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En Route/Scheduled to UUEE Sheremetyevo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUEE]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AFL2007Warsaw Frederic Chopin ()Wed 09:45AM CESTWed 12:45PM MSK
LZB763A320Varna Int'l ()Wed 01:40PM EESTWed 04:02PM MSK
AFL2137A320Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Wed 02:55PM EESTWed 06:25PM MSK
SSF153CRJ2Cherepovets ()Wed 09:10PM GSTWed 08:47PM MSK
ANK908A319Thessaloniki Int'l, Makedonia ()Wed 10:00PM EESTThu 12:54AM MSK
AFL1315SU1Mineralnye Vody ()Thu 02:50AM MSKThu 04:55AM MSK
SSF151CRJ2Cherepovets ()Thu 08:05AM GSTThu 08:41AM MSK
AFL1701B77WVladivostok Int'l ()Thu 09:15AM VLATThu 09:29AM VLATThu 10:19AM MSK
AFL1271A320Kazan ()Thu 09:05AM MSKThu 09:19AM MSKThu 10:21AM MSK
AFL7A321Pulkovo ()Thu 09:25AM MSKThu 09:32AM MSKThu 10:21AM MSK
AFL1537A321Bogashevo ()Thu 09:20AM NOVTThu 09:29AM NOVTThu 10:22AM MSK
AFL1479A320Abakan ()Thu 11:30AM CHOSTThu 12:15PM CHOSTThu 10:26AM MSK
AFL1443B738Irkutsk Int'l ()Thu 09:25AM IRKTThu 10:05AM IRKTThu 10:27AM MSK
AFL1711B77WKhabarovsk Novy ()Thu 10:05AM VLATThu 10:19AM VLATThu 10:28AM MSK
AFL1603A320Kurumoch ()Thu 10:20AM SAMTThu 10:28AM SAMTThu 10:38AM MSK
KAL529B744Incheon Int'l ()Thu 07:30AM KSTThu 10:40AM MSK
AFL1523B738Novy Urengoy ()Thu 10:40AM IOTThu 10:39AM IOTThu 10:43AM MSK
FIN153A319Helsinki-Vantaa ()Thu 09:25AM EESTThu 09:53AM EESTThu 10:56AM MSK
AFL1231A320Ufa Int'l ()Thu 12:25PM IOTThu 12:35PM IOTThu 11:09AM MSK
AFL1483A321Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo ()Thu 10:45AM KRATThu 10:56AM KRATThu 11:11AM MSK
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