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Departures: Domodedovo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUDD]
Arrival Time
SVR387A321Tsentralny ()Tue 01:37AM MSKTue 07:40AM OMST
SMR274B738Khudzhand ()Tue 01:32AM MSKTue 07:21AM TJT
SVR2969A321Kulob ()Tue 01:27AM MSKTue 07:26AM TJT
SBI37A319Pulkovo ()Tue 01:24AM MSKTue 02:37AM MSK
SBI776A320Irkutsk Int'l ()Tue 01:01AM MSKTue 10:55AM IRKT
SVR891A321Dubai Int'l ()Tue 12:48AM MSKTue 06:04AM GST
SBI425A319Nizhnevartovsk ()Tue 12:47AM MSKTue 06:40AM IOT
DRU530B738Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Tue 12:40AM MSKTue 07:20AM NOVT
SBI7A319Balandino ()Tue 12:31AM MSKTue 04:28AM YEKT
SBI201A320Roschino ()Tue 12:29AM MSKTue 04:36AM YEKT
SBI1141A319Pashkovsky ()Tue 12:14AM MSKTue 01:49AM MSKTue 01:49AM MSK
SBI305A320Bolshoye Savino ()Tue 12:12AM MSKTue 04:47AM IOTTue 04:46AM IOT
SBI95A319Ufa Int'l ()Tue 12:10AM MSKTue 04:40AM IOTTue 04:40AM IOT
UAE132A388Dubai Int'l ()Tue 12:10AM MSKTue 06:29AM GST
QTR230A320Hamad Int'l ()Tue 12:07AM MSKTue 04:30AM AST
SBI29A319Kurumoch ()Tue 12:04AM MSKTue 02:15AM SAMTTue 02:15AM SAMT
SBI167A321Tsentralny ()Tue 12:03AM MSKTue 05:43AM OMST
MLD176A320Chişinău Int'l ()Tue 12:02AM MSKTue 12:51AM EETTue 12:45AM EET
SBI1159A319Rostov ()Mon 11:54PM MSKTue 01:14AM MSKTue 01:13AM MSK
AHY8853A320Heydar Aliyev Int'l ()Mon 11:52PM MSKTue 03:32AM AZT
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