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Departures: Halim Perdanakusuma Int'l Airport (Jakarta) [WIHH]
Arrival Time
CTV116A320Achmad Yani Int'l ()Wed 05:25AM WIBWed 06:10AM WIB
BTK7067B738Sultan Syarif Qasim II Int'l (Simpang Tiga) ()Tue 08:46PM WIBTue 10:26PM CXT10:26PM CXT (?)
BTK7021B738Kuala Namu International ()Tue 08:38PM WIBTue 10:58PM ICT10:58PM ICT (?)
BTK7703B738Sultan Hasanuddin Int'l ()Tue 08:34PM WIBTue 11:54PM WITA11:54PM WITA (?)
CTV807A320Juanda Int'l ()Tue 08:27PM WIBTue 09:50PM WIBTue 09:28PM WIB
BTK7205A320Sepinggan Int'l ()Tue 08:21PM WIBTue 11:31PM WITA11:31PM WITA (?)
CTV102A320Adisucipto Int'l ()Tue 07:36PM WIBTue 08:24PM CXTTue 08:23PM CXT
BTK7107B738Minangkabau Int'l (replaced Tabing) ()Tue 06:57PM WIBTue 08:42PM WIB08:42PM WIB (?)
CTV809A320Juanda Int'l ()Tue 06:39PM WIBTue 08:00PM WIBTue 07:42PM WIB
BTK7519A320Juanda Int'l ()Tue 06:30PM WIBTue 08:00PM WIB08:00PM WIB (?)
BTK7349B738El Tari (Eltari) ()Tue 06:14PM WIBTue 10:09PM WITA10:09PM WITA (?)
BTK7701A320Sultan Hasanuddin Int'l ()Tue 05:46PM WIBTue 09:06PM WITA09:06PM WITA (?)
BTK7539A320Adisucipto Int'l ()Tue 05:38PM WIBTue 06:43PM CXTTue 06:28PM CXT
CTV112A320Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II ()Tue 05:21PM WIBTue 06:16PM WIBTue 06:15PM WIB
BTK7013A320Kuala Namu International ()Tue 05:03PM WIBTue 07:23PM ICT07:23PM ICT (?)
CTV166A320Lombok International ()Tue 04:32PM WIBTue 07:12PM WITATue 07:03PM WITA
BTK7043B738Adisumarmo Int'l (Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo) ()Tue 04:19PM WIBTue 05:29PM WIB05:29PM WIB (?)
CTV181A320Juanda Int'l ()Tue 04:11PM WIBTue 05:21PM WIBTue 05:16PM WIB
BTK7059B738Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II ()Tue 04:07PM WIBTue 05:12PM WIB05:12PM WIB (?)
BTK7517B738Juanda Int'l ()Tue 03:56PM WIBTue 05:26PM WIB05:26PM WIB (?)
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