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En Route/Scheduled to UUEE Sheremetyevo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUEE]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AFL1837Odessa Int'l ()Tue 10:45AM EESTTue 10:52AM EESTTue 12:47PM MSK
AFL1191A321Kazan ()Tue 11:30AM SAMTTue 12:40PM SAMTTue 12:49PM MSK
AFL1305A320Mineralnye Vody ()Tue 11:35AM SAMTTue 12:43PM SAMTTue 12:55PM MSK
AFL2683A320Riga Int'l ()Tue 11:45AM EESTTue 12:00PM EESTTue 12:55PM MSK
AFL1221A320Strigino ()Tue 12:10PM SAMTTue 01:10PM SAMTTue 12:56PM MSK
AFL2107A320Tallinn ()Tue 11:35AM EESTTue 11:40AM EESTTue 12:57PM MSK
AFL1805Boryspil Int'l ()Tue 11:35AM EESTTue 01:05PM MSK
DNV5301A319Rostov ()Tue 12:10PM SAMTTue 01:33PM SAMTTue 01:05PM MSK
AFL1139A321Adler-Sochi Int'l ()Tue 11:15AM SAMTTue 12:16PM SAMTTue 01:09PM MSK
AFL1645A320Simferopol Int'l ()Tue 10:55AM EESTTue 11:13AM EESTTue 01:22PM MSK
AFL2053A320Tivat ()Tue 09:40AM CESTTue 09:51AM CESTTue 01:29PM MSK
AFL1261A319Ufa Int'l ()Tue 01:40PM IOTTue 02:47PM IOTTue 01:30PM MSK
LOT675E190Warsaw Frederic Chopin ()Tue 10:45AM CESTTue 11:02AM CESTTue 01:31PM MSK
AFL2105SU9Vilnius Int'l ()Tue 11:15AM EESTTue 12:36PM EESTTue 01:34PM MSK
AFL1273A320Pashkovsky ()Tue 11:35AM SAMTTue 12:47PM SAMTTue 01:35PM MSK
AFL2685A320Berlin ()Tue 09:50AM CESTTue 10:01AM CESTTue 01:36PM MSK
AFL1547A320Vityazevo ()Tue 11:30AM SAMTTue 12:49PM SAMTTue 01:40PM MSK
SAS734A320Copenhagen ()Tue 10:20AM CESTTue 10:44AM CESTTue 01:45PM MSK
AFL1713B77WKhabarovsk Novy ()Tue 01:20PM VLATTue 01:29PM VLATTue 01:48PM MSK
AFR1044A319Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Tue 09:35AM CESTTue 09:52AM CESTTue 02:00PM MSK
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