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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Air Canada ACA422 A333 Scheduled (in 23 hours 37 minutes) Mon 06:00PM EDT 07:15PM EDT Mon
WestJet WJA594 B736 Scheduled (in 23 hours 47 minutes) Mon 06:00PM EDT 07:00PM EDT Mon
WestJet WJA662 B737 Scheduled (in 22 hours 47 minutes) Mon 05:00PM EDT 06:00PM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA420 A320 Scheduled (in 22 hours 37 minutes) Mon 05:00PM EDT 06:15PM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA418 A333 Scheduled (in 21 hours 37 minutes) Mon 04:00PM EDT 05:15PM EDT Mon
WestJet WJA590 B737 Scheduled (in 21 hours 47 minutes) Mon 04:00PM EDT 05:00PM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA416 A320 Scheduled (in 20 hours 37 minutes) Mon 03:00PM EDT 04:15PM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA414 A320 Scheduled (in 19 hours 37 minutes) Mon 02:00PM EDT 03:15PM EDT Mon
WestJet WJA588 B736 Scheduled (in 19 hours 47 minutes) Mon 02:00PM EDT 03:00PM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA412 A320 Scheduled (in 18 hours 37 minutes) Mon 01:00PM EDT 02:15PM EDT Mon
WestJet WJA586 B736 Scheduled (in 18 hours 2 minutes) Mon 12:15PM EDT 01:15PM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA410 A319 Scheduled (in 17 hours 37 minutes) Mon 12:00PM EDT 01:15PM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA408 A319 Scheduled (in 16 hours 37 minutes) Mon 11:00AM EDT 12:15PM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA406 A319 Scheduled (in 15 hours 37 minutes) Mon 10:00AM EDT 11:15AM EDT Mon
WestJet WJA582 B736 Scheduled (in 15 hours 17 minutes) Mon 09:30AM EDT 10:30AM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA404 A320 Scheduled (in 14 hours 37 minutes) Mon 09:00AM EDT 10:15AM EDT Mon
WestJet WJA580 B737 Scheduled (in 13 hours 47 minutes) Mon 08:00AM EDT 09:00AM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA402 A320 Scheduled (in 13 hours 37 minutes) Mon 08:00AM EDT 09:15AM EDT Mon
WestJet WJA578 B737 Scheduled (in 12 hours 47 minutes) Mon 07:00AM EDT 08:00AM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA400 A321 Scheduled (in 12 hours 37 minutes) Mon 07:00AM EDT 08:15AM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA480 A320 Scheduled (in 12 hours 7 minutes) Mon 06:30AM EDT 07:45AM EDT Mon
Jazz Air JZA7784 CRJ9 Scheduled (in 6 hours 7 minutes) Mon 12:30AM EDT 01:40AM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA430 A320 Scheduled (in 4 hours 37 minutes) Sun 11:00PM EDT 12:15AM EDT Mon
WestJet WJA598 B736 Scheduled (in 4 hours 47 minutes) Sun 11:00PM EDT 12:00AM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA428 A321 Scheduled (in 3 hours 7 minutes) Sun 09:30PM EDT 10:45PM EDT Sun
Air Transat TSC788 A310 Scheduled (in 2 hours 37 minutes) Sun 09:00PM EDT 10:15PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA426 A320 Scheduled (in 1 hours 36 minutes) Sun 07:59PM EDT 09:15PM EDT Sun
WestJet WJA596 B737 Scheduled (in 1 hours 17 minutes) Sun 07:30PM EDT 08:29PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA424 A319 Scheduled (in 37 minutes) Sun 07:00PM EDT 08:15PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA834 A333 En Route / On Time Sun 06:00PM EDT 07:15PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA490 E190 En Route Sun 05:30PM EDT 06:45PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA420 A321 Arrived Sun 05:00PM EDT 06:15PM EDT Sun
