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Departures: Sheremetyevo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUEE]
Arrival Time
AFL2410A321Malpensa Int'l ()Mon 09:33AM MSKMon 10:46AM CET
AFL2106A320Tallinn ()Mon 09:31AM MSKMon 09:40AM EET
AFL1412A321Koltsovo Int'l ()Mon 09:28AM MSKMon 01:22PM YEKT
AFL2424B738Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi) ()Mon 09:25AM MSKMon 10:26AM CET
AFL1220A320Strigino ()Mon 09:23AM MSKMon 10:09AM MSK
AFL1122A321Adler-Sochi Int'l ()Mon 09:22AM MSKMon 11:14AM MSK
AFL12A320Pulkovo ()Mon 09:17AM MSKMon 10:11AM MSK
AFL2040SU9Zagreb Pleso ()Mon 09:16AM MSKMon 09:51AM CET
AFL1830A320Minsk Int'l ()Mon 09:14AM MSKMon 10:10AM MSK
AFL1350SU9Chertovitskoye ()Mon 09:12AM MSKMon 09:50AM MSK
AFL1880A320Manas Int'l ()Mon 09:11AM MSKMon 03:48PM KGT
AFL2006SU9Warsaw Frederic Chopin ()Mon 09:09AM MSKMon 08:55AM CET
AFL2010A320Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Mon 09:06AM MSKMon 09:25AM CET
AFL520B738Dubai Int'l ()Mon 09:05AM MSKMon 02:56PM GST
AFL2104A321Vilnius Int'l ()Mon 09:01AM MSKMon 09:02AM EET
AFL1758A320Gumrak ()Mon 08:59AM MSKMon 10:11AM MSK
AFL1254SU9Begishevo ()Mon 08:57AM MSKMon 10:10AM MSK
RAM221E190Munich Int'l ()Mon 08:56AM MSKMon 09:50AM CET
AFL2452B738Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Mon 08:54AM MSKMon 10:25AM CET
AFL1846A320Chişinău Int'l ()Mon 08:53AM MSKMon 11:08AM EET
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