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Arrivals: Hong Kong Int'l Airport (Hong Kong) [VHHH]
AIQ502A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Fri 05:02PM ICTFri 08:20PM HKT
CRK657A333Naha ()Fri 04:10PM JSTFri 08:17PM HKT
CPA918A333Manila Int'l ()Fri 06:36PM PHTFri 08:17PM HKT
CPA549B77WTokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Fri 04:37PM JSTFri 08:13PM HKT
CPA885B77WLos Angeles Intl ()Thu 12:39PM PSTFri 08:12PM HKT
CAL923A359Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Fri 06:47PM CSTFri 08:10PM HKT
THA608A330Phuket Int'l ()Fri 04:13PM ICTFri 08:07PM HKT
CES505A321Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Fri 05:46PM CSTFri 08:07PM HKT
EVA857A321Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Fri 06:33PM CSTFri 08:03PM HKT
MDA1831Taichung ()Fri 06:41PM CSTFri 08:01PM HKT
CAL1831B738Taichung ()Fri 06:40PM CSTFri 08:01PM HKT
CEB114A320Manila Int'l ()Fri 06:10PM PHTFri 07:58PM HKT
CPA712A333Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Fri 04:45PM ICTFri 07:55PM HKT
UAL869B744San Francisco Intl ()Thu 01:47PM PSTFri 07:52PM HKT
QFA117A333Sydney ()Fri 02:11PM AEDTFri 07:48PM HKT
JJP63A320Kansai Int'l ()Fri 04:33PM JSTFri 07:48PM HKT
HDA875A333Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Fri 05:07PM CSTFri 07:46PM HKT
CPA807B77WChicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 02:36PM CSTFri 07:41PM HKT
CPA831B77WJohn F Kennedy Intl ()Thu 02:57PM ESTFri 07:39PM HKT
THA606B744Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Fri 04:27PM ICTFri 07:37PM HKT
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