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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Jazz Air JZA8483DH8D Scheduled (in 23 hours 29 minutes) Fri 10:35AM MST 10:50AM MST Fri
Jazz Air JZA8483DH8D Delayed Fri 10:35AM MST 03:10PM MST Fri
WestJet WJA349B737 Scheduled (in 23 hours 11 minutes) Fri 09:50AM MST 10:30AM MST Fri
Nolinor Aviation &q NRL920 Scheduled (in 23 hours 1 minutes) Fri 09:40AM MST 10:19AM MST Fri
Jazz Air JZA8441DH8D Scheduled (in 21 hours 54 minutes) Fri 08:35AM MST 09:16AM MST Fri
WestJet Encore WEN3270 Scheduled (in 21 hours 31 minutes) Fri 08:10AM MST 08:53AM MST Fri
Jazz Air JZA8130DH8C Scheduled (in 20 hours 49 minutes) Fri 07:30AM MST 08:13AM MST Fri
WestJet Encore WEN3394 Scheduled (in 20 hours 21 minutes) Fri 07:00AM MST 07:43AM MST Fri
Jazz Air JZA8168DH8C Scheduled (in 13 hours 5 minutes) Thu 11:45PM MST 12:30AM MST Fri
WestJet WJA347 Scheduled (in 12 hours 21 minutes) Thu 11:00PM MST 11:40PM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8160DH8D Scheduled (in 10 hours 1 minutes) Thu 08:40PM MST 09:25PM MST Thu
WestJet Encore WEN3299 Scheduled (in 9 hours 51 minutes) Thu 08:30PM MST 09:13PM MST Thu
WestJet WJA153B737 Scheduled (in 9 hours 21 minutes) Thu 08:00PM MST 08:40PM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8170DH8D Scheduled (in 8 hours 39 minutes) Thu 07:20PM MST 08:01PM MST Thu
WestJet Encore WEN3291 Scheduled (in 8 hours 6 minutes) Thu 06:45PM MST 07:28PM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8172DH8C Scheduled (in 7 hours 15 minutes) Thu 05:55PM MST 06:40PM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8150DH8D Scheduled (in 5 hours 54 minutes) Thu 04:35PM MST 05:16PM MST Thu
WestJet WJA255B737 Scheduled (in 5 hours 49 minutes) Thu 04:28PM MST 05:08PM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8156DH8C Scheduled (in 4 hours 45 minutes) Thu 03:25PM MST 04:10PM MST Thu
WestJet Encore WEN3243DH8D Scheduled (in 4 hours 21 minutes) Thu 03:10PM MST 04:07PM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8140DH8D Scheduled (in 3 hours 45 minutes) Thu 02:25PM MST 03:10PM MST Thu
Regional 1 Airlines TSH642DH8C Scheduled (in 3 hours 41 minutes) Thu 02:20PM MST 03:11PM MST Thu
Regional 1 Airlines TSH1510CRJ1 Scheduled (in 3 hours 21 minutes) Thu 02:00PM MST 02:42PM MST Thu
WestJet Encore WEN3396 Scheduled (in 3 hours 11 minutes) Thu 01:50PM MST 02:33PM MST Thu
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1540 Scheduled (in 3 hours 6 minutes) Thu 01:45PM MST 02:35PM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8144DH8D Scheduled (in 2 hours 41 minutes) Thu 01:20PM MST 02:05PM MST Thu
WestJet Encore WEN3143DH8D Scheduled (in 1 hours 21 minutes) Thu 12:10PM MST 01:07PM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8142DH8C Scheduled (in 1 hours 27 minutes) Thu 12:05PM MST 12:52PM MST Thu
Suncor Energy " JSN9384CRJ9 Scheduled (in 46 minutes) Thu 11:25AM MST 12:06PM MST Thu
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK214SW4 En Route / On Time Thu 10:15AM MST 10:59AM MST Thu
Central Mountain GLR795D328 En Route Thu 10:10AM MST 11:17AM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8585DH8D Taxiing / Left Gate Thu 10:10AM MST 11:17AM MST Thu
