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Departures: Sheremetyevo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUEE]
Arrival Time
AFL1864A320Zvartnots Int'l ()Fri 01:06AM MSKFri 04:30AM AMTFri 04:30AM AMT
AFL1408A321Koltsovo Int'l ()Fri 01:01AM MSKFri 05:58AM IOTFri 05:58AM IOT
AFL1112B738Pashkovsky ()Fri 12:56AM MSKFri 03:42AM SAMTFri 03:42AM SAMT
AFL1502A320Roschino ()Fri 12:43AM MSKFri 05:04AM YEKTFri 05:03AM YEKT
AFL1334A320Talagi ()Fri 12:20AM MSKFri 02:45AM SAMT02:45AM SAMT (?)
AFL1196A320Kazan ()Fri 12:18AM MSKFri 02:30AM SAMTFri 02:30AM SAMT
AFL1352SU9Chertovitskoye ()Fri 12:16AM MSKFri 01:53AM SAMT01:53AM SAMT (?)
AFL1238A320Ufa Int'l ()Fri 12:08AM MSKFri 04:47AM IOTFri 04:47AM IOT
AFL1216A321Kurumoch ()Fri 12:06AM MSKFri 02:24AM SAMTFri 02:24AM SAMT
AFL1222A320Strigino ()Fri 12:02AM MSKFri 01:44AM SAMTFri 01:44AM SAMT
AFL1956A321Astana Int'l ()Thu 11:58PM MSKFri 05:51AM ALMTFri 05:51AM ALMT
AFL1184A320Gumrak ()Thu 11:51PM MSKFri 01:12AM MSKFri 01:12AM MSK
AFL1844A320Chişinău Int'l ()Thu 11:50PM MSKFri 01:00AM EET01:00AM EET (+1) (?)
AFL1130A320Adler-Sochi Int'l ()Thu 11:48PM MSKFri 02:48AM SAMTFri 02:48AM SAMT
AFL1646A320Nizhnevartovsk ()Thu 11:47PM MSKFri 05:47AM IOTFri 05:47AM IOT
AFL1458A320Novokuznetsk Spichenkovo ()Thu 11:44PM MSKFri 07:40AM CXTFri 07:40AM CXT
AFL1394A321Bolshoye Savino ()Thu 11:42PM MSKFri 04:26AM IOTFri 04:26AM IOT
AFL1702A333Vladivostok Int'l ()Thu 11:40PM MSKFri 02:40PM VLAT
AFL1172A321Astrakhan ()Thu 11:36PM MSKFri 01:20AM MSKFri 01:20AM MSK
AFL34A321Pulkovo ()Thu 11:32PM MSKFri 12:30AM MSKFri 12:30AM MSK
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