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Arrivals: Domodedovo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUDD]
AUA601E190Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Tue 10:29AM CESTTue 01:49PM MSK
GFA14A320Bahrain Int'l ()Tue 09:05AM ASTTue 01:47PM MSK
UAE133B77WDubai Int'l ()Tue 09:59AM GSTTue 01:45PM MSK
SBI1126A319Vityazevo ()Tue 11:39AM MSKTue 01:43PM MSK
SBI1148A319Pashkovsky ()Tue 11:56AM MSKTue 01:38PM MSK
SBI1164A319Gumrak ()Tue 12:22PM MSKTue 01:35PM MSK
BRU951T154Minsk Int'l ()Tue 12:33PM MSKTue 01:31PM MSK
SBI78A319Khrabrovo ()Tue 10:54AM EETTue 01:29PM MSK
SBI918A321Burgas Int'l (Sarafovo) ()Tue 10:20AM EESTTue 01:12PM MSK
ABY955A320Sharjah Int'l ()Tue 09:15AM GSTTue 01:00PM MSK
DLH1444A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Tue 09:00AM CESTTue 12:42PM MSK
SBI16A319Pulkovo ()Tue 11:29AM MSKTue 12:37PM MSK
MOV8760B752Gelendzhik Airport ()Tue 10:39AM MSKTue 12:31PM MSK
SBI1210A319Shpakovskoye ()Tue 10:16AM MSKTue 12:07PM MSK
SBI62A319Kazan ()Tue 10:45AM MSKTue 12:03PM MSK
GLP270B738Simferopol Int'l ()Tue 09:53AM MSKTue 11:58AM MSK
SBI773A320Irkutsk Int'l ()Tue 11:07AM IRKTTue 11:56AM MSK
SBI1122A319Vityazevo ()Tue 09:51AM MSKTue 11:52AM MSK
GLP164B738Simferopol Int'l ()Tue 09:44AM MSKTue 11:50AM MSK
QTR233A320Near DohaTue 07:04AM ASTTue 11:38AM MSK
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