WestJet WJA662 B737 En Route Sun 05:00PM EDT 06:12PM EDT Sun
WestJet WJA590 B737 Arrived Sun 04:00PM EDT 05:12PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA418 A333 Arrived Sun 04:00PM EDT 05:15PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA416 A320 Arrived Sun 03:00PM EDT 04:15PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA414 A320 Arrived Sun 02:00PM EDT 03:15PM EDT Sun
Air Transat TSC10 A332 Arrived Sun 01:00PM EDT 02:16PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA412 A319 Arrived Sun 01:00PM EDT 02:15PM EDT Sun
WestJet WJA586 B736 Arrived Sun 12:15PM EDT 01:27PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA410 A320 Arrived Sun 12:00PM EDT 01:15PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA408 E190 Arrived Sun 11:00AM EDT 12:15PM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA406 A320 Arrived Sun 10:00AM EDT 11:15AM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA404 A319 Arrived Sun 09:00AM EDT 10:15AM EDT Sun
WestJet WJA578 B737 Arrived Sun 07:00AM EDT 08:13AM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA400 A319 Arrived Sun 07:00AM EDT 08:15AM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA480 E190 Arrived Sun 06:30AM EDT 07:45AM EDT Sun
Jazz Air JZA7784 CRJ9 Arrived Sun 12:30AM EDT 01:40AM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA430 A321 Arrived Sat 11:00PM EDT 12:15AM EDT Sun
WestJet WJA598 B737 Arrived Sat 11:00PM EDT 12:12AM EDT Sun
Air Canada ACA428 A320 Arrived Sat 09:30PM EDT 10:45PM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA426 E190 Arrived Sat 07:59PM EDT 09:15PM EDT Sat
WestJet WJA596 B736 Arrived Sat 07:30PM EDT 08:42PM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA424 A319 Arrived Sat 07:00PM EDT 08:15PM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA834 A333 Arrived Sat 06:00PM EDT 07:15PM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA420 A320 Arrived Sat 05:00PM EDT 06:15PM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA418 A333 Arrived Sat 04:00PM EDT 05:15PM EDT Sat
Sky Regional SKV7564 E170 Arrived Sat 02:00PM EDT 02:59PM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA412 A320 Arrived Sat 01:00PM EDT 02:15PM EDT Sat
WestJet WJA586 B736 Arrived Sat 12:15PM EDT 01:27PM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA410 A320 Arrived Sat 12:00PM EDT 01:15PM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA408 A320 Arrived Sat 11:00AM EDT 12:15PM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA406 A320 Arrived Sat 10:00AM EDT 11:15AM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA404 A319 Arrived Sat 09:00AM EDT 10:15AM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA402 A320 Arrived Sat 08:00AM EDT 09:15AM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA400 A320 Arrived Sat 07:00AM EDT 08:15AM EDT Sat
WestJet WJA578 B737 Arrived Sat 07:00AM EDT 08:13AM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA480 A320 Arrived Sat 06:30AM EDT 07:45AM EDT Sat
Jazz Air JZA7784 CRJ9 Arrived Sat 12:30AM EDT 01:40AM EDT Sat
WestJet WJA598 B736 Arrived Fri 11:00PM EDT 12:12AM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA430 A320 Arrived Fri 11:00PM EDT 12:15AM EDT Sat
Air Canada ACA428 A320 Arrived Fri 09:30PM EDT 10:45PM EDT Fri
