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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
United UAL575A319 Scheduled (in 22 hours 59 minutes) Sat 04:06PM EDT 04:35PM CDT Sat
Envoy Air ENY3465E145 Scheduled (in 22 hours 3 minutes) Sat 03:10PM EDT 03:37PM CDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ5673E135 Scheduled (in 21 hours 18 minutes) Sat 02:25PM EDT 02:52PM CDT Sat
United UAL1869B733 Scheduled (in 17 hours 53 minutes) Sat 11:00AM EDT 11:29AM CDT Sat
Republic RPA4257E170 Scheduled (in 17 hours 18 minutes) Sat 10:25AM EDT 10:54AM CDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ3255E135 Scheduled (in 16 hours 26 minutes) Sat 09:33AM EDT 10:00AM CDT Sat
Envoy Air ENY3487CRJ7 Scheduled (in 15 hours 13 minutes) Sat 08:20AM EDT 08:48AM CDT Sat
United UAL1752B737 Scheduled (in 14 hours 32 minutes) Sat 07:39AM EDT 08:10AM CDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ4513E135 Scheduled (in 12 hours 53 minutes) Sat 06:00AM EDT 06:21AM CDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ4272E135 Scheduled (in 3 hours 49 minutes) Fri 08:56PM EDT 09:27PM CDT Fri
Envoy Air ENY3143CRJ7 Scheduled (in 3 hours 33 minutes) Fri 08:40PM EDT 09:05PM CDT Fri
Envoy Air ENY3188CRJ7 Scheduled (in 55 minutes) Fri 06:02PM EDT 06:29PM CDT Fri
United UAL833A320 Scheduled (in 9 minutes) Fri 05:16PM EDT 05:56PM CDT Fri
United UAL1134B739 En Route / On Time Fri 04:06PM EDT 04:35PM CDT Fri
Envoy Air ENY3465E145 Arrived Fri 03:10PM EDT 03:37PM CDT Fri
United UAL1944B738 Arrived Fri 02:25PM EDT 02:52PM CDT Fri
United UAL785A320 Arrived Fri 10:56AM EDT 11:24AM CDT Fri
Envoy Air ENY3487CRJ7 Arrived Fri 10:25AM EDT 10:52AM CDT Fri
ExpressJet ASQ4731E135 Arrived Fri 09:33AM EDT 10:00AM CDT Fri
Shuttle America TCF3584E170 Arrived Fri 08:47AM EDT 09:14AM CDT Fri
Republic RPA4276E170 Arrived Fri 08:20AM EDT 08:51AM CDT Fri
United UAL1752B737 Arrived Fri 07:39AM EDT 08:10AM CDT Fri
ExpressJet ASQ5930E135 Arrived Fri 06:55AM EDT 07:22AM CDT Fri
ExpressJet ASQ4513E135 Arrived Fri 06:00AM EDT 06:21AM CDT Fri
Envoy Air ENY3521CRJ7 Arrived Fri 05:55AM EDT 06:22AM CDT Fri
ExpressJet ASQ4272E135 Arrived Thu 08:56PM EDT 09:27PM CDT Thu
ExpressJet ASQ272TE145 Arrived Thu 08:56PM EDT 09:09PM CDT Thu
Envoy Air ENY3143CRJ7 Arrived Thu 08:40PM EDT 09:05PM CDT Thu
Envoy Air ENY3188CRJ7 Arrived Thu 06:02PM EDT 06:29PM CDT Thu
United UAL833A320 Arrived Thu 05:20PM EDT 06:00PM CDT Thu
United UAL1134B739 Arrived Thu 04:06PM EDT 04:35PM CDT Thu
