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En Route/Scheduled to UUDD Domodedovo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUDD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
RLU138CRJ1Kirov ()Mon 06:50PM MSKMon 08:06PM MSK
RLU168CRJ1Belgorod ()Mon 07:30PM MSKMon 08:39PM MSK
RLU222CRJVostochny ()Mon 09:20PM MSKMon 10:45PM MSK
SMR273B733Khudzhand ()Mon 09:00PM TJTMon 11:33PM MSK
YC392A320Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo ()Tue 06:45AM KRATTue 07:24AM MSK
SOV760E190Tsentralny ()Tue 06:15AM MSKTue 07:33AM MSK
I8301YK42Izhevsk ()Tue 07:00AM SAMTTue 07:38AM MSK
RLU556CRJ1Chertovitskoye ()Tue 06:55AM MSKTue 07:41AM MSK
SSF31CRJCherepovets ()Tue 08:00AM GSTTue 07:48AM MSK
RLU226CRJ1Vostochny ()Tue 07:30AM MSKTue 07:50AM MSK
RLU244CRJ1Besovets ()Tue 06:35AM MSKTue 07:54AM MSK
RLU114CRJ1 ()Tue 04:15AM UTCTue 07:58AM MSK
AUL522B735Murmansk ()Tue 07:00AM MSKTue 09:14AM MSK
YC89A320Novy Urengoy ()Tue 08:50AM IOTTue 09:26AM MSK
SBI20A319Pulkovo ()Tue 08:15AM MSKTue 09:33AM MSK
YC31A320Salekhard ()Tue 10:10AM IOTTue 10:05AM MSK
YK965B733Osh ()Tue 08:45AM KGTTue 10:12AM MSK
RLU170CRJPenza ()Tue 09:05AM MSKTue 11:01AM MSK
SOV766E190Tsentralny ()Tue 10:50AM MSKTue 12:05PM MSK
MGX610E190Tivat ()Tue 09:20AM CESTTue 01:15PM MSK
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