Central Mountain GLR9548B190 Arrived Thu 10:00AM MST 10:30AM MST Thu
WestJet WJA349B737 Arrived Thu 09:50AM MST 10:42AM MST Thu
North Cariboo Flyin NCB2020BE20 Arrived Thu 09:45AM MST 10:35AM MST Thu
Nolinor Aviation &q NRL920 Scheduled Thu 09:40AM MST 10:19AM MST Thu
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1530 Scheduled Thu 09:00AM MST 09:50AM MST Thu
ABX Air ABX920B762 Arrived Thu 08:45AM MST 08:48AM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8441DH8D Arrived Thu 08:35AM MST 09:26AM MST Thu
Central Mountain GLR9568DH8C Arrived Thu 08:15AM MST 08:59AM MST Thu
WestJet Encore WEN3270DH8D Arrived Thu 08:10AM MST 09:14AM MST Thu
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN562C560 Arrived Thu 08:00AM MST 08:14AM MST Thu
Flair Airlines FLE340D328 Arrived Thu 08:00AM MST 08:28AM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8130DH8C Arrived Thu 07:30AM MST 08:26AM MST Thu
Regional 1 Airlines TSH640DH8C Arrived Thu 07:00AM MST 07:39AM MST Thu
WestJet Encore WEN3394DH8D Arrived Thu 07:00AM MST 08:04AM MST Thu
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK7125DH8C Arrived Thu 06:45AM MST 08:00AM MST Thu
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK9824DH8C Arrived Thu 06:30AM MST 07:35AM MST Thu
Air Transat TSC118A310 Arrived Thu 06:10AM MST 07:05AM MST Thu
Flair Airlines FLE540E170 Arrived Thu 06:00AM MST 06:55AM MST Thu
Canadian North Airl MPE1850B733 Arrived Thu 06:00AM MST 06:45AM MST Thu
Jazz Air JZA8168DH8C Arrived Wed 11:45PM MST 12:42AM MST Thu
WestJet WJA347B737 Arrived Wed 11:00PM MST 11:52PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8160DH8D Arrived Wed 08:40PM MST 09:41PM MST Wed
WestJet Encore WEN3299DH8D Arrived Wed 08:30PM MST 09:27PM MST Wed
WestJet WJA153B737 Arrived Wed 08:00PM MST 08:52PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8170DH8D Arrived Wed 07:20PM MST 08:12PM MST Wed
WestJet Encore WEN3291DH8D Arrived Wed 06:45PM MST 07:42PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8172DH8C Arrived Wed 05:55PM MST 06:55PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8150DH8D Arrived Wed 04:35PM MST 05:21PM MST Wed
WestJet WJA255B737 Arrived Wed 04:28PM MST 05:20PM MST Wed
Suncor Energy " JSN378CRJ9 Arrived Wed 04:15PM MST 04:35PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8156DH8C Arrived Wed 03:25PM MST 04:24PM MST Wed
WestJet Encore WEN3243DH8D Arrived Wed 03:10PM MST 04:07PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8140DH8D Arrived Wed 02:25PM MST 03:13PM MST Wed
Canadian North Airl MPE1510B733 Arrived Wed 02:00PM MST 02:39PM MST Wed
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1002RJ1H Arrived Wed 02:00PM MST 02:41PM MST Wed
WestJet Encore WEN3396DH8D Arrived Wed 01:50PM MST 02:47PM MST Wed
Central Mountain GLR777B190 Arrived Wed 01:25PM MST 03:28PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8144DH8D Arrived Wed 01:20PM MST 02:00PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA7008DH8C Arrived Wed 12:30PM MST 01:56PM MST Wed
Flair Airlines FLE7536B734 Arrived Wed 12:25PM MST 12:51PM MST Wed
