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En Route/Scheduled to ZSPD Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport (Shanghai) [ZSPD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
DKH1370A320Cheongju ()Sun 09:50PM KSTSun 11:10PM CST
CCA1976A321Changchun Longjia Int'l ()Sun 08:20PM CSTSun 11:18PM CST
CSH856B738Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sun 07:10PM ICTMon 12:08AM CST
CCA1940A320Lanzhou ()Sun 08:10PM CSTMon 12:21AM CST
CSH9410B738Yinchuan Helanshan ()Sun 08:05PM CSTMon 12:26AM CST
CEB678A320Manila Int'l ()Sun 08:40PM PHTMon 12:55AM CST
CSH9862Male Int'l ()Sun 06:40PM MVTMon 07:06AM CST
CES2422A319Nanchong ()Mon 05:30PM CSTMon 05:40PM CSTMon 07:25PM CST
HDA890A333Hong Kong Int'l ()Mon 03:00PM HKTMon 05:10PM HKTMon 07:25PM CST
CQH8948A320Xi'an Xianyang Int'l ()Mon 05:30PM CSTMon 05:51PM CSTMon 07:29PM CST
CES208B773Toronto Pearson Int'l ()Sun 04:25PM EDTSun 04:40PM EDTMon 07:35PM CST
CSH9366B738Yichang ()Mon 06:10PM CSTMon 06:10PM CSTMon 07:40PM CST
CCA4563A320Guiyang Longdongbao ()Mon 05:30PM CSTMon 05:37PM CSTMon 07:41PM CST
CES211A320Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Mon 06:20PM CSTMon 07:23PM CSTMon 07:45PM CST
CES5610A321Shenyang Taoxian Int'l ()Mon 05:20PM CSTMon 05:52PM CSTMon 07:47PM CST
KAL895B772Incheon Int'l ()Mon 07:15PM KSTMon 07:28PM KSTMon 07:50PM CST
CSH9378B738Guilin Liangjiang Int'l ()Mon 05:55PM CSTMon 05:59PM CSTMon 07:52PM CST
CQH8868A320Chongqing Jiangbei Int'l ()Mon 05:40PM CSTMon 05:54PM CSTMon 07:55PM CST
CES2544A332Jeju Int'l ()Mon 07:30PM KSTMon 07:55PM CST
CQH8592A320Dalian Zhoushuizi Int'l ()Mon 06:10PM CSTMon 06:19PM CSTMon 07:55PM CST
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