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Departures: Chiang Mai Int'l Airport (Chiang Mai) [VTCC]
Arrival Time
TGW2177A320Singapore Changi ()Tue 05:01PM ICTTue 08:31PM SGT
NOK8624B738Udon Thani Int'l ()Tue 04:57PM ICTTue 05:52PM ICT
BKP1244A319Samui ()Tue 04:26PM ICTTue 05:40PM ICT
CDG1178B738Chongqing Jiangbei Int'l ()Tue 04:10PM ICTTue 08:05PM CST
TLM8509B739Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Tue 04:03PM ICTTue 05:18PM ICTTue 04:54PM ICT
AIQ3434A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Tue 03:59PM ICTTue 04:54PM ICTTue 04:47PM ICT
THA111Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Tue 03:53PM ICTTue 05:03PM ICTTue 04:54PM ICT
CES206A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Tue 03:40PM ICTTue 07:58PM CST
NOK8315B738Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Tue 03:29PM ICTTue 04:34PM ICTTue 04:22PM ICT
AXM857A320Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Tue 03:27PM ICTTue 07:01PM MYT
THD155A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Tue 03:09PM ICTTue 04:24PM ICTTue 04:02PM ICT
BKP248A320Phuket Int'l ()Tue 02:48PM ICTTue 04:44PM ICTTue 04:34PM ICT
CSN8634B738Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Tue 02:41PM ICTTue 05:53PM CSTTue 05:53PM CST
THD159A320Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Tue 02:33PM ICTTue 03:48PM ICTTue 03:35PM ICT
AIQ3442A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Tue 02:28PM ICTTue 03:25PM ICTTue 03:25PM ICT
TLM8519B739Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Tue 01:55PM ICTTue 03:10PM ICTTue 02:59PM ICT
AIQ3448A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Tue 01:47PM ICTTue 03:02PM ICTTue 02:55PM ICT
CCA724B738Beijing Capital Int'l ()Tue 01:45PM ICTTue 07:02PM CST
AIQ3064A320Hat Yai Int'l ()Tue 01:29PM ICTTue 03:27PM ICTTue 03:23PM ICT
AIQ3162A320Phuket Int'l ()Tue 01:25PM ICTTue 03:20PM ICTTue 03:10PM ICT
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