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Departures: Sheremetyevo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUEE]
Arrival Time
AFL1644A333Simferopol Int'l ()Fri 07:03AM MSKFri 09:33AM MSK
AFL1602A320Kurumoch ()Fri 07:02AM MSKFri 09:12AM SAMT
AFL1230A320Ufa Int'l ()Fri 06:52AM MSKFri 11:26AM IOT
AFL1146A321Vityazevo ()Fri 06:49AM MSKFri 08:22AM MSK
AFL1636A320Simferopol Int'l ()Fri 06:43AM MSKFri 09:13AM MSK
AFL2A321Pulkovo ()Fri 06:25AM MSKFri 07:25AM MSK
AFR1845A319Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Fri 06:23AM MSKFri 09:22AM CEST
AFL1284B738Pashkovsky ()Fri 06:22AM MSKFri 07:48AM MSK
AFL1228SU9Strigino ()Fri 06:09AM MSKFri 06:59AM MSKFri 06:56AM MSK
KLM900B738Amsterdam Schiphol ()Fri 06:03AM MSKFri 08:25AM CEST
AZA595A320Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Fri 05:40AM MSKFri 08:09AM CEST
BTI427B735Riga Int'l ()Fri 05:01AM MSKFri 06:31AM EESTFri 06:31AM EEST
ASL657A319Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Fri 04:39AM MSKFri 06:00AM CEST
AFL1234A320Ufa Int'l ()Fri 02:23AM MSKFri 07:03AM IOTFri 07:03AM IOT
AFL1472A320Nizhnevartovsk ()Fri 02:22AM MSKFri 08:32AM IOTFri 08:32AM IOT
AFL1412A321Koltsovo Int'l ()Fri 02:19AM MSKFri 06:18AM YEKTFri 06:18AM YEKT
AFL1522B738Novy Urengoy ()Fri 02:17AM MSKFri 08:31AM IOTFri 08:31AM IOT
AFL1508SU9Roschino ()Fri 02:05AM MSKFri 06:31AM YEKTFri 06:28AM YEKT
AFL1512A320Surgut ()Fri 02:01AM MSKFri 07:01AM YEKTFri 07:01AM YEKT
AFL1218SU9Bolshoye Savino ()Fri 01:51AM MSKFri 06:33AM IOTFri 06:33AM IOT
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