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Arrivals: Shenzhen Bao'an Int'l Airport (Shenzhen, Guangdong) [ZGSZ]
B-6745Near Hangzhou, ZhejiangSun 03:08PM CSTSun 04:54PM CST
M-RSKLSanya Phoenix Int'l ()Sun 05:22PM CSTSun 06:29PM CST
UIA187Near TaipeiSun 05:11PM CSTSun 06:37PM CST
B-6035Near Chengdu, SichuanSun 04:37PM CSTSun 06:46PM CST
CQN2335Near ChongqingSun 05:00PM CSTSun 06:52PM CST
EPA6232Near Kunming, YunnanSun 07:40PM CSTSun 08:57PM CST
CDC8788Near Xuzhou, JiangsuSun 06:51PM CSTSun 09:07PM CST
YZR7570Near Yibin, SichuanSun 09:50PM CSTSun 11:36PM CST
BGC801Near BeijingSun 08:50PM CSTSun 11:55PM CST
EPA6214Near ChongqingSun 10:19PM CSTMon 12:09AM CST
YZR7566Near Fuyang, AnhuiSun 11:02PM CSTMon 12:49AM CST
CDC8772Near Taiyuan, ShanxiSun 09:36PM CSTMon 01:34AM CST
EPA6270Near Zhengzhou, HenanSun 11:58PM CSTMon 01:46AM CST
CSS6958Wuxi ()Mon 06:43AM CSTMon 09:00AM CST
B-1866Near Hangzhou, ZhejiangMon 07:15AM CSTMon 09:08AM CST
B-6348Chongqing Jiangbei Int'l ()Mon 07:24AM CSTMon 09:31AM CST
CSS6926Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int'l ()Mon 07:43AM CSTMon 09:34AM CST
BDJ731Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l ()Mon 09:40AM CSTMon 11:44AM CST
9M-AJINear Hong KongMon 02:53AM UTCMon 11:48AM CST
B-6863Near ChongqingMon 10:06AM CSTMon 11:49AM CST
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