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En Route/Scheduled to YMMB Moorabbin Airport (Moorabbin, Victoria) [YMMB]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
VH-JIOP28ABallarat ()Tue 02:15PM AEDTTue 02:56PM AEDT
VH-TPWP28ABallarat ()Tue 02:45PM AEDTTue 03:13PM AEDT
VH-EOQC172Mansfield ()Tue 02:45PM AEDTTue 03:25PM AEDT
HZKXTWINMoorabbin ()Tue 03:30PM AEDTTue 04:07PM AEDT
VH-YVXNG5Coldstream ()Tue 04:00PM AEDTTue 04:11PM AEDT
VH-XCXP28RLethbridge Airpark ()Tue 04:00PM AEDTTue 04:20PM AEDT
VH-UORC172Essendon ()Tue 04:10PM AEDTTue 04:24PM AEDT
VH-TYDP28AMangalore ()Tue 04:00PM AEDTTue 04:46PM AEDT
VH-LXFP28ALeongatha ()Tue 04:30PM AEDTTue 04:59PM AEDT
VH-TXDP28AMangalore ()Tue 04:30PM AEDTTue 05:12PM AEDT
VH-DIUAP32Leongatha ()Tue 04:55PM AEDTTue 05:19PM AEDT
VH-YUUNG5Colac ()Tue 03:15PM AEDTTue 05:39PM AEDT
VH-EOOC172Latrobe Valley ()Tue 05:30PM AEDTTue 06:07PM AEDT
VH-KIBPA31King Island ()Tue 05:10PM AEDTTue 05:32PM AEDTTue 06:23PM AEDT
VH-EWZC172Warrnambool ()Tue 04:00PM AEDTTue 04:10PM AEDTTue 06:27PM AEDT
VH-DSNC182Colac ()Tue 05:45PM AEDTTue 05:55PM AEDTTue 06:27PM AEDT
VH-EWFC172Mansfield ()Tue 05:50PM AEDTTue 06:33PM AEDT
VH-EODC172Mansfield ()Tue 04:35PM AEDTTue 04:45PM AEDTTue 06:34PM AEDT
VH-YVQAP32Essendon ()Tue 05:30PM AEDTTue 05:28PM AEDTTue 07:29PM AEDT
VH-IVQAP32Moorabbin ()Tue 03:30PM AEDTTue 05:02PM AEDTTue 07:42PM AEDT
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