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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departed Arrival
WestJet WJA432 B737 Scheduled (in 24 hours) Sun 09:30PM MDT 10:21PM MDT Sun
Jazz Air JZA8392 DH8D Scheduled (in 23 hours 40 minutes) Sun 09:10PM MDT 10:09PM MDT Sun
WestJet WJA255 B737 Scheduled (in 20 hours 35 minutes) Sun 06:05PM MDT 06:56PM MDT Sun
Jazz Air JZA8388 DH8D Scheduled (in 20 hours 20 minutes) Sun 05:50PM MDT 06:50PM MDT Sun
Jazz Air JZA8386 DH8D Scheduled (in 17 hours) Sun 02:30PM MDT 03:31PM MDT Sun
WestJet Encore WEN3271 Scheduled (in 16 hours) Sun 01:30PM MDT 02:26PM MDT Sun
Jazz Air JZA8384 DH8C Scheduled (in 15 hours 10 minutes) Sun 12:40PM MDT 01:50PM MDT Sun
Jazz Air JZA8382 DH8D Scheduled (in 13 hours 40 minutes) Sun 11:10AM MDT 12:11PM MDT Sun
Jazz Air JZA8388 DH8D Arrived Sat 05:50PM MDT 06:51PM MDT Sat
1201148 Alberta Ltd C-GSLT Arrived Sat 05:30PM MDT 03:38PM MDT Sat
Unknown Owner LT912 BE20 Arrived Sat 02:12PM MDT 03:12PM MDT Sat
1201148 Alberta Ltd C-GSLT Arrived Sat 02:00PM MDT 08:06AM MDT Sat
WestJet Encore WEN3271 DH8D Arrived Sat 01:30PM MDT 02:26PM MDT Sat
Jazz Air JZA8382 DH8D result unknown Sat 11:10AM MDT 12:11PM MDT Sat
1201148 Alberta Ltd C-GSLT DH8A Arrived Sat 10:30AM MDT 11:34AM MDT Sat
Jazz Air JZA8392 DH8D result unknown Fri 09:10PM MDT 10:11PM MDT Fri
WestJet WJA255 B737 Arrived Fri 06:05PM MDT 06:58PM MDT Fri
Jazz Air JZA8388 DH8D result unknown Fri 05:50PM MDT 06:51PM MDT Fri
Canadian North Airl MPE9152 B733 result unknown Fri 05:00PM MDT 05:59PM MDT Fri
Canadian North Airl MPE9158 B734 result unknown Fri 05:00PM MDT 06:36PM MDT Fri
Unknown Owner LT912 BE20 Arrived Fri 03:10PM MDT 04:22PM MDT Fri
Northwestern Air Le PLR609 JS31 Arrived Fri 03:00PM MDT 04:11PM MDT Fri
Jazz Air JZA8386 DH8D result unknown Fri 02:30PM MDT 03:31PM MDT Fri
Canadian North Airl MPE9150 B733 Arrived Fri 01:35PM MDT 02:14PM MDT Fri
WestJet Encore WEN3271 DH8D Arrived Fri 01:30PM MDT 02:19PM MDT Fri
Jazz Air JZA8384 DH8C Arrived Fri 12:40PM MDT 01:46PM MDT Fri
Jazz Air JZA8382 DH8D Arrived Fri 11:10AM MDT 12:11PM MDT Fri
Jazz Air JZA8380 DH8D Arrived Fri 07:45AM MDT 08:46AM MDT Fri
WestJet WJA139 B737 Arrived Fri 06:40AM MDT 07:41AM MDT Fri
Jazz Air JZA8392 DH8D Arrived Thu 09:10PM MDT 10:11PM MDT Thu
WestJet WJA255 B737 Arrived Thu 06:05PM MDT 06:58PM MDT Thu
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN826 C560 Arrived Thu 05:30PM MDT 06:14PM MDT Thu
WestJet WJA341 B736 Arrived Thu 03:15PM MDT 04:08PM MDT Thu
1431128 Alberta Ltd C-FEVC C550 Arrived Thu 03:00PM MDT 04:46PM MDT Thu
Jazz Air JZA8386 DH8D Arrived Thu 02:30PM MDT 03:31PM MDT Thu
Jazz Air JZA8384 DH8C Arrived Thu 12:40PM MDT 01:46PM MDT Thu
Unknown Owner LT912 BE20 Arrived Thu 09:30AM MDT 10:40AM MDT Thu
Kal Aviation Group C-FTOM C560 Arrived Thu 09:00AM MDT 09:58AM MDT Thu
AirSprint "&qu ASP511 C25A Arrived Thu 08:15AM MDT 09:25AM MDT Thu
Jazz Air JZA8380 DH8D Arrived Thu 07:45AM MDT 08:46AM MDT Thu
Clean Harbors Indus C-FTCH B350 Arrived Thu 07:30AM MDT 08:45AM MDT Thu
WestJet WJA139 B737 Arrived Thu 06:40AM MDT 07:41AM MDT Thu
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN568 C560 Arrived Wed 08:30PM MDT 11:06PM MDT Wed
North Cariboo Flyin NCB9152 DH8C result unknown Wed 07:30PM MDT 09:59PM MDT Wed
