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Cancelled Departures: Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (Subang Jaya, Selangor) [WMSA]
MXD1170AT43Penang Int'l ()Thu 01:00PM +08
MXD1174AT43Penang Int'l ()Wed 07:35PM +08
MXD1230AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Wed 04:30PM +08
MXD1406AT43Langkawi Int'l ()Wed 02:50PM +08
MXD1266AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Wed 02:30PM +08
MXD1246AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Wed 11:50AM +08
MXD1240AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Wed 09:45AM +08
MXD1274AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Tue 08:20PM +08
MXD1174AT43Penang Int'l ()Tue 07:35PM +08
MXD1236AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Tue 05:00PM +08
MXD1410AT43Langkawi Int'l ()Tue 01:30PM +08
MXD1240AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Tue 09:45AM +08
MXD1213AT43Senai Int'l (Sultan Ismail Int'l) ()Tue 09:10AM +08
MXD1158AT43Penang Int'l ()Mon 06:10PM +08
MXD1252AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Mon 05:30PM +08
MXD1266AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Mon 02:00PM +08
MXD1178AT43Penang Int'l ()Sat 08:00PM +08
MXD1240AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Thu 09:45AM +08
MXD1268AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Wed 07:50PM +08
MXD1240AT43Sultan Ismail Petra ()Wed 09:45AM +08
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