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Departures: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int'l Airport (Hangzhou, Zhejiang) [ZSHC]
Arrival Time
AIQ569A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Mon 12:30AM CSTMon 02:47AM ICTMon 02:43AM ICT
QTR891A332Hamad Int'l ()Sun 11:54PM CSTMon 03:25AM AST
HVN703A321Cam Ranh ()Sun 11:45PM CSTMon 01:55AM ICT01:55AM ICT (+1) (?)
SCO107B789Singapore Changi ()Sun 11:38PM CSTMon 03:54AM SGTMon 03:49AM SGT
AIQ497A320Chiang Mai Int'l ()Sun 11:25PM CSTMon 02:01AM ICTMon 01:51AM ICT
CDC8655A320Cam Ranh ()Sun 11:12PM CSTMon 03:12AM ICT
HBH3305B738Quanzhou Jinjiang ()Sun 11:04PM CSTMon 12:06AM CSTMon 12:06AM CST
CCA715A321Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sun 10:59PM CSTMon 01:30AM ICTMon 01:30AM ICT
CDG4646B738Qingdao Liuting Int'l ()Sun 10:55PM CSTMon 12:18AM CSTMon 12:18AM CST
OKA3064B738Tianjin Binhai Int'l ()Sun 10:51PM CSTMon 12:36AM CSTMon 12:35AM CST
CSC8920A320Chengdu Shuangliu Int'l ()Sun 10:48PM CSTMon 01:08AM CSTMon 01:08AM CST
CDG4872B738Yantai Laishan ()Sun 10:44PM CSTMon 12:20AM CSTMon 12:20AM CST
CXA8146B738Quanzhou Jinjiang ()Sun 10:43PM CSTSun 11:43PM CSTSun 11:35PM CST
CDG4776B738Qingdao Liuting Int'l ()Sun 10:40PM CSTSun 11:58PM CSTSun 11:57PM CST
AIQ981A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sun 10:40PM CSTMon 02:13AM ICTMon 02:07AM ICT
CSH9181B738Beijing Capital Int'l ()Sun 10:37PM CSTMon 12:33AM CSTMon 12:33AM CST
CDG1174B738Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Sun 10:36PM CSTSun 11:50PM CSTSun 11:49PM CST
AXM1575A320Kota Kinabalu Int'l ()Sun 10:35PM CSTMon 02:13AM MYT02:13AM MYT (+1) (?)
CBJ5170A320Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Sun 10:31PM CSTMon 12:18AM CSTMon 12:18AM CST
CSC8936A319Chongqing Jiangbei Int'l ()Sun 10:30PM CSTMon 12:27AM CSTMon 12:27AM CST
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