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Arrivals: Xi'an Xianyang Int'l Airport (Xi'an, Shaanxi) [ZLXY]
B-1868Near Xi'an, ShaanxiFri 04:16PM CSTFri 04:39PM CST
CGN8358Nanchang Changbei Int'l ()Fri 04:18PM CSTFri 05:52PM CST
CDC8840Near Zunyi, GuizhouFri 07:13PM CSTFri 08:29PM CST
JYH1075Guiyang Longdongbao ()Fri 09:00PM CST10:20PM CST (?)
CJX8940Near Jiuquan, GansuFri 07:43PM CSTFri 09:16PM CST
CSZ9256Near Nanning, GuangxiFri 07:36PM CSTFri 09:45PM CST
B-5713Xi'an Xianyang Int'l ()Fri 09:59PM CSTresult unknown (?)
CGN8316Yinchuan Helanshan ()Fri 10:18PM CSTFri 11:15PM CST
CGN8328Near Yichang, HubeiFri 10:11PM CSTFri 11:22PM CST
CGN8336Near Chifeng, Inner MongoliaFri 09:22PM CSTFri 11:29PM CST
B-5116Near Zhuhai, GuangdongFri 09:15PM CSTFri 11:33PM CST
CGN8362Sanya Phoenix Int'l ()Fri 10:30PM CSTSat 01:10AM CST
B-1622Near Ko Samui (Ko Samui)Sat 02:12AM ICTSat 06:43AM CST
B-1525Xi'an Xianyang Int'l ()Sat 08:27AM CSTresult unknown (?)
CBG8811Near Nanning, GuangxiSat 08:15AM CSTSat 10:11AM CST
CJX8939Near Nanchang, JiangxiSat 09:02AM CSTSat 10:34AM CST
CGN8317Near Xining, QinghaiSat 09:41AM CSTSat 10:45AM CST
CDC8801Chizhou Jiuhuashan ()Sat 09:10AM CSTSat 10:58AM CST
B-5632Xi'an Xianyang Int'l ()Sat 11:36AM CSTresult unknown (?)
CD58815Qingdao Liuting Int'l ()Sat 09:58AM CSTSat 11:48AM CST
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