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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
NetJets Aviation &q EJA573E55P Scheduled (in 22 hours 57 minutes) Fri 05:00PM EDT 05:48PM EDT Fri
Cape Air KAP1078CNA Scheduled (in 22 hours 32 minutes) Fri 04:35PM EDT 05:55PM EDT Fri
Cape Air KAP1074CNA Scheduled (in 21 hours 57 minutes) Fri 04:00PM EDT 05:20PM EDT Fri
Cape Air KAP1064CNA Scheduled (in 18 hours 32 minutes) Fri 12:35PM EDT 01:55PM EDT Fri
Tradewind GPD523PC12 Scheduled (in 1 hours 52 minutes) Thu 07:55PM EDT 08:42PM EDT Thu
Cobalt Air "CH CNS227PC12 Scheduled (in 1 hours 37 minutes) Thu 07:40PM EDT 08:27PM EDT Thu
ALLIED AIRWAYS LLC N506DZPC12 Scheduled (in 30 minutes) Thu 06:33PM EDT 07:36PM EDT Thu
Cape Air KAP444C402 Scheduled (in 18 minutes) Thu 06:21PM EDT 07:37PM EDT Thu
Cape Air KAP1070CNA Scheduled (in 11 minutes) Thu 05:59PM EDT 07:19PM EDT Thu
Tradewind GPD524PC12 Scheduled Thu 05:47PM EDT 06:49PM EDT Thu
DYNAMIC AVLEASE INC N45NBE20 Arrived Thu 04:33PM EDT 05:21PM EDT Thu
Cape Air KAP109C402 Diverted Thu 04:10PM EDT 05:25PM EDT Thu
Cape Air KAP1074CNA Arrived Thu 04:00PM EDT 05:20PM EDT Thu
Tradewind GPD27PC12 Arrived Thu 02:49PM EDT 04:47PM EDT Thu
Cape Air KAP1068CNA Arrived Thu 08:50AM EDT 10:10AM EDT Thu
Tradewind GPD224PC12 Arrived Wed 08:42PM EDT 09:32PM EDT Wed
NetJets Aviation &q EJA151GLEX Arrived Wed 08:27PM EDT 09:09PM EDT Wed
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ827B350 Arrived Wed 05:55PM EDT 07:06PM EDT Wed
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ872BE30 Arrived Wed 05:10PM EDT 06:04PM EDT Wed
Flexjet "FLEXJ LXJ517CL30 Arrived Wed 04:47PM EDT 06:12PM EDT Wed
Cape Air KAP1074CNA Arrived Wed 04:00PM EDT 05:20PM EDT Wed
NetJets Aviation &q EJA616C56X Arrived Wed 03:00PM EDT 03:48PM EDT Wed
XOJET "XOJET&q XOJ753C750 Arrived Wed 10:40AM EDT 11:26AM EDT Wed
SPIRITED AWAY LLC N421QSGLF4 Arrived Wed 10:06AM EDT 10:42AM EDT Wed
Tradewind GPD307PC12 Arrived Tue 08:48PM EDT 09:15PM EDT Tue
Tradewind GPD307 Arrived Tue 11:28AM EDT 06:00PM EDT Tue
NetJets Aviation &q EJA302E55P Arrived Tue 08:30AM EDT 09:18AM EDT Tue
HOGS HEAD AIR I LLC N40AAGLF4 Arrived Mon 08:47PM EDT 10:06PM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD523PC12 Arrived Mon 07:40PM EDT 08:23PM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD307PC12 Arrived Mon 06:38PM EDT 07:18PM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD224PC12 Arrived Mon 04:40PM EDT 05:18PM EDT Mon
Cape Air KAP605C402 Arrived Mon 04:18PM EDT 12:07PM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD524PC12 Arrived Mon 03:33PM EDT 04:04PM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD515PC12 Arrived Mon 01:31PM EDT 02:02PM EDT Mon
Reliant Air "R RLI969 Arrived Mon 12:42PM EDT 01:25PM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD27PC12 Arrived Mon 12:19PM EDT 01:48PM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD523PC12 Arrived Mon 11:40AM EDT 12:57PM EDT Mon
