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Scheduled Departures: Sheremetyevo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUEE]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AFL2074B738Larnaca Int'l ()Wed 01:30PM MSKWed 07:20PM EEST
ABW325B744Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 01:35PM MSKWed 04:10PM CEST
AFL1624A333Simferopol Int'l ()Wed 01:55PM MSKWed 05:25PM EEST
AFL1226SU9Strigino ()Wed 02:00PM MSKWed 05:10PM SAMT
ABW317Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 02:00PM MSKWed 04:20PM CEST
AFL1202A320Bolshoye Savino ()Wed 02:05PM MSKWed 07:55PM IOT
AFL2050A320Tivat ()Wed 02:10PM MSKWed 04:30PM CEST
ABW301Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Wed 02:15PM MSKWed 04:45PM CDT
AFL2314A320Berlin ()Wed 02:25PM MSKWed 04:10PM CEST
AFL22A320Pulkovo ()Wed 02:25PM MSKWed 04:35PM MSK
AFL2352A321Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Wed 02:30PM MSKWed 04:15PM CEST
AFL2302A319Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 02:35PM MSKWed 05:00PM CEST
AFL1828SU9Odessa Int'l ()Wed 02:40PM MSKWed 05:45PM EEST
AFL2348A320Hamburg ()Wed 02:55PM MSKWed 04:50PM CEST
ELL304E170Tallinn ()Wed 02:55PM MSKWed 05:25PM EEST
AFL1862A321Zvartnots Int'l ()Wed 03:25PM MSKWed 07:15PM AMT
AFL1010A320Khrabrovo ()Wed 03:35PM MSKWed 04:40PM EET
AFL2132A320Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Wed 03:55PM MSKWed 07:30PM EEST
KLM904B739Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 04:00PM MSKWed 06:30PM CEST
CSA895A319Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Wed 04:15PM MSKWed 06:00PM CEST
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