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Departures: Domodedovo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUDD]
Arrival Time
TSO2317B744Simferopol Int'l ()Wed 05:33PM MSKWed 06:43PM EEST
JAL442B788Narita Int'l ()Wed 05:27PM MSKThu 08:14AM JST
SVR2421A321 ()Wed 05:14PM MSKWed 04:32PM UTC
DLH144732AFrankfurt Int'l ()Wed 05:12PM MSKWed 06:57PM CEST
GLP1027B738Adler-Sochi Int'l ()Wed 05:09PM MSKWed 08:24PM SAMT
UAE134B77WDubai Int'l ()Wed 05:00PM MSKWed 10:20PM GST
GLP67B738Khrabrovo ()Wed 04:59PM MSKWed 06:02PM EET
GLP1143B738Pashkovsky ()Wed 04:54PM MSKWed 08:02PM SAMT
SBI49A319Pulkovo ()Wed 04:53PM MSKWed 05:57PM MSK
BRU988B733Minsk Int'l ()Wed 04:47PM MSKWed 05:56PM MSK
SVR2841A321Simferopol Int'l ()Wed 04:47PM MSKWed 07:05PM EEST
SDM6146A319Pulkovo ()Wed 04:38PM MSKWed 06:13PM MSK
GLP1215B738Mineralnye Vody ()Wed 04:33PM MSKWed 07:47PM SAMT
DLH2529A320Munich Int'l ()Wed 04:28PM MSKWed 06:08PM CEST
MLD172A321Chişinău Int'l ()Wed 04:24PM MSKWed 06:13PM EEST
BAW232777London Heathrow ()Wed 04:20PM MSKWed 05:50PM BST
BER8105B738Tegel Int'l ()Wed 04:17PM MSKWed 05:52PM CEST
BEL2836A320Brussels ()Wed 04:14PM MSKWed 06:24PM CEST
VSV804B733Aktyubinsk ()Wed 04:03PM MSKWed 08:57PM ALMT
PGT885B738Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Int'l ()Wed 04:02PM MSKWed 06:36PM EEST
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