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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival Connection
SAS SAS2691A320 Scheduled (in 23 hours 23 minutes) Thu 09:20AM CESTCPH VCE11:20AM CEST Thu
SAS SAS2691A320 Scheduled Wed 09:20AM CESTCPH VCE11:20AM CEST Wed
easyJet EZY3322A319 Arrived Tue 04:05PM CESTCPH VCE06:10PM CEST Tue
SAS SAS2691A320 Arrived Tue 09:20AM CESTCPH VCE11:20AM CEST Tue
easyJet EZY3322A319 Arrived Sat 05:30PM CESTCPH VCE07:35PM CEST Sat
easyJet EZY3322A319 Arrived Thu 04:05PM CESTCPH VCE06:10PM CEST Thu
Lufthansa DLH825A320 Scheduled Thu 10:00AM CESTCPH FRAFrankfurt am Main
DLH326A321 Scheduled FRA VCE01:40PM CEST Thu1 hour
KLM KLM1126B737 Scheduled Thu 09:55AM CESTCPH AMSAmsterdam
KLM1655B738 Scheduled AMS VCE04:05PM CEST Thu3 hours 15 minutes
Swiss SWR1267A320 Scheduled Thu 09:40AM CESTCPH ZRHZurich
SWR1662A319 Scheduled ZRH VCE02:10PM CEST Thu1 hour 25 minutes
Czech Airlines CSA505B734 Scheduled Thu 09:15AM CESTCPH PRGPrague
CSA734AT72 Scheduled PRG VCE01:50PM CEST Thu1 hour 35 minutes
Luxair - Societe Lu LGL5434DH8D Scheduled Thu 08:35AM CESTCPH LUXLuxembourg
LGL6541DH8D Scheduled LUX VCE01:40PM CEST Thu2 hours
Lufthansa Cityline CLH2441CRJ9 Scheduled Thu 08:25AM CESTCPH MUCMunich
Air Dolomiti DLA8202E190 Scheduled MUC VCE12:50PM CEST Thu1 hour 55 minutes
SAS SAS601A319 Scheduled Thu 07:55AM CESTCPH ZRHZurich
Swiss SWR1662A319 Scheduled ZRH VCE02:10PM CEST Thu3 hours 20 minutes
SAS SAS661A320 Scheduled Thu 07:25AM CESTCPH MUCMunich
Air Dolomiti DLA8202E190 Scheduled MUC VCE12:50PM CEST Thu2 hours 55 minutes
SAS SAS639A319 Scheduled Thu 07:05AM CESTCPH FRAFrankfurt am Main
Lufthansa DLH326A321 Scheduled FRA VCE01:40PM CEST Thu3 hours 40 minutes
Lot - Polskie Linie LOT460E170 Scheduled Thu 07:00AM CESTCPH WAWWarsaw
LOT309E170 Scheduled WAW VCE12:30PM CEST Thu2 hours 15 minutes
Brussels Airlines BEL2268A319 Scheduled Thu 06:55AM CESTCPH BRUBrussels
BEL3201A319 Scheduled BRU VCE11:20AM CEST Thu1 hour 20 minutes
Air Berlin BER8041A319 Scheduled Thu 06:30AM CESTCPH DUSDusseldorf
BER8762DH8D Scheduled DUS VCE10:05AM CEST Thu25 minutes
KLM KLM1124B737 Scheduled Thu 06:00AM CESTCPH AMSAmsterdam
KLM1651B738 Scheduled AMS VCE10:50AM CEST Thu1 hour 45 minutes
Lufthansa Cityline CLH2445E190 Scheduled Wed 07:00PM CESTCPH MUCMunich
Air Dolomiti DLA8206E190 Scheduled MUC VCE10:35PM CEST Wed1 hour 15 minutes
Lufthansa DLH831A321 Scheduled Wed 06:40PM CESTCPH FRAFrankfurt am Main
DLH332A320 Scheduled FRA VCE10:35PM CEST Wed1 hour 10 minutes
Brussels Airlines BEL2260A319 Scheduled Wed 06:15PM CESTCPH BRUBrussels
BEL3207A319 Scheduled BRU VCE10:45PM CEST Wed1 hour 35 minutes
SAS SAS1635A321 Scheduled Wed 06:10PM CESTCPH FRAFrankfurt am Main
Lufthansa DLH332A320 Scheduled FRA VCE10:35PM CEST Wed1 hour 40 minutes
SAS SAS597A320 Scheduled Wed 06:10PM CESTCPH BRUBrussels
Brussels Airlines BEL3207A319 Scheduled BRU VCE10:45PM CEST Wed1 hour 25 minutes
SunExpress Deutschl SXD304B738 Scheduled Wed 05:45PM CESTCPH VIEVienna
Austrian Airlines AUA527DH8D Scheduled VIE VCE09:25PM CEST Wed45 minutes
KLM KLM1132B737 Scheduled Wed 04:25PM CESTCPH AMSAmsterdam
KLM1659B737 Scheduled AMS VCE10:15PM CEST Wed2 hours 35 minutes
SAS SAS675A321 Scheduled Wed 02:55PM CESTCPH FRAFrankfurt am Main
Lufthansa DLH330B733 Scheduled FRA VCE06:20PM CEST Wed50 minutes
Lufthansa DLH829A319 Scheduled Wed 02:45PM CESTCPH FRAFrankfurt am Main
DLH330B733 Scheduled FRA VCE06:20PM CEST Wed1 hour 10 minutes
Swiss SWR1271A319 Scheduled Wed 02:45PM CESTCPH ZRHZurich
Helvetic OAW1664E190 Scheduled ZRH VCE06:45PM CEST Wed1 hour 15 minutes
SAS SAS2657A320 Scheduled Wed 02:40PM CESTCPH MUCMunich
Air Dolomiti DLA8236E190 Scheduled MUC VCE07:30PM CEST Wed2 hours 20 minutes
Lufthansa Cityline CLH2443E190 Scheduled Wed 12:50PM CESTCPH MUCMunich
Air Dolomiti DLA8204E190 Scheduled MUC VCE04:20PM CEST Wed1 hour 10 minutes
KLM KLM1128B738 Scheduled Wed 11:50AM CESTCPH AMSAmsterdam
KLM1655B739 Scheduled AMS VCE04:05PM CEST Wed1 hour 25 minutes
Lufthansa DLH827A320 Scheduled Wed 11:50AM CESTCPH FRAFrankfurt am Main
DLH328A320 Scheduled FRA VCE05:15PM CEST Wed3 hours
Brussels Airlines BEL2258A319 Scheduled Wed 11:40AM CESTCPH BRUBrussels
BEL3205RJ1H Scheduled BRU VCE03:15PM CEST Wed50 minutes
Air Berlin BER8043A319 Scheduled Wed 11:10AM CESTCPH DUSDusseldorf
BER8766DH8D Scheduled DUS VCE06:00PM CEST Wed3 hours 50 minutes
Air Berlin BER8033A320 Scheduled Wed 10:55AM CESTCPH TXLBerlin
Alitalia AZA439A319 Scheduled TXL VCE02:10PM CEST Wed55 minutes
Lufthansa DLH825A320 Scheduled Wed 10:00AM CESTCPH FRAFrankfurt am Main
DLH326A321 Scheduled FRA VCE01:30PM CEST Wed1 hour


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