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Departures: Beijing Capital Int'l Airport (Beijing) [ZBAA]
Arrival Time
CSN3164A320Changsha Huanghua Int'l ()Tue 09:36AM CSTTue 11:32AM CST11:32AM CST (?)
CCA111A321Hong Kong Int'l ()Tue 11:18AM CSTTue 06:30PM HKTTue 06:30PM HKT
DLH723A346Munich Int'l ()Tue 01:01PM CSTTue 04:51PM CESTTue 04:50PM CEST
CCA911A333Stockholm-Arlanda ()Tue 02:09PM CSTTue 05:08PM CESTTue 05:08PM CEST
CES2717A320Harbin Taiping Int'l ()Tue 02:28PM CSTTue 04:09PM CSTTue 04:09PM CST
CES5154A333Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l ()Tue 02:37PM CSTTue 04:08PM CSTTue 04:08PM CST
CNM1101B738Hohhot Baita Int'l ()Tue 10:37PM CSTTue 11:28PM CSTTue 11:28PM CST
CCA961A330Munich Int'l ()Wed 01:18AM CSTWed 05:30AM CESTWed 05:30AM CEST
MAS361A333Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Wed 01:33AM CSTWed 07:51AM MYTWed 07:42AM MYT
ETD889A332Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Wed 01:38AM CSTWed 05:57AM GSTWed 05:57AM GST
CCA963A333Dusseldorf Int'l ()Wed 02:07AM CSTWed 06:13AM CESTWed 06:12AM CEST
SBI506A320Vladivostok Int'l ()Wed 04:17AM CSTWed 08:27AM VLAT08:27AM VLAT (?)
SBI510A320Irkutsk Int'l ()Wed 05:42AM CSTWed 08:34AM IRKTWed 08:28AM IRKT
SBI874A320Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Wed 06:07AM CSTWed 08:42AM NOVT08:42AM NOVT (?)
SWR197A333Zurich (Kloten) ()Wed 06:58AM CSTWed 11:26AM CESTWed 11:26AM CEST
CES5149A321Ningbo Lishe Int'l ()Wed 07:30AM CSTWed 09:17AM CSTWed 09:17AM CST
GLP528B738Yakutsk ()Wed 08:56AM CSTWed 02:46PM ChST02:46PM ChST (?)
B-1977B738Dashuipo ()Wed 10:25AM CSTWed 11:39AM CST11:39AM CST (?)
ETD888A332Chubu Centrair Int'l (Centrair) ()Wed 10:43AM CSTWed 03:23PM JST03:23PM JST (?)
DLH721A388Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 10:56AM CSTWed 02:36PM CESTWed 02:37PM CEST
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