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Departures: Vnukovo Airport (Moscow) [UUWW]
Arrival Time
UTA595B735Usinsk ()Sat 11:53AM MSKSat 02:43PM MSK
UTA463B735Roschino ()Sat 11:40AM MSKSat 03:50PM YEKT
UTA575B734Pashkovsky ()Sat 11:23AM MSKSat 12:58PM MSK
UTA249B738Adler-Sochi Int'l ()Sat 11:22AM MSKSat 01:30PM MSK
UTA873B735Zvartnots Int'l ()Sat 11:18AM MSKSat 02:56PM AMT
UTA459B735Vityazevo ()Sat 11:16AM MSKSat 01:00PM MSK
UTA479B735Nalchik ()Sat 11:15AM MSKSat 01:23PM MSK
UTA373B738Mineralnye Vody ()Sat 11:10AM MSKSat 01:03PM MSK
SDM6637A319Paris Orly ()Sat 11:08AM MSKSat 01:38PM CEST
UTA369B734Pulkovo ()Sat 11:04AM MSKSat 12:05PM MSK
PBD821B738Allgau ()Sat 11:01AM MSKSat 01:11PM CEST
TGZ929B735Tbilisi Int'l ()Sat 11:01AM MSKSat 02:23PM GET
UTA367B735Rostov ()Sat 10:55AM MSKSat 12:44PM MSK
UTA399B738Grozny ()Sat 10:53AM MSKSat 01:12PM MSK
UTA209AT72Penza ()Sat 10:51AM MSKSat 12:16PM MSK
UTA485B735Kurumoch ()Sat 10:49AM MSKSat 01:17PM SAMT
SDM6205A319Vityazevo ()Sat 10:46AM MSKSat 12:36PM MSK
UTA715B735Riga Int'l ()Sat 10:44AM MSKSat 12:07PM EEST
UTA295B738Surgut ()Sat 10:41AM MSKSat 03:39PM YEKT
UTA161AT72Strigino ()Sat 10:41AM MSKSat 11:57AM MSK
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