Cape Air KAP1066CNA Arrived Mon 10:37AM EDT 11:57AM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD515PC12 Arrived Mon 10:31AM EDT 11:07AM EDT Mon
Cobalt Air "CH CNS7PC12 Arrived Mon 10:10AM EDT 11:18AM EDT Mon
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ861B350 Arrived Mon 09:43AM EDT 10:39AM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD590PC12 Arrived Mon 09:03AM EDT 10:06AM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD524PC12 Diverted Mon 06:59AM EDT 07:53AM EDT Mon
Cape Air KAP713C402 Arrived Mon 06:55AM EDT 08:37AM EDT Mon
Reliant Air "R RLI969BE9L Arrived Mon 06:40AM EDT 07:26AM EDT Mon
CASPERSEN ERIK M W N41941PA34 Arrived Mon 06:37AM EDT 07:56AM EDT Mon
Cape Air KAP642CNA Arrived Mon 06:25AM EDT 07:45AM EDT Mon
Cape Air KAP605C402 Arrived Mon 06:10AM EDT 07:28AM EDT Mon
Cape Air KAP1060CNA Arrived Mon 06:00AM EDT 07:20AM EDT Mon
Tradewind GPD224PC12 Arrived Sun 08:56PM EDT 09:49PM EDT Sun
Linear Air "Ha HPN7EA50 Arrived Sun 08:40PM EDT 10:10PM EDT Sun
Cobalt Air "CH CNS333PC12 Arrived Sun 08:39PM EDT 09:27PM EDT Sun
UNDERHILL HOLDINGS N624ALC208 Arrived Sun 07:39PM EDT 09:14PM EDT Sun
Cape Air KAP1078CNA Arrived Sun 07:24PM EDT 08:44PM EDT Sun
Tradewind GPD515PC12 Arrived Sun 07:21PM EDT 08:58PM EDT Sun
Cape Air KAP240C402 Arrived Sun 07:11PM EDT 09:04PM EDT Sun
CONSTABLE ROBERT A N47366PA34 Arrived Sun 06:54PM EDT 08:26PM EDT Sun
BOB AIR LLC N311BTC414 Arrived Sun 06:35PM EDT 06:24PM EDT Sun
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ507C56X Arrived Sun 06:27PM EDT 08:17PM EDT Sun
DBW HEALTHCARE INC N20LMBE20 Arrived Sun 06:25PM EDT 08:39PM EDT Sun
DYNAMIC AVLEASE INC N45NBE20 Arrived Sun 06:00PM EDT 07:15PM EDT Sun
Cobalt Air "CH CNS1210PC12 Arrived Sun 05:40PM EDT 07:47PM EDT Sun
SINBAD AVIATION INC N979BABE36 Arrived Sun 05:11PM EDT 06:33PM EDT Sun
ALLIED AIRWAYS LLC N506DZPC12 Arrived Sun 05:11PM EDT 06:44PM EDT Sun
NetJets Aviation &q EJA615C56X Arrived Sun 05:06PM EDT 07:20PM EDT Sun
Cobalt Air "CH CNS1217PC12 Arrived Sun 04:55PM EDT 06:51PM EDT Sun
Tradewind GPD212PC12 Arrived Sun 04:44PM EDT 06:15PM EDT Sun
Key "Key Air&q KEY442LJ45 Arrived Sun 04:40PM EDT 06:16PM EDT Sun
Cape Air KAP3C402 Arrived Sun 04:15PM EDT 05:49PM EDT Sun
MMAS AVIATION LLC N789PFC172 Arrived Sun 04:12PM EDT 04:47PM EDT Sun
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ808B350 Arrived Sun 03:45PM EDT 05:41PM EDT Sun
Flexjet "FLEXJ LXJ549CL30 Arrived Sun 03:10PM EDT 04:23PM EDT Sun
NetJets Aviation &q EJA605C750 Arrived Sun 03:00PM EDT 03:48PM EDT Sun
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ828B350 Arrived Sun 02:40PM EDT 03:50PM EDT Sun
NJI SALES INC N430QSGLF4 Arrived Sun 02:36PM EDT 04:50PM EDT Sun
FULLING MILL LLC N779VFBE9L Arrived Sun 02:28PM EDT 03:07PM EDT Sun
NetJets Aviation &q EJA664C56X Arrived Sun 02:06PM EDT 04:02PM EDT Sun
Cape Air KAP633C402 Arrived Sun 01:42PM EDT 03:05PM EDT Sun
