT 08:00AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA1636 B737 Arrived Wed 06:15AM CDT 07:10AM CDT Wed
Quest Diagnostics & LBQ640 E50P Arrived Tue 11:00PM CDT 12:50AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA60 B737 Arrived Tue 09:00PM CDT 09:55PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA56 B735 Arrived Tue 08:00PM CDT 08:55PM CDT Tue
XOJET "XOJET&q XOJ539 CL30 Arrived Tue 07:31PM CDT 08:05PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA52 B733 Arrived Tue 06:59PM CDT 08:00PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA50 B735 Arrived Tue 06:30PM CDT 07:25PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA48 B733 Arrived Tue 06:00PM CDT 06:59PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA46 B737 Arrived Tue 05:30PM CDT 06:30PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA44 B735 Arrived Tue 05:00PM CDT 06:00PM CDT Tue
Business Jet Soluti BJS535 CL30 Arrived Tue 04:35PM CDT 06:05PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA28 B735 Arrived Tue 01:00PM CDT 02:00PM CDT Tue
Quest Diagnostics & LBQ640 E50P Arrived Mon 11:00PM CDT 01:37AM CDT Tue
SITTON ENTERPRISES N64BH C501 Arrived Mon 11:05AM CDT 12:42PM CDT Mon
STARFLITE MANAGEMEN N650SF C650 Arrived Mon 10:00AM CDT 11:01AM CDT Mon
Southwest SWA4180 B737 Arrived Sun 05:30PM CDT 06:30PM CDT Sun
GC Aviation "G GCT87 S76 Arrived Sun 12:00PM CDT 01:34PM CDT Sun
DS AVIATION INC N514DS C525 Arrived Sun 12:00PM CDT 03:52PM CDT Sun
B29 UPS & DOWNS N997SS C56X Arrived Sun 12:00PM CDT 12:57PM CDT Sun
Southwest SWA3055 B737 Arrived Sun 10:00AM CDT 11:00AM CDT Sun
Southwest SWA4517 B737 Arrived Sun 09:30AM CDT 10:30AM CDT Sun
WTW AIR LLC N713WT PA31 Arrived Sun 08:45AM CDT 10:35AM CDT Sun
TSTI LC N300XL WW24 Arrived Sat 09:00PM CDT 09:43PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA26 B737 Arrived Sat 08:00PM CDT 08:55PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA670 B733 Arrived Sat 06:59PM CDT 08:00PM CDT Sat
Flight Options &quo OPT344 E55P Arrived Sat 04:30PM CDT 04:48PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA1687 B733 Arrived Sat 04:00PM CDT 05:00PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA32 B735 Arrived Sat 03:00PM CDT 04:00PM CDT Sat
Jet Linx Aviation L JTL314 BE40 Arrived Sat 02:00PM CDT 04:07PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA1760 B733 Arrived Sat 02:00PM CDT 02:55PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA2224 B733 Arrived Sat 12:30PM CDT 01:30PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA4076 B733 Arrived Sat 12:00PM CDT 01:00PM CDT Sat
Netjets Aviation &q EJA628 C56X Arrived Sat 11:00AM CDT 03:21PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA218 B737 Arrived Sat 11:00AM CDT 12:00PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA2 B733 Arrived Sat 09:00AM CDT 10:00AM CDT Sat
LIPPER ERIC N702RJ AEST Arrived Sat 08:30AM CDT 10:03AM CDT Sat
WOOD ASG LLC N28QA C525 Arrived Fri 01:00PM CDT 03:04PM CDT Fri
M HIXSON AVIATION L N86WH C510 Arrived Fri 11:00AM CDT 12:13PM CDT Fri
Omni Air Transport DRL80 LJ45 Arrived Fri 07:05AM CDT 08:13AM CDT Fri
LOYD HOUSE AVIATION N257PL H25B Arrived Thu 09:30PM CDT 10:47PM CDT Thu