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En Route/Scheduled to WARR Juanda Int'l Airport (Surabaya, East Java) [WARR]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
LNI1814AT43Adisucipto Int'l ()Mon 06:00AM CXTMon 07:00AM WIB
LNI1800AT43Achmad Yani Int'l ()Mon 06:15AM WIBMon 07:15AM WIB
LNI367B739Sepinggan Int'l ()Mon 06:50AM WITAMon 07:20AM WIB
LNI1781B739Sultan Hasanuddin Int'l ()Mon 09:10AM WITAMon 09:25AM WIB
SJY224B735Achmad Yani Int'l ()Mon 08:45AM WIBMon 09:30AM WIB
SJY233B733Sepinggan Int'l ()Mon 09:15AM WITAMon 09:50AM WIB
SJY565B733Sultan Hasanuddin Int'l ()Mon 09:45AM WITAMon 09:55AM WIB
LNI1844AT43Adisucipto Int'l ()Mon 09:00AM CXTMon 10:00AM WIB
LNI1805AT43Sampit ()Mon 08:35AM CXTMon 10:05AM WIB
LNI1838AT43Achmad Yani Int'l ()Mon 09:35AM WIBMon 10:35AM WIB
AWQ321A320Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Mon 09:05AM MYTMon 10:58AM WIB
CTV671A320Sam Ratulangi Int'l ()Mon 09:40AM WITAMon 11:20AM WIB
LNI1904AT43Adisumarmo Int'l (Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo) ()Mon 10:35AM WIBMon 11:25AM WIB
LNI1917AT43Adisumarmo Int'l (Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo) ()Mon 10:35AM WIBMon 11:25AM WIB
WGN710AT72Sampit ()Mon 10:00AM CXTMon 11:30AM WIB
LNI1834AT43Achmad Yani Int'l ()Mon 11:50AM WIBMon 01:00PM WIB
SJY571B735Sultan Hasanuddin Int'l ()Mon 01:50PM WITAMon 01:40PM WIB
LNI1881AT43 ()Mon 06:15AM UTCMon 01:56PM WIB
LNI727B738Wolter Monginsidi ()Mon 12:55PM WITAMon 02:00PM WIB
LNI1797B738Sultan Hasanuddin Int'l ()Mon 02:05PM WITAMon 02:25PM WIB
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