North Cariboo Flyin NCB6300 BE20 result unknown Wed 03:00PM MDT 04:36PM MDT Wed
Northwestern Air Le PLR609 JS31 Arrived Wed 03:00PM MDT 04:05PM MDT Wed
W M K Holdings Ltd C-GWKO C208 Arrived Wed 01:30PM MDT 02:49PM MDT Wed
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK6570 B190 result unknown Wed 12:45PM MDT 02:06PM MDT Wed
North Cariboo Flyin NCB9150 DH8C Arrived Wed 12:20PM MDT 01:26PM MDT Wed
North Cariboo Flyin NCB9104 RJ1H result unknown Wed 11:00AM MDT 12:28PM MDT Wed
Jazz Air JZA7015 DH8C result unknown Wed 08:00AM MDT 09:46AM MDT Wed
Regional 1 Airlines TSH200 CRJ1 Arrived Wed 07:45AM MDT 09:07AM MDT Wed
Jazz Air JZA8380 DH8D result unknown Wed 07:45AM MDT 08:46AM MDT Wed
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN822 C560 Arrived Wed 07:30AM MDT 08:12AM MDT Wed
WestJet WJA139 B737 Arrived Wed 06:40AM MDT 07:41AM MDT Wed
North Cariboo Flyin NCB1040 B190 Arrived Tue 07:30PM MDT 08:54PM MDT Tue
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN830 C560 result unknown Tue 07:30PM MDT 08:51PM MDT Tue
Enerjet "Enerj ENJ4156 B737 Arrived Tue 07:20PM MDT 08:29PM MDT Tue
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN826 C560 Arrived Tue 05:30PM MDT 06:15PM MDT Tue
Enerjet "Enerj ENJ4142 B734 Arrived Tue 05:00PM MDT 05:32PM MDT Tue
North Cariboo Flyin NCB6300 BE20 Arrived Tue 03:15PM MDT 04:55PM MDT Tue
Sunwest Home Aviati CNK6958 B190 Arrived Tue 09:18AM MDT 10:19AM MDT Tue
Air Georgian GGN2801 B190 Arrived Tue 09:00AM MDT 10:27AM MDT Tue
Northern Crane Serv C-FEIS C421 Arrived Tue 08:15AM MDT 09:55AM MDT Tue
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN822 C560 Arrived Tue 07:30AM MDT 08:23AM MDT Tue
North Cariboo Flyin NCB6304 DH8C Arrived Tue 06:15AM MDT 07:35AM MDT Tue
North Cariboo Flyin NCB6302 BE20 Arrived Tue 06:00AM MDT 07:13AM MDT Tue
Suncor Energy " JSN700 CRJ9 result unknown Tue 06:00AM MDT 07:12AM MDT Tue
Enerjet "Enerj ENJ3218 B737 Arrived Mon 08:10PM MDT 09:06PM MDT Mon
Unknown Owner AR128 BE10 Arrived Mon 08:00PM MDT 08:38PM MDT Mon
North Cariboo Flyin NCB9140 DH8D result unknown Mon 06:30PM MDT 08:27PM MDT Mon
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN564 C560 Arrived Mon 05:45PM MDT 06:16PM MDT Mon
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN826 C560 result unknown Mon 05:30PM MDT 06:40PM MDT Mon
Canadian North Airl MPE9156 B734 Arrived Mon 05:00PM MDT 05:34PM MDT Mon
Enerjet "Enerj ENJ4142 B737 Arrived Mon 05:00PM MDT 11:04PM MDT Mon
Northwestern Air Le PLR609 JS32 Arrived Mon 03:00PM MDT 04:06PM MDT Mon
Canadian North Airl MPE9812 B733 Arrived Mon 01:30PM MDT 02:00PM MDT Mon
Regional 1 Airlines TSH9300 DH8A Arrived Mon 12:15PM MDT 01:28PM MDT Mon
Kal Aviation Group C-FTOM C560 Arrived Mon 09:45AM MDT 10:50AM MDT Mon
Clean Harbors Indus C-FTCH B350 Arrived Mon 07:30AM MDT 08:46AM MDT Mon
AFD Petroleum Ltd. C-FAPL PA31 Arrived Mon 06:30AM MDT 08:11AM MDT Mon
WestJet WJA432 B737 Arrived Sun 09:30PM MDT 10:23PM MDT Sun
1431128 Alberta Ltd C-FAMB Arrived Sun 04:17PM MDT 05:24PM MDT Sun
Suncor Energy " JSN760 CRJ9 Arrived Sun 04:15PM MDT 04:57PM MDT Sun
1431128 Alberta Ltd C-FAMB BE20 result unknown Sun 12:00AM MDT 02:10AM MDT Sun
Syncrude Canada &qu SYN832 C560 Arrived Sat 10:00PM MDT 10:39PM MDT Sat