WestJet Encore WEN3143DH8D Arrived Wed 12:10PM MST 01:07PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8142DH8C Arrived Wed 12:05PM MST 01:03PM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8403DH8D Arrived Wed 11:40AM MST 11:07AM MST Wed
Suncor Energy " JSN342CRJ2 Arrived Wed 10:25AM MST 11:02AM MST Wed
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK214SW4 Arrived Wed 10:15AM MST 11:02AM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8585DH8D Arrived Wed 10:10AM MST 11:46AM MST Wed
WestJet WJA349B737 Arrived Wed 09:50AM MST 10:42AM MST Wed
North Cariboo Flyin NCB9112B190 Arrived Wed 09:30AM MST 11:01AM MST Wed
Central Mountain GLR9623B190 Arrived Wed 09:10AM MST 09:59AM MST Wed
Central Mountain GLR9556D328 Arrived Wed 09:00AM MST 09:50AM MST Wed
ABX Air ABX920B762 Arrived Wed 08:45AM MST 09:01AM MST Wed
WestJet Encore WEN3270DH8D Arrived Wed 08:10AM MST 09:14AM MST Wed
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN562C560 Arrived Wed 08:00AM MST 08:22AM MST Wed
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK7125DH8C Arrived Wed 08:00AM MST 09:02AM MST Wed
Bar Xh Air "Pa BXH151BE20 Arrived Wed 08:00AM MST 08:35AM MST Wed
Central Mountain GLR791D328 Arrived Wed 07:45AM MST 08:26AM MST Wed
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1110B190 Arrived Wed 07:30AM MST 08:17AM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8130DH8C Arrived Wed 07:30AM MST 08:33AM MST Wed
WestJet Encore WEN3394DH8D Arrived Wed 07:00AM MST 08:04AM MST Wed
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK432B190 Arrived Wed 06:30AM MST 07:28AM MST Wed
Regional 1 Airlines TSH475DH8B Arrived Wed 06:15AM MST 06:53AM MST Wed
Flair Airlines FLE530E170 Arrived Wed 06:00AM MST 06:32AM MST Wed
Jazz Air JZA8168DH8C Arrived Tue 11:45PM MST 12:48AM MST Wed
WestJet WJA347B737 Arrived Tue 11:00PM MST 11:52PM MST Tue
Jazz Air JZA8160DH8D Arrived Tue 08:40PM MST 09:53PM MST Tue
WestJet Encore WEN3299DH8D Arrived Tue 08:30PM MST 09:27PM MST Tue
Bar Xh Air "Pa BXH151BE20 Arrived Tue 08:00PM MST 08:44PM MST Tue
WestJet WJA153B737 Arrived Tue 08:00PM MST 08:52PM MST Tue
North Cariboo Flyin NCB6304BE20 Arrived Tue 07:30PM MST 08:19PM MST Tue
Jazz Air JZA8170DH8D Arrived Tue 07:20PM MST 08:20PM MST Tue
WestJet Encore WEN3291DH8D Arrived Tue 06:45PM MST 07:42PM MST Tue
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1020DH8C Arrived Tue 06:00PM MST 06:40PM MST Tue
Jazz Air JZA8172DH8C Arrived Tue 05:55PM MST 07:23PM MST Tue
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK9976DH8C Arrived Tue 05:45PM MST 04:03PM MST Tue
Morningstar Partner C-GVMPH25B Arrived Tue 05:01PM MST 05:22PM MST Tue
Jazz Air JZA8150DH8D Arrived Tue 04:35PM MST 05:43PM MST Tue
WestJet WJA255B737 Arrived Tue 04:28PM MST 05:20PM MST Tue
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK5836DH8C Arrived Tue 03:45PM MST 05:08PM MST Tue
1682195 Alberta Ltd C-FRBBBE20 Arrived Tue 03:30PM MST 04:11PM MST Tue
Jazz Air JZA8156DH8C Arrived Tue 03:25PM MST 04:24PM MST Tue
WestJet Encore WEN3243DH8D Arrived Tue 03:10PM MST 04:07PM MST Tue
Regional 1 Airlines TSH1510CRJ1 Arrived Tue 02:00PM MST 03:13PM MST Tue