Cape Air KAP640CNA Arrived Sun 01:30PM EDT 02:50PM EDT Sun
Cape Air KAP3C402 Arrived Sun 12:00PM EDT 01:12PM EDT Sun
Cape Air KAP414C402 Arrived Sun 11:47AM EDT 01:07PM EDT Sun
Cape Air KAP1066CNA Arrived Sun 11:45AM EDT 01:05PM EDT Sun
Cape Air KAP1068CNA Arrived Sun 11:35AM EDT 12:55PM EDT Sun
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ834B350 Arrived Sun 10:40AM EDT 12:09PM EDT Sun
NJI SALES INC N415QSGLF4 Arrived Sun 10:06AM EDT 11:10AM EDT Sun
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ833B350 Arrived Sun 08:55AM EDT 10:10AM EDT Sun
DAHL AVIATION INC N10STP46T Arrived Sat 04:38PM EDT 06:00PM EDT Sat
Cape Air KAP633C402 Arrived Sat 04:02PM EDT 05:18PM EDT Sat
Cape Air KAP444C402 Arrived Sat 03:52PM EDT 05:41PM EDT Sat
Cape Air KAP1072CNA Arrived Sat 03:20PM EDT 04:40PM EDT Sat
NetJets Aviation &q EJA914C750 result unknown Sat 02:15PM EDT 03:03PM EDT Sat
NetJets Aviation &q EJA205C750 Diverted Sat 02:15PM EDT 03:03PM EDT Sat
RICHARD A FOREMAN A N121RFPC12 Arrived Sat 01:30PM EDT 02:03PM EDT Sat
Cape Air KAP633C402 Arrived Sat 11:36AM EDT 01:07PM EDT Sat
Cape Air KAP1064CNA Arrived Sat 11:15AM EDT 12:35PM EDT Sat
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ503C56X Arrived Sat 11:13AM EDT 12:20PM EDT Sat
Tradewind GPD27PC12 Arrived Sat 10:00AM EDT 11:07AM EDT Sat
NetJets Aviation &q EJA675C56X Arrived Sat 09:06AM EDT 09:30AM EDT Sat
STOCKHOLM LEASING L N240WASR22 Arrived Fri 09:45PM EDT 11:24PM EDT Fri
Tradewind GPD590PC12 Arrived Fri 07:33PM EDT 07:58PM EDT Fri
Cape Air KAP1076CNA Arrived Fri 07:10PM EDT 08:30PM EDT Fri
Cape Air KAP3C402 Arrived Fri 04:50PM EDT 05:48PM EDT Fri
Cobalt Air "CH CNS218PC12 Arrived Fri 04:40PM EDT 06:33PM EDT Fri
Flight Options &quo OPT452BE40 Arrived Fri 04:38PM EDT 07:13PM EDT Fri
Cape Air KAP1078CNA Arrived Fri 04:35PM EDT 05:55PM EDT Fri
ALLIED AIRWAYS LLC N506DZPC12 Arrived Fri 04:34PM EDT 05:15PM EDT Fri
Cape Air KAP62C402 Arrived Fri 04:12PM EDT 05:21PM EDT Fri
Tradewind GPD590PC12 Diverted Fri 01:23PM EDT 02:06PM EDT Fri
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ848BE30 Arrived Fri 01:11PM EDT 02:24PM EDT Fri
NetJets Aviation &q EJA200CL60 Arrived Fri 12:48PM EDT 01:30PM EDT Fri
Cape Air KAP1064CNA Arrived Fri 12:35PM EDT 01:55PM EDT Fri
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ856B350 Arrived Fri 12:10PM EDT 01:05PM EDT Fri
Tradewind GPD416PC12 Arrived Fri 11:47AM EDT 12:21PM EDT Fri
Cobalt Air "CH CNS119PC12 Arrived Fri 11:42AM EDT 12:21PM EDT Fri
NetJets Aviation &q EJA783CL35 Arrived Fri 11:06AM EDT 11:54AM EDT Fri
Altius Aviation &qu STY915PC12 Arrived Fri 10:10AM EDT 11:11AM EDT Fri
NetJets Aviation &q EJA588C56X Arrived Fri 10:00AM EDT 10:48AM EDT Fri
Wheels Up - Gama Av GAJ800B350 Arrived Fri 08:40AM EDT 09:48AM EDT Fri
NetJets Aviation &q EJA946C750 Arrived Thu 05:27PM EDT 06:09PM EDT Thu


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