Envoy Air ENY3465E145 Arrived Thu 03:10PM EDT 03:37PM CDT Thu
United UAL1944B733 Arrived Thu 02:25PM EDT 02:52PM CDT Thu
United UAL785A320 Arrived Thu 10:56AM EDT 11:24AM CDT Thu
Envoy Air ENY3487CRJ7 Arrived Thu 10:25AM EDT 10:52AM CDT Thu
SkyWest SKW6319E170 Arrived Thu 09:33AM EDT 10:00AM CDT Thu
Shuttle America TCF3584E170 Arrived Thu 08:47AM EDT 09:14AM CDT Thu
ExpressJet BTA3942E135 Arrived Thu 08:34AM EDT 06:04AM CDT Thu
Republic RPA4276E170 Arrived Thu 08:20AM EDT 08:51AM CDT Thu
United UAL1752B737 Arrived Thu 07:39AM EDT 08:10AM CDT Thu
ExpressJet ASQ5930E135 Arrived Thu 06:55AM EDT 07:22AM CDT Thu
Envoy Air ENY3521CRJ7 Arrived Thu 05:55AM EDT 06:22AM CDT Thu
ExpressJet ASQ4272E135 Arrived Wed 08:56PM EDT 09:27PM CDT Wed
Envoy Air ENY3143CRJ7 Arrived Wed 08:40PM EDT 09:05PM CDT Wed
Envoy Air ENY3188CRJ7 Arrived Wed 06:02PM EDT 06:29PM CDT Wed
United UAL833A320 Arrived Wed 05:17PM EDT 05:57PM CDT Wed
United UAL575A320 Arrived Wed 04:06PM EDT 04:34PM CDT Wed
United UAL1944B733 Arrived Wed 02:25PM EDT 02:52PM CDT Wed
United UAL1869B739 Arrived Wed 10:56AM EDT 11:25AM CDT Wed
SkyWest SKW6319E170 Arrived Wed 09:33AM EDT 10:00AM CDT Wed
Shuttle America TCF3584E170 Arrived Wed 08:47AM EDT 09:14AM CDT Wed
Republic RPA4276E170 Arrived Wed 08:20AM EDT 08:51AM CDT Wed
ExpressJet ASQ5930E135 Arrived Wed 06:55AM EDT 07:22AM CDT Wed
Envoy Air ENY3521CRJ7 Arrived Wed 05:55AM EDT 06:22AM CDT Wed
ExpressJet ASQ272TE145 Arrived Tue 08:56PM EDT 09:00PM CDT Tue
United UAL1134B733 Arrived Tue 04:06PM EDT 04:35PM CDT Tue
United UAL785A320 Arrived Tue 10:56AM EDT 11:24AM CDT Tue
SkyWest SKW6319E170 Arrived Tue 09:33AM EDT 10:00AM CDT Tue
ExpressJet ASQ272TE145 Arrived Mon 08:56PM EDT 09:05PM CDT Mon
Envoy Air ENY3280E145 Arrived Mon 05:55AM EDT 06:23AM CDT Mon
United UAL1869B733 Arrived Sun 11:00AM EDT 11:29AM CDT Sun
Republic RPA4257E170 Arrived Sun 10:55AM EDT 11:24AM CDT Sun
ExpressJet ASQ3255E135 Arrived Sun 09:33AM EDT 10:00AM CDT Sun
ExpressJet ASQ4736E135 Arrived Sun 08:47AM EDT 09:14AM CDT Sun
United UAL1763B737 Cancelled Sun 07:00AM EDT 07:27AM CDT Sun
Republic RPA4408E170 Cancelled Sun 06:00AM EDT 06:36AM CDT Sun
United UAL575A319 Arrived Sat 04:06PM EDT 04:35PM CDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ5673E135 Arrived Sat 02:25PM EDT 02:52PM CDT Sat
Republic RPA4257E170 Arrived Sat 10:25AM EDT 10:54AM CDT Sat
ExpressJet ASQ3255E135 Arrived Sat 09:33AM EDT 10:00AM CDT Sat
Envoy Air ENY9804CRJ7 Arrived Fri 09:30PM EDT 12:54AM CDT Sat


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