WestJet WJA894 B737 Arrived Fri 09:05PM EDT 10:17PM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA426 A320 Arrived Fri 07:59PM EDT 09:15PM EDT Fri
WestJet WJA596 B737 Arrived Fri 07:30PM EDT 08:42PM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA424 A319 Arrived Fri 07:00PM EDT 08:15PM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA492 E190 Arrived Fri 06:30PM EDT 07:45PM EDT Fri
WestJet WJA594 B736 Arrived Fri 06:00PM EDT 07:12PM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA834 A333 Arrived Fri 06:00PM EDT 07:15PM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA490 A319 Arrived Fri 05:30PM EDT 06:45PM EDT Fri
Nolinor Aviation &q NRL401 LJ31 Arrived Fri 05:00PM EDT 06:02PM EDT Fri
WestJet WJA662 B737 Arrived Fri 05:00PM EDT 06:12PM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA488 A320 Arrived Fri 04:30PM EDT 05:45PM EDT Fri
WestJet WJA590 B737 Arrived Fri 04:00PM EDT 05:12PM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA484 E190 Arrived Fri 03:30PM EDT 04:45PM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA416 A320 Arrived Fri 03:00PM EDT 04:15PM EDT Fri
WestJet WJA588 B736 Arrived Fri 02:00PM EDT 03:12PM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA414 A320 Arrived Fri 02:00PM EDT 03:15PM EDT Fri
WestJet WJA582 B736 Arrived Fri 09:30AM EDT 10:42AM EDT Fri
Air Canada ACA402 A320 Arrived Fri 08:00AM EDT 09:15AM EDT Fri
WestJet WJA580 B737 Arrived Fri 08:00AM EDT 09:12AM EDT Fri
Sunwing SWG765 B738 Arrived Thu 08:30PM EDT 09:15PM EDT Thu
Air Canada ACA492 A319 Arrived Thu 06:30PM EDT 07:33PM EDT Thu
WestJet WJA594 B736 Arrived Thu 06:00PM EDT 07:12PM EDT Thu
Air Canada ACA7060 B77W Arrived Thu 05:30PM EDT 07:01PM EDT Thu
Air Canada ACA490 E190 Arrived Thu 05:30PM EDT 06:45PM EDT Thu
Air Canada ACA488 A320 Arrived Thu 04:30PM EDT 05:45PM EDT Thu
Charter Air Transpo C-FTIU PRM1 Arrived Thu 04:00PM EDT 05:14PM EDT Thu
WestJet WJA588 B736 Arrived Thu 02:00PM EDT 03:12PM EDT Thu
WestJet WJA582 B736 Arrived Thu 09:30AM EDT 10:42AM EDT Thu
WestJet WJA580 B737 Arrived Thu 08:00AM EDT 09:12AM EDT Thu
NovaJet "NovaJ NOJ45 LJ45 Arrived Thu 07:30AM EDT 08:29AM EDT Thu
Algonquin Airlink & FSY560 C560 Arrived Thu 05:45AM EDT 07:21AM EDT Thu
Aviation Starlink I C-FCEX E50P Arrived Wed 08:00PM EDT 09:28PM EDT Wed
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK735 H25B Arrived Wed 07:59PM EDT 08:46PM EDT Wed
Air Canada ACA422 A333 Arrived Wed 06:00PM EDT 07:15PM EDT Wed
Air Transat TSC234 A310 Arrived Wed 05:30PM EDT 06:45PM EDT Wed
Air Transat TSC698 A333 Arrived Wed 04:35PM EDT 05:50PM EDT Wed
Air Canada ACA488 E190 Arrived Wed 04:30PM EDT 05:45PM EDT Wed
AirSprint "&qu ASP672 C56X Arrived Wed 07:45AM EDT 08:41AM EDT Wed
Air Transat TSC700 A332 Arrived Tue 06:55PM EDT 08:10PM EDT Tue
Bombardier Inc. C-GWQR CL60 result unknown Tue 01:15PM EDT 02:13PM EDT Tue
NovaJet "NovaJ NOJ45 LJ45 Arrived Tue 10:00AM EDT 11:12AM EDT Tue
Chartright Air Inc C-GWPB GALX Arrived Tue 10:00AM EDT 04:59PM EDT Tue
Air Transat TSC188 A333 Arrived Mon 08:45PM EDT 10:00PM EDT Mon
Air Transat TSC414 A332 Arrived Mon 06:30PM EDT 07:45PM EDT Mon
Air Canada ACA422 A333 Arrived Mon 06:00PM EDT 07:15PM EDT Mon
Charter Air Transpo C-FTIU PRM1 Arrived Mon 09:00AM EDT 10:19AM EDT Mon
Xstrata Canada Corp RAG200 B732 Arrived Mon 08:15AM EDT 09:18AM EDT Mon