WestJet Encore WEN3115DH8D Arrived Tue 01:50PM MST 02:47PM MST Tue
618232 Alberta Ltd. C-GVCQC25A Arrived Tue 01:45PM MST 02:28PM MST Tue
Sun Country Airline SCX8201B737 Arrived Tue 01:25PM MST 02:14PM MST Tue
Jazz Air JZA8144DH8D Arrived Tue 01:20PM MST 02:19PM MST Tue
Flair Airlines FLE7526E170 Arrived Tue 12:45PM MST 02:01PM MST Tue
WestJet Encore WEN3143DH8D Arrived Tue 12:10PM MST 01:07PM MST Tue
Jazz Air JZA8142DH8C Arrived Tue 12:05PM MST 01:28PM MST Tue
Flair Airlines FLE622B734 Arrived Tue 12:00PM MST 01:14PM MST Tue
Regional 1 Airlines TSH250DH8C Arrived Tue 12:00PM MST 01:05PM MST Tue
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1060B190 Arrived Tue 12:00PM MST 01:36PM MST Tue
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK338SW4 Arrived Tue 10:30AM MST 10:46AM MST Tue
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK9816DH8B Arrived Tue 09:30AM MST 10:24AM MST Tue
AirSprint "&qu ASP510C25A Arrived Tue 09:00AM MST 09:29AM MST Tue
ABX Air ABX920B762 Arrived Tue 08:45AM MST 09:19AM MST Tue
Central Mountain GLR9635B190 Arrived Tue 08:30AM MST 09:25AM MST Tue
Central Mountain GLR9598DH8C Arrived Tue 08:15AM MST 09:35AM MST Tue
North Cariboo Flyin NCB2670DH8C Arrived Tue 08:00AM MST 09:21AM MST Tue
Central Mountain GLR791D328 Arrived Tue 07:45AM MST 08:53AM MST Tue
North Cariboo Flyin NCB4010BE20 Arrived Tue 07:15AM MST 08:42AM MST Tue
Flair Airlines FLE620D328 Arrived Tue 07:00AM MST 07:56AM MST Tue
North Cariboo Flyin NCB2020BE20 Arrived Tue 07:00AM MST 08:25AM MST Tue
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK9838DH8C Arrived Tue 06:45AM MST 07:43AM MST Tue
Flair Airlines FLE520E170 Arrived Tue 06:00AM MST 07:12AM MST Tue
Suncor Energy " JSN9380CRJ9 Arrived Tue 05:45AM MST 06:30AM MST Tue
Air Transat TSC121A310 Arrived Mon 10:15PM MST 11:10PM MST Mon
Air North Charter & ANT528B735 Arrived Mon 08:10PM MST 09:12PM MST Mon
Canadian North Airl MPE1790B733 Arrived Mon 04:30PM MST 05:32PM MST Mon
Canadian North Airl MPE1510B733 Arrived Mon 02:00PM MST 02:44PM MST Mon
Canadian North Airl MPE1714B733 Arrived Mon 12:15PM MST 01:21PM MST Mon
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK214SW4 Arrived Mon 12:00PM MST 12:49PM MST Mon
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1305DH8C Arrived Mon 09:00AM MST 09:42AM MST Mon
Central Mountain GLR761B190 Arrived Mon 08:50AM MST 09:48AM MST Mon
Central Mountain GLR791D328 Arrived Mon 07:45AM MST 08:33AM MST Mon
Flair Airlines FLE610D328 Arrived Mon 07:00AM MST 07:48AM MST Mon
Central Mountain GLR9543B190 Arrived Mon 07:00AM MST 08:08AM MST Mon
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK7123DH8C Arrived Mon 06:45AM MST 07:57AM MST Mon
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK9838DH8C Arrived Mon 06:30AM MST 07:13AM MST Mon
Canadian North Airl MPE1600B733 Arrived Mon 06:15AM MST 07:03AM MST Mon
Suncor Energy " JSN9380CRJ9 Arrived Mon 05:45AM MST 06:19AM MST Mon
Flair Airlines FLE7512E170 Arrived Mon 05:15AM MST 05:23AM MST Mon
Canadian North Airl MPE1706B733 Arrived Sun 05:30PM MST 06:07PM MST Sun
Jazz Air JZA8223XXXX Arrived Sun 05:04PM MST 05:45PM MST Sun
