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En Route/Scheduled to VTSP Phuket Int'l Airport (Phuket) [VTSP]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
QTR840B788Hamad Int'l ()Sun 06:30AM ASTSun 06:59AM ASTSun 04:50PM ICT
FD3017A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sun 03:20PM ICTSun 04:52PM ICT
AIQ3017A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sun 03:20PM ICTSun 03:43PM ICTSun 05:08PM ICT
MAS790B738Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Sun 05:10PM MYTSun 05:21PM MYTSun 05:36PM ICT
SLK756A320Singapore Changi ()Sun 04:25PM SGTSun 05:22PM SGTSun 05:45PM ICT
FD3021A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sun 04:30PM ICTSun 05:45PM ICT
AIQ3021A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sun 04:30PM ICTSun 04:42PM ICTSun 06:07PM ICT
THA217Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sun 04:50PM ICTSun 06:10PM ICT
BKP277A320Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sun 04:55PM ICTSun 06:10PM ICT
BKP257AT72Samui ()Sun 05:30PM ICTSun 06:20PM ICT
VOZ193B738Perth Int'l ()Sun 12:10PM AWSTSun 01:07PM AWSTSun 06:25PM ICT
ETD430A332Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Sun 09:00AM GSTSun 09:58AM GSTSun 07:01PM ICT
SLK758A320Singapore Changi ()Sun 06:35PM SGTSun 07:10PM ICT
AWQ242A320Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta Int'l ()Sun 04:00PM WIBSun 04:37PM WIBSun 07:22PM ICT
THA221B773Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sun 06:15PM ICTSun 07:35PM ICT
FD3171A320Udon Thani Int'l ()Sun 05:55PM ICTSun 07:35PM ICT
UAE378B77WDubai Int'l ()Sun 10:30AM GSTSun 10:56AM GSTSun 07:53PM ICT
FD3009A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sun 07:00PM ICTSun 08:10PM ICT
JST17B788Melbourne Tullamarine ()Sun 02:45PM AESTSun 03:06PM AESTSun 08:28PM ICT
FD3011A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sun 07:35PM ICTSun 08:45PM ICT
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