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En Route/Scheduled to VTBS Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l Airport (Bangkok) [VTBS]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
CKK288Singapore Changi ()Fri 05:00PM SGTFri 06:00PM ICT
ESR921B738Gimhae Int'l ()Fri 05:30PM KSTFri 09:35PM ICT
ESR551B738Jeju Int'l ()Fri 09:40PM KSTSat 01:35AM ICT
LAO441A320Wattay Int'l ()Sat 07:00AM ICTSat 08:25AM ICT
BKP104A319Samui ()Sat 07:45AM ICTSat 08:03AM ICTSat 08:53AM ICT
THY64A333Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Fri 08:05PM EESTFri 08:31PM EESTSat 09:03AM ICT
LAO633AT72Luang Prabang Int'l ()Sat 07:40AM ICTSat 09:10AM ICT
BKP928A320Phnom Penh Int'l (Pochentong Int'l) ()Sat 08:15AM ICTSat 08:14AM ICTSat 09:15AM ICT
MMM335A319Yangon Int'l ()Sat 07:40AM MMTSat 09:15AM ICT
BAW9B772London Heathrow ()Fri 04:05PM BSTFri 04:34PM BSTSat 09:18AM ICT
THA603A330Hong Kong Int'l ()Sat 07:45AM HKTSat 08:01AM HKTSat 09:21AM ICT
CEB929A320Manila Int'l ()Sat 06:30AM PHTSat 07:21AM PHTSat 09:22AM ICT
KLM875B77WAmsterdam Schiphol ()Fri 05:45PM CESTFri 06:14PM CESTSat 09:28AM ICT
BKP204AT72Lampang ()Sat 08:20AM ICTSat 08:12AM ICTSat 09:40AM ICT
TGW2106A320Singapore Changi ()Sat 08:25AM SGTSat 08:42AM SGTSat 09:40AM ICT
ANA8421B763Naha ()Sat 05:50AM JSTSat 07:41AM JSTSat 09:42AM ICT
CAL833B744Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Sat 07:20AM CSTSat 07:51AM CSTSat 09:45AM ICT
OEA203747Hong Kong Int'l ()Sat 08:15AM HKTSat 09:45AM ICT
BKP212AT72Sukhothai ()Sat 08:45AM ICTSat 09:50AM ICT
CPA705B77WHong Kong Int'l ()Sat 08:15AM HKTSat 08:38AM HKTSat 09:52AM ICT
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