KOS Air Ltd. C-GKOSB350 Arrived Sun 05:00PM MST 05:39PM MST Sun
Suncor Energy " JSN376CRJ2 Arrived Sun 03:30PM MST 04:01PM MST Sun
Flair Airlines FLE570D328 Arrived Sun 12:00PM MST 01:49PM MST Sun
Central Mountain GLR979B190 Arrived Sun 11:55AM MST 12:39PM MST Sun
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK678LJ45 Arrived Sun 10:45AM MST 10:57AM MST Sun
Central Mountain GLR795D328 Arrived Sun 10:10AM MST 10:59AM MST Sun
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK771C680 Arrived Sun 09:20AM MST 10:17AM MST Sun
Air Transat TSC3451B737 Arrived Sat 09:45PM MST 09:43PM MST Sat
North Cariboo Flyin NCB6210BE20 Arrived Sat 08:00AM MST 08:56AM MST Sat
Sunwing SWG743B738 Arrived Fri 09:15PM MST 10:06PM MST Fri
Air North Charter & ANT528B732 Arrived Fri 08:10PM MST 08:51PM MST Fri
Unknown Owner RD522BE20 Arrived Fri 07:15PM MST 08:07PM MST Fri
Morningstar Partner C-FAJCCL30 Arrived Fri 04:30PM MST 05:02PM MST Fri
Suncor Energy " JSN8378CRJ9 Arrived Fri 04:00PM MST 04:38PM MST Fri
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK400B190 Arrived Fri 03:00PM MST 03:46PM MST Fri
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1510RJ1H Arrived Fri 02:00PM MST 02:46PM MST Fri
Unknown Owner RD522BE20 Arrived Fri 01:45PM MST 02:32PM MST Fri
Central Mountain GLR777B190 Arrived Fri 01:25PM MST 02:20PM MST Fri
Sun Country Airline SCX8205B737 Arrived Fri 01:25PM MST 02:14PM MST Fri
Morningstar Partner C-GYMPE50P Arrived Fri 01:15PM MST 02:01PM MST Fri
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK467DH8C Arrived Fri 01:00PM MST 01:37PM MST Fri
Hawker West Inc. C-FDDIBE20 Arrived Fri 12:45PM MST 01:40PM MST Fri
Central Mountain GLR795D328 Arrived Fri 10:10AM MST 10:52AM MST Fri
Albatros Aircraft C C-GPNEBE20 Arrived Fri 09:30AM MST 10:45AM MST Fri
Kal Aviation Group C-FTJFC560 Arrived Fri 09:00AM MST 09:31AM MST Fri
AirSprint "&qu ASP510C25A Arrived Fri 08:30AM MST 08:50AM MST Fri
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK310SW4 Arrived Fri 08:00AM MST 09:09AM MST Fri
Suncor Energy " JSN8370CRJ2 Arrived Fri 06:00AM MST 06:39AM MST Fri
Canadian North Airl MPE1700B733 Arrived Fri 05:45AM MST 06:51AM MST Fri
Orca Air "Orca ORK390PA31 Arrived Fri 05:35AM MST 08:14AM MST Fri
Albatros Aircraft C C-GPNEBE20 Arrived Fri 05:10AM MST 05:47AM MST Fri
Canadian North Airl MPE9843B733 Arrived Thu 08:15PM MST 08:46PM MST Thu
Canadian North Airl MPE9841B733 Arrived Thu 07:10PM MST 07:58PM MST Thu
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK9864DH8C Arrived Thu 02:45PM MST 03:35PM MST Thu
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK349SW4 Arrived Thu 02:30PM MST 03:07PM MST Thu
Regional 1 Airlines TSH642DH8C Arrived Thu 02:20PM MST 03:37PM MST Thu
Canadian North Airl MPE1606B733 Arrived Thu 02:00PM MST 02:33PM MST Thu
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1510DH8C Arrived Thu 02:00PM MST 02:57PM MST Thu
Flair Airlines FLE7546B734 Arrived Thu 12:25PM MST 12:46PM MST Thu
Suncor Energy " JSN9384CRJ9 Arrived Thu 11:25AM MST 11:55AM MST Thu
Suncor Energy " JSN9384CRJ9 result unknown Thu 11:21AM MST 12:24PM MST Thu


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