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Scheduled Departures: Beijing Capital Int'l Airport (Beijing) [ZBAA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AUI288B763Boryspil Int'l ()Wed 02:35AM CSTWed 08:21AM EEST
DLH8397B77LFrankfurt Int'l ()Wed 03:20AM CSTWed 09:10AM CEST
SBI506A320Vladivostok Int'l ()Wed 04:00AM CSTWed 08:20AM VLAT
DAH3061A330Houari Boumedienne ()Wed 05:05AM CSTWed 10:25AM CET
SBI510A320Irkutsk Int'l ()Wed 05:35AM CSTWed 08:25AM IRKT
SVR873A319Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Wed 05:35AM CSTWed 09:25AM ICT
KZR888A320Almaty ()Wed 05:55AM CSTWed 08:55AM ALMT
THA687A330Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Wed 05:55AM CSTWed 09:55AM ICT
SBI874A320Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Wed 05:55AM CSTWed 08:40AM NOVT
CCA1333A320Wuhan Tianhe ()Wed 06:00AM CSTWed 08:10AM CST
CCA1103B738Hohhot Baita Int'l ()Wed 06:05AM CSTWed 07:20AM CST
CCA1685B738Mudanjiang ()Wed 06:05AM CSTWed 08:15AM CST
CCA1227B738Yinchuan Helanshan ()Wed 06:05AM CSTWed 08:05AM CST
CCA1135B738Baotou ()Wed 06:10AM CSTWed 07:35AM CST
CCA1277B738Lanzhou ()Wed 06:10AM CSTWed 08:35AM CST
CHH7657787Hohhot Baita Int'l ()Wed 06:15AM CSTWed 07:35AM CST
CCA1493B738Guiyang Longdongbao ()Wed 06:15AM CSTWed 09:20AM CST
CCA1861B738Zhanjiang ()Wed 06:20AM CSTWed 10:00AM CST
CSZ9251A320Quanzhou Jinjiang ()Wed 06:20AM CSTWed 09:05AM CST
CSN3994A319Tongren Daxing ()Wed 06:20AM CSTWed 09:00AM CST
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