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En Route/Scheduled to UUDD Domodedovo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUDD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
RLU168CRJ2Belgorod ()Tue 07:30PM MSKTue 10:06PM MSK
AUL732B735Tsentralny ()Wed 09:20AM YEKTWed 12:20PM MSK
RLU136CRJ2Vorkuta ()Wed 01:05PM MSKWed 04:04PM MSK
GLP40B738Pulkovo ()Wed 02:35PM MSKWed 03:18PM MSKWed 04:23PM MSK
SBI92A319Ufa Int'l ()Wed 05:35PM IOTWed 05:42PM IOTWed 04:24PM MSK
SBI182A320Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Wed 03:05PM NOVTWed 03:47PM NOVTWed 04:24PM MSK
MOV518B752Fergana ()Wed 02:00PM UZTWed 02:30PM UZTWed 04:25PM MSK
GLP882B738Beslan ()Wed 02:00PM MSKWed 02:24PM MSKWed 04:28PM MSK
SBI606A320Naples Int'l (Capodichino) ()Wed 11:55AM CESTWed 12:09PM CESTWed 04:28PM MSK
SVR526A319Simferopol Int'l ()Wed 02:20PM MSKWed 02:19PM MSKWed 04:29PM MSK
BAW235A321London Heathrow ()Wed 10:55AM BSTWed 11:24AM BSTWed 04:33PM MSK
SBI910A319Zvartnots Int'l ()Wed 02:50PM AMTWed 02:59PM AMTWed 04:34PM MSK
RLU166CRJ2Belgorod ()Wed 03:10PM MSKWed 04:35PM MSK
SVR372A320Khrabrovo ()Wed 02:00PM EETWed 02:08PM EETWed 04:37PM MSK
SVR706A320Tivat ()Wed 12:50PM CESTWed 12:45PM CESTWed 04:42PM MSK
DLH1448A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 12:20PM CESTWed 01:08PM CESTWed 04:52PM MSK
SWR1326A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Wed 12:20PM CESTWed 12:48PM CESTWed 04:55PM MSK
AUL518B735Murmansk ()Wed 02:30PM MSKWed 04:55PM MSK
BRU987B735Minsk Int'l ()Wed 03:45PM MSKWed 04:55PM MSK
MOV340B752Simferopol Int'l ()Wed 01:30PM MSKWed 02:38PM MSKWed 04